Clubs or House venues

Clubs or House venues

    | Jun 25, 2019
8Pleasures   Group 40yrs
Would love to start a conversation about of late there as been an increase of house parties and would like to ask people's opinion on which they prefer?

Also would love to hear Pros & Cons on both


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windows_spent   Woman 34yrs

As a single female (or with a new partner) I prefer a set venue. I feel like they have rules, employed staff and experience.

I worry a party could easily get out of hand, be somewhere difficult to get to or from and a lot more unknowns
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Couple Man 44yrs Woman 42yrs

As a newbie, and having been to neither I can only comment from an outsiders perspective about to break into the scene.

For me a private party with a set number of guests and possibly a theme is more appealing than a club, at least at first. From the little I’ve researched, and personal accounts from other new couples, clubs don’t seam to be a healthy place to start out. Read and heard a few less than favourable stories.

I may be wrong but will have a better idea after the coming weekend.
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WASatisfied   Couple Man 45yrs Woman 38yrs

In our experience parties have always been a much easier environment to socialise. This almost always results in more play. Clubs can tend to be a little clickier
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SSExplorer   Couple Man 45yrs Woman 33yrs

We have tried a few clubs and usually left feeling out of place. Mrs felt a bit like a meat market and she is shy and just couldn’t relax into it.
A private party might be great if the right people are there.
So far our best times have been in individual private situations
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island_life   Couple Man 50yrs Woman 46yrs

the venue isnt of much as much importance as the attendees..
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DynamicCouple36   Couple Man 49yrs Woman 40yrs

There are pros & cons to both

In our opinion, when $$$ is involved, the emphasis (for the hosts) is to make money and thus the more people they get to attend, the more $$ they hope to make. Things like quality & screening are thus not important.

The pros with a club are that they are generally well managed and have good facilities ( bar , dance floor, video lounge, glory holes, private & open rooms, spa , sauna etc ) . Some allow single males in. Some have strict rules. Many now scan your ID as an added security measure. The decor of a club differs to that of a residential house / apartment . Think of a sexy, mirrored glitzy cocktail bar .

The cons are that as long as you pay $ and behave, you are allowed to enter the club. And so the mix of people might not be attractive to you.

Paid house parties are all about $$$. Generally in an average residential house / apartment . For us the venue needs to be better than the one we live in. It is part of the fantasy . The decor & ambience sets the vibe for us. A few mattresses strewn on the floor of an average suburban house don’t do it for us.

However an upmarket , tastefully decorated, well appointed house / apartment certainly does add to the excitement . Think of the chateau scene in Eyes Wide Shut. But then we also like a rustic setting, on a farm , a nice roaring fire out in a natural setting.

The best house parties, we feel, are the invite only parties . They are free and the attendees are well screened and generally known to the hosts . This results in everyone enjoying them and not breaking any rules, in our experience.
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teamaj2   Couple Man 38yrs Woman 56yrs

I absolutely agree with you Island Life . Depends who is there on the night . We’ve attended both . We prefer a venue , less pressure , friendlier and more relaxed . Of course it’s crowd dependent .
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sweetnsensual   Couple Man 47yrs Woman 45yrs

Yes windows we agree a venue supplies a safe place especially for a woman as gorgeous as yourself!
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Notinline999   Couple Man 45yrs Woman 42yrs

It really depends on the venu and the people attending. As beginners we enjoyed clubs or larger venues as there’s more room to socialise and dance.....and well more to choose from generally. In the last few years we have been throwing small hotel parties 4-6 couples and split the cost of the room. We bring food, play ice breaker games and everyone is carefully screened . We also tend to have regulars and some newbies so it’s always a nice mix. We tend to do both though depending on our mood 😜
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LuckyKim72   Woman 47yrs

Clubs or house party’s

i have to agree with winfows_spent as a single female i find venues much safer. Especially those where you have to show ID to get in. Since moving to Melbourne I’ve heard some terrible stories about some of the private house partys. Not the ones who advertise on RHP the so called secret partys that everyone knows about, so tney’re not a secret at all
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Couple Man 62yrs Woman 56yrs

Club or he’s parties

We definitely prefer house parties. It’s usually a way less confronting environment. Relaxed and smaller so everybody can engage in conversation. People also seem more willing to enjoy themselves anyway that’s the house parties that we attend.

