Hasn't That Topic Been Posted Before?

It has come to our attention both recently and in the past that some regular Forum participants are unimpressed with topics that may have been posted before, if not a number of times by different people.

The RedHotPie Team is mindful of repeated topics and please rest assured that some Topics do not even see the light of day as we can predict half the responses to such topics will be to complain about the repetition, which isn't ultimately helpful to anyone. We therefore suggest the following:

To regulars who find repeated topics annoying - Please keep in mind that you are not obliged in any way to respond to the topic. It's usually fairly obvious from the Topic's subject that it's a well trodden area so there's no need to even click on the link. Please give it a miss unless you can offer something constructive to say, including advising the original poster the topic has been covered before in a NICE way.

To new posters - It can be hard to find previous Topics that may be related to what you want to know about but it's worth reading back to at least the last two months worth of Hot Topics to see if your question has already been answered. You can also use the Tag search to see if your keywords match a past Topic. Otherwise, it wouldn't hurt to mention that you're aware the post may have been repeated in the past and that you've tried searching already, just out of courtesy. Some basic questions about dating, RedHotPie and swinging may be answered in the Articles section of Community.


Please keep in mind that the RHP Forums is read and enjoyed by many new people who have only recently joined the community. Some repeated topics are entirely new to them and they are welcomed as an opportunity to learn something new. Even regulars may have developed a different take on an old topic so for many reasons there are some repeated topics we will happily let through even over a short period of time.

As for the sort of repeated topics that we may not let through every time they appear, they usually just require the original poster to have a look through the Articles section for in depth discussions. They may be the following:

* Topics asking why people do not respond to messages right away, if at all.
* How couples can meet single girls
* What sort of penis women really prefer (large, skinny, cut, Protestant etc.)


Ultimately, the easiest thing for people to do is simply ignore any Topic that is of no interest to them. We would rather you ignore a Topic than reply to it and make the original poster feel unwelcomed or stupid.

Remember, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. Even if it's been asked a gazillion times before, please exercise some patience. At the same time, please make sure the question you do ask is sensible and interesting for other people. We don't mind you asking if women can squirt (again) but maybe you can provide a background story as to why you want to know.

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