Bi Males and the swinging scene

Bi Males and the swinging scene

    | Jan 21, 2019
Valerie   Woman 31yrs
I'm in a FMF poly relationship and we recently discussed the lack of MM play our bi male partner experiences. In our relationship, his wife and I regularly satisfy our bisexual and feminine needs (sexually and emotionally) but he has begun to feel that he is missing out. As a bisexual myself, I feel that this is very unfair on him and have begun to actively seek to date bi/bicurious guys in an effort to open our play/relationship to new experiences.
I personally find MM a massive turn on - particularly when seeing its effect on the man/men I love. Also, I find open mindedness and curiosity a huge turn on.

But either the pool of bi guys is actually very small or nobody posts it out of fear other couples wont want to play with them because prospective male play partners dont want to run the risk of engaging in homosexual acts... it's a vicious cycle and must be so frustrating.

I am curious why we have this double standard where its encouraged for women to openly explore and enjoy playing with each other but not for men to do the same?

I'd love to hear from couples in which the Male is bi, single bi guys and anyone else who may have advice or a morsel of insight to share. It makes me sad to think his experiences may be few and far between while my GF and I get all the satisfaction we desire.

- Posted from rhpmobile
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My experience is that many couples will not play with openly bi single guys as the male half of the couple is worried that the bi guy won't keep his hands to himself. As a result a lot of bi guys and couples put straight down for the guy. In what way be a contradiction some list mmf(bi) as something they are interested in.

Bi males seem to be less tolerated at events as well, obviously there are some that encourage it but it does seem the majority of events favour bi girls and straight guys.

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Freaky_Fun   Woman 50yrs

Similar topics have been posted before and it always appears to be the same responses.

It's just not accepted as freely as women. And you're right l think a lot of men keep it to themselves for fear of scaring away the 'straight' people.

I'd love a dollar for each time a straight couple have played with a bi or bi curious male and known no difference. Pretty sure they don't have a neon sign on their forehead. 😂😂

Bring on the bi men l say 😍
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OkeyDoke45   Man 50yrs

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...

My suggestion would be to go to a more specialized site, and there is one that I probably can't mention on RHP, that deals with bisexual men. Be warned and wary though, there are some really fucked-up dudes on there, which is why I don't go there anymore. Some really special, completely desperate weirdos.
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megz85g   Woman 35yrs

Shame hubby and I aren’t currently playing (and live in another state)
We are both bi, and you are totally cute!
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teamaj2   Couple Man 38yrs Woman 58yrs

Hi Valerie
My husband and I are both bi .
We have been very lucky and met some amazing bi guys on RHP .
It’s sad to think that on RHP people don’t feel brave enough to put Bi in their profiles . We often get messages from guys that state they are straight in their profile . When they message they say they are bi .
Most events sadly aren’t bi male friendly . We choose not to attend.
We go to a Monthly event here in Melbourne that advocates freedom to be whom. You want to be .
I find MM play very erotic and exiting.
Congratulations to all those brave enough to be true to themselves and enjoy all there is out there .
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FatFunFiesty   Woman 40yrs

Never a shortage of bi guys on here
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AnnieWhichway   TV/CD 56yrs

You are right OP

The place is full of double standards when it comes to bi sexuals.
A lot comes from the females of couples. They dont tolerate their 'man' playing with other men. All it does is drive it underground causing hubby to sleaze around behind their back.
The majority of guys that hit me up are married and love a bit of cock.
I have had a few hubby's from swinging couples who have active bi wifes that have been forbidden to pursue their bi side.
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We too feel this one all to often, we are both bi and even our partners aren’t the. More than happy to go with the flow.

Although it does seem like most guys say straight on the profile then will tell you otherwise in a chat (which just seems a tad deceitful)
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OurToyToUse   Couple Man 46yrs Woman 41yrs

Bi men and bi cpls

Hi Valerie,
As an openly bi male, with a huge preference for bi cpls, and lucky enough to have shared some amazing experiences with bi couples that I will remain fond of for quite some time, I can share a few insights, which, may well be not applicable to all, but I have found quite common with those I have met, or engaged in conversation with.
Couples that list openly as bi, find more pleasure in the cerebral aspects it gives each-other, than the play itself, akin to receiving pleasure purely through the experience of their partner receiving pleasure from a 3rd person, who will also pleasure them, with no jealousy or judgement. The taking of a 3rd person, indicates they are already at a place, where they appreciate more so, the freedom to indulge whilst being connected to each-other. To me, this deserves effort in the opening approach or response to them, letting them know you have an understanding of where they are at, and what may arouse them enough to invite you along. Many have commented, that this is quite a rare thing to happen, with what seems to be a high percentage of messages being one liners or crass, repulsing rather than enticing. Yes, there aren't many openly listed bi guys, but feedback is most who are will spend more effort than those who aren't, yet still approach cpls. If I message a couple, I have learnt t disclose openly I'm bi, but if he is straight, that I will respect that, hoping to ease their minds, and set the tone from the outset, which seems to be appreciated by most, and progressed to play with quite a few.
Where the listing is curious, unsure etc... it is even more important to show an understanding, ability and commitment to make this as comfortable as possible, as natural as possible, (YES I was at that place on my journey only a few years ago) because its not something easy to jump into the first time as a couple, or single male.
The gist here is, make more effort, and opportunities will present themselves with the right people.

