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It has sadly come to our attention that the behaviour of a small number of Forum posters recently has started to diminish the enjoyment of this much loved area of RedHotPie for many other people, particularly newcomers.

We generally like to think that as adults, our users can keep a Topic on track and share useful insights (and fight their own fights if needed be, though we'd prefer to think you don't fight too seriously at all) but all too often it seems that the original topic goes completely off track purely, due to personal agendas or purely because some people seem to want to pick a fight. This is called hijacking a topic.

From now on, if we notice a considerable shift in discussions (ie - people going off topic), the Topic will either be shut down or the poster who takes the Topic off track (on purpose and with no regard for other people) may be banned from posting for a period of time that we feel is appropriate.

In case you are not sure what this means, the following is an example:

  1. Original Poster (OP): "What do you think of cheating partners? Would you meet a married person. I'm tempted."
  2. Poster 1: "I don't think it's right but everyone is entitled to do what they want."
  3. Poster 2: "I see a married guy every now and then. I don't feel great about it but I don't know..."
  4. Poster 3: "You're a home-wrecker Poster 2. Shame on you."
  5. Poster 4: "You can't talk Poster 3, you shagged me while I was married last year."
  6. Poster 5: "Hey OP. I'm married. I think it's fine so how about it?"
  7. Poser 1: "I bought a new BMW today!"

In this instance, Posters 1, 2, and 5 are ON TOPIC. Poster 3 went OFF TOPIC by posting something that does not answer the OP's question and Poster 4 got led astray in the process. Poster 3's reply would be removed and if Poster 3 constantly engages in this sort of behaviour, they will be banned from posting. Poser 1 would also have his post removed since he went off topic with a random comment. We are however, more likely to police the sort of off-topic actions of Poster 3.

In a nutshell:

DO: Answer the OP's question or share your opinion about what the OP has shared.
DO: Encourage people to stick to the original topic.

DO NOT: Reply if your response to the OP's Topic is not helpful (ie "Boring. That's been discussed sooo many times...")
DO NOT: Address someone who is replying unless you are agreeing or disagree with an opinion shared by that person and are adding your own opinion about the OP's Topic.
DO NOT: Knowingly hijack someone's Topic. Start a new one for yourself or politely ask your own related question within the topic.
Finally, if you strongly disagree with something another person has said in Forums (possibly simple because you don't like that person), please either ignore it or state simply, "Poster 3, I strongly disagree (or object) with what you said.". Do not explain why unless it is useful to the OP's topic.

If someone has taken a Topic off track deliberately and with malicious intent, please feel free to report that user.

Playful banter and exchange is fine but as a matter of etiquette, please consider if that in itself is causing the topic to go off track. Keep it to a minimum!

Let's start with this for the time being posters!

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