Gold Coast Bars to meet like minded couples

Gold Coast Bars to meet like minded couples

    | Feb 17, 2020
Hello newbie couple here travelling to Gold coast this weekend. Hoping to have fantasy played out whilst we there cause we are kid free. So was wondering if there are any certain bars that couples go to thats not a swingers club. We have a particular fantasy of meeting a couple at a bar( not preorganised) and start chatting and having a drink. If it feels right we would ask them to show us around the bars and over the course of the night would love if they took the lead and start flirting with us. After a few more drinks and everyone loosens up start talking bout more naughty stuff and being little bit cheeky. Then maybe all going on the dance floor and have them seduce us and making some subtle moves with a bit of dirty dancing and then the females dancing together then maybe swapping dance partners etc. Then if things feel right asking them back for a drink at our apartment where hopefully they will get things moving. Would love if the mrs of the couple was bi and confident as we would love her to really seduce mrs s. Mrs is submissive and responds to a strong lead.

Well any way let us know if there are any bars where our chances of meeting some couples are. Or if there isnt any bars then we would like to see if a couple would role play this scenario out for us. We would be so grateful to play out this fantasy just want it to feel as natural as possible and not forced. We are very nervous and would love to make it feel not prearranged and let the momemt take over.


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Couple Man 