Are These The Hottest Adult Parties in Aus??

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Party Org and Sneaky Sins have been throwing top-tier lifestyle events for years, now they've teamed up......

Lennon and McCartney, Shaq and Kobe, Kevin Hart and The Rock… when two big names collide, truly memorable things can happen. In the world of Lifestyle events, two of the hottest promoters on the scene have just joined forces and gone supernova! Party Org and Sneaky Sins have been throwing top-tier lifestyle events for years, but now they’ve teamed up, and the results have been off the chain. In a very short window, they have established a fervent and extremely sexy fan base, so we caught up with Jason from Party Org ahead of this weekend’s Winter Wonderland Gala event (Saturday 13th July), to see how it all came together.

(RedHotPie) The questions everyone asks – how do you get into the adult event market??

(Jason, Party Org) Basically, it started off as doing something nice for a friend that was upset that his wife had left him, so I decided to throw a party to cheer him up. We almost cancelled the party because on the night before the event I sent out the address for the party, but forgot to write RSVP at the bottom of it. By 10 am the following morning I had only had two couples responding that they would be there, we decided to go along with the party anyway because we had put in a lot of effort organising. To our pleasant surprise almost everyone turned up that was invited and at the end of the night everyone that attended stated “That was such an amazing night, when the next one?” and so we continued.

Your parties are always next level, and people know it – how have you built such a strong reputation?

I think this is because I am not focused on money. Actually, until recently all parties we hosted were free of cost to the guests attending. I think the main reason our parties are top tier is because people know what to expect. We always aim to deliver an amazing night. People know the venue will be special, they know a sexy crowd will be invited, they know its going to be a special night, and we aim to better the experience every time. Personally I like to build a sense of community. I like to invite people that are fun, friendly, easy to approach and welcoming in conversation. My main focus is on people having an extraordinary experience at my events. Also there is no pressure on anyone to do anything they don’t want to at my parties. There are only three rules: Invite only, Have fun, Play safe!

There’s already a huge buzz on the Winter Gala, what do you have in store?

You are absolutely right. This is our biggest event, and we are at capacity already. Party Org and Sneaky Sins in collaboration with our main sponsors RedHotPie, have come together for this event to give the lifestylers something very special and unique. We have secured an amazing venue right in the heart of the CBD (I think this is going to be the biggest LS event this close to the city).The venue will be transformed into a Mystical Winter Wonderland Setting creating an alluring and sexy atmosphere. There will be entertainment, canapes, beautifully dressed people, a massage booth, bondage equipment and demos and of course three gorgeous RHP angels revving up an already charged up crowd. Oh and shall you choose to get lucky on the night there are going to be private and not so private play areas. So there will be lots to see and do.

Walk a first-timer through one of your events – what are people going to see, and what are they going to be able to do?

This is the speciality of our events, we cater for both first timers and experienced lifestylers alike. For a first timer it is very important that they have an amazing night. We want to show them the best of what the lifestyle has to offer. So our aim is to make sure they are comfortable, and are not pressured into doing anything they don’t want to. We provide a sexy setting, with amazing welcoming hosts/guests. They can chat, flirt, watch, be watched, basically do as they please. That being said there is always a lot of temptation floating around, so chances are they will go home with very pleasant smiles on their faces. When people walk in they’ll be greeted by gorgeous RHP girls and the hosts will ensure they are shown around and made comfortable and answer any questions they may have. There will be allocated areas for drinks and a cloakroom for jackets etc. We have a very talented belly dancer performing throughout the evening, which will set the mood.

You’ve got a loyal following, so what’s your crowd like? Who’s attending your events?

People often comment, that when they attend my events the crowd that comes along is always so sexy, and always such a treat on the eyes. We get people as young as 18 and as old as people in their mid 50s. The average age of our guests are about 35yo. Everyone is welcome, as long as they take pride in themselves (their body, mind appearance), know how to enjoy themselves and have a lot of FUN. As for who is attending, the expected guest list is huge. We have approximately 250 of the most beautiful group of lifestylers attending. From young and hot to sexy mature, from novice to experienced, people with different background, race and colour. It is such a vast guest list. I guess this is the most beautiful part of our community everyone is welcome.

So, how do people get the most out of the winter Gala, what do they wear, bring etc??

How the night unfolds really depends on the people attending. We will do everything we can to make sure you have a good night (heck I have gone out to the service station in the middle of a party and bought someone a can of soft drink, now that is service) all you need to do is bring positive energy and a positive attitude. What to wear? White White and More White … with specks of ice blue. I know for a fact many people are going all out, ordering costumes online, going shopping, and some are even creating their own unique outfits. So yes totally excited to see what people come up with. There are also very special prizes for the best dressed male and female donated by our very generous sponsors RedHotPie. It is a BYO event, so people just need to bring their own alcohol, everything else will be provided for.

Only a few more days until La Dolce Vita Gala and we can not wait. Have you been to a Party Org or Sneaky Sins bash? How was it? And if you've not been to one, would you be keen?? Let us know in the comments section below!

See you soon PartyOrg and SneakySins! 

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Posted: Jul, 11 2019
Very excited for this event, it's going to be huge by the sounds of it!!!

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