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Superhero films are all the rage right now, so much so that you might be getting a little bored with the formulaic...

Superhero films are all the rage right now, so much so that you might be getting a little bored with the formulaic ‘hero meets super villain, hero saves the world, everyone lives happily ever after’ premise. Well, fear not. Brightburn is here to save the day, by not saving the day.

Brightburn tells the story of Kyle (David Denman) and Tori (Elizabeth Banks), a couple desperate for a baby whose prayers are answered when a baby falls from the sky in an alien craft. Cut to over a decade later and the boy Brandon (played beautifully by the young and extremely talented Jackson A. Dunn) – now a young teen – is starting to display disturbing signs that he’s not the miracle they had hoped for. In fact, he’s a nightmare, and a threat to the entire human race.

The visionary filmmaker behind the hugely successful Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, brings his expertise to Brightburn, and at first I was worried that it'd be just another superhero film, with a little bit of grittiness thrown in to make it a little bit ‘different’. But Brightburn not only turns the tired superhero flick formula on its head, it completely obliterates it in the most graphic, intense way. More than once I had to cover my eyes because it was truly horrific…but I loved it. There is nothing formulaic about Brightburn. At every turn you’re kept guessing, tense, and constantly wondering if (and hoping) he will have a change of heart and go from super villain to superhero because of the power of love and family and human connection and blah blah blah. The only problem with that is that Brandon doesn't seem to have a shred humanity in him and seems hell-bent on world domination. 

I can honestly say that Brightburn is one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. Trust me when I say that you do not want to miss this film.

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Posted: Jun, 06 2019
I might not be able to sleep after watching this movie. Where do U pick up the free passes?

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