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teamaj2   Couple Man 38yrs Woman 58yrs

Sorry for earlier post !
Best I don’t post when half asleep . Excuse the spelling error and grammar. Just saying , I do know how to spell exciting .

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Valerie   Woman 31yrs

Thanks everyone for your insightful responses - particularly yourtoytouse: wow, thankyou so much. I think it's very cool that you take the time to understand where people are at, and try to make them as comfortable as possible. There aren't even a lot of straight guys who would do that for a woman...
It really disappoints me that so many adults lack the courage to communicate their needs and boundaries and close themselves off to opportunities for wonderful experiences because of a fear of being forced to do something you don't want to do because or to take the time to actually discuss anything before making the decision to move forward or not. Surely people realise Bisexual means you like men AND women? So if a husband/boyfriend says "no, I don't want that", the bi guy will be OK with that and leave him alone. I feel like we're being bombarded with articles about Consent these days which it seems the bulk of people think only applies to men when engaging with women but it doesn't: Bi guys are not the Devil (but hell, I'd still go there - who knows, Mr Morningstar could be a lot of fun, AMIRIGHT?), they aren't desperate, greedy, rapist gorillas who will paw you every chance they get. From my experience, bisexual men are probably more genuine, self-aware and open to communication than they're credited to be - most, I should point out: not all - that'd be like saying "all women are good mothers"...
I don't expect to change peoples' minds in this discussion, and I do understand this frustration will not go away because there are LOTS of desperate perverts, deviants, cowards and homophobes out there who are happy to just go on making it hard for the rest of us, but it has given me hope to see that there are people out there who are brave enough to be honest and put themselves out there.
Also, to those of you in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, (and Canberra of course) please feel free to reach out to me if you're interested and I'll let my partners know. We have been known to travel together and would love to play with the right people.

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We posted a similar post not long ago "guy on guy action"
It got lots of positive responses and you might find some suitable guys on there from the comments?
It certainly helped us 😊
Love MMF and so do many other people here.
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maxfun2   Man 54yrs

I think everyone is bi deep down but society still can and will discriminate so I just call myself “experimental” I would recommend that every on gives it a crack 😂. Exploring our sexuality is why we are on RHP after all.
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teachme383   TV/CD 50yrs

bi cd/tv

I'm a bi cd/tv and I hardly ever find people who are interested in me, or when I do, their interest wanes after a very short time. I can understand your frustration. I would happily have fun with a man woman or couple who are intrerested in me, but most seem to think that I want to be feminine all the time, which is not always true
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twowithnolimits   Couple Man 54yrs Woman 39yrs


We have noticed several things around this topic

.A great many guys who post as straight confess to being bi in the PM's

.Many guys who say they are bi in their profiles turn out not to be really and are only trying to get some pussy

.Straightness is a cultural thing (at least publicly) for some, especially if they have big cocks

.In the heat of the moment most males don;t give a rats who's lips they can feel, they just pump anyway ;-)

just saying....

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Looking Looking Looking

We are BiMale/Straight BBW female looking for BiMale which is near impossible for a couple of reasons, i.e we both have herpes but not the plague, BiMales whom have contacted only want BiMale Partner and not BBW Straight Female, there is no happy medium lol.
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FunSexyCple   Couple Man 48yrs Woman 46yrs

Bi males in the swinging scene

I'm a bi man. I love a sexy mmf threesome where the other m and f is comfortable with all of us playing together. I enjoy the horny heat of the moment.

Sadly many "bi" guys aren't ready to reciprocate because:

- they feel guilt

- they don't want to be branded gay

- they worry they will lose the respect if their partner or self respect, they are afraid of judgement

- they are scared that they will actually enjoy it

This stems from a lack of self confidence I think, they aren't strong enough in their own skin to allow themselves the opportunity to enjoy themselves without the fear of recrimination in some form. What would other people think, how would they be branded if it was found out they sucked a cock.

Society in my opinion, due to hundreds of years of repressive religious doctrine, has created a stigmata of m2m sex. I think the undead branding if gay men is evident in that. I felt guilty and dirty the first time I sucked cock in my teens. It took some time to admit to myself it was OK. It took 10 years of being married b4 I confessed to my wife.

I have been in situations where I knew the other m wanted to touch me but couldn't break through the fear barrier.

I enjoy seeing my partner pleasured. I love an evening of unbridled steamy sex where I can be free to watch, touch, kiss and suck all of my playmates without jealousy. And so can they.

That's another thing, guys don't like to kiss guys. It seems to be a scared intimacy that they can't handle (will say girls are better kisses over all though, more playful than forceful. Guys try to dominate the kiss, it's a power thing I think).

Anal sex is another taboo. Guys will run a girl but often not another guy. Basically the same thing, again though girls in my opinion have nicer butts.

If we just allowed ourselves to give and receive pleasure (by that I mean consensual and not harmful to ourselves or others) and accept the moment without judging each other, the world would be a better place.

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FunSexyCple   Couple Man 48yrs Woman 46yrs

But mnf

If you and hubby decide to play again.... Please drop us a line :-)
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FunSexyCple   Couple Man 48yrs Woman 46yrs

Bi mnf

Opps please ignore that last post.
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I agree, people don't like openly bi males, I get the not my thing deal. But if your not Bi I would not touch you just your partner. Still they are a bit scared

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