Either way this is a wonderful lifestyle and everything is what you make of it.
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SpicyPair69   Couple Man 60yrs Woman 51yrs

For us and we are coming back from a break
Clubs are good offer variety n voyeurism but can be clicky ... if couples are already there together can be hard to join n break the ice ... but we will be attending more rhp events in the future
House parties greT but be careful of mix invited .. tried one last week to many single perving guy .. n quality of guys was yuk .. was meAt market
Prefer arrange out house party .. more intimate .. generally u know someone to get an invite and can be introduced to people n start social .. then if all good still choices to make n group fun
We are more mature now and finding it harder to reestablish a group of playmates .. 15 years ago we had that connection but also in an age bracket that younger .. now older more experinced .. willing to explore
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Couple Man 50yrs Woman 46yrs

Definitely house parties as clubs can be clicky and unsociable in our experience and the decor can be daggy. Small parties can be clicky too. 8 Pleasures your parties are the best as they are well organised, you screen people as much as possible beforehand, ensure there are an appropriate number of select single males, the decor is luxurious compared to most clubs, there are plenty of open areas and closed rooms and a variety of ages and experience levels. It's always friendly and no pressure. It's true that it's what you make it but you can always find like minded people and even if you don't play it's a great opportunity to socialise and make connections.
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Man 37yrs


Speaking Victoria only, clubs may be fairer in price/door entry (eg Shed 16), although your chances are slimmer of someone interested in talking due to the numbers present.

As far as house parties have gone, I've only been to players parties, the only one's that are single men friendly, although almost all of these are essentially commercial/profiteering from the men attending, and aimed at a higher male to female ratio or mini GB events (luckily one of my interests). That doesn't mean they are not often a lovely time to be had and connections made in any case.

I've have been invited to "invite only" events, and have found these to be the best, especially those that have repeated the parties so you get to know people more, but in my case they have also been GB events held by individual couples (all through other sites).

A general mixing event where play is possible but can also be just for networking and chilling out, available also for both single men and women, and/or attending with a couple, doesn't appear to be anywhere (at least for average Joes and Jills). There might be something interstate though.
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JustHung   Man 35yrs


Been to lots of private parties and swingers clubs over few years being in the lifestyle.
I will pick private parties over clubs any day or night for the following reasons:

# Private parties are more social unlike clubs where every couple is just whispering in each other ears...

# The loud music in club ruins the atmosphere

# Everyone opens up quicker in private parties as compared to clubs where everyone shy to start even a conversation

# lots of places to hide in swingers club while in private party everyone out there in one big room to talk to.

# Mostly Regularl goes to private parties and everyone knows each others.

# Lot Cheaper as well as Swingers clubs are very expensive.

# I dont wana play a game of pool in swingers club.. I rather talk to someone and get involved in some action

And many more reasons. Add if I miss any :)

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Woman 37yrs

I have to say as a single female, I found the smaller parties that have been organised through RHP a much better fit.
Generally only around 12 couples, 1 or 2 single guys and single females.
More intimate in this sort of setting...3 bedroom apartment in the city.
You can watch or join in on the fun.
I found the large clubs a bit daunting and like I was a piece of meat...
I didn’t feel comfortable enough to play as it was all open spaces and people on top of people...
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Man 38yrs

Small house parties are the best for new comers or singles I guess..
SNS are good to explore at times
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MrAdepthands   Man 43yrs

I agree with lilmisssquirt. I enjoy the smaller more select gatherings. House parties or smaller club venues seem to be where I’m drawn. However; it all depends on the crowd. If you have sexy friends then by taking your crowd with you, guarantees you a great party and nice vibe. The next planned party for me is Melrays on the 20th.
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LuckyKim72   Woman 47yrs

House partys V clubs


Are all the smaller party’s advertised on RHP? I’ve not long moved to Melbourne & don’t know of any smaller party’s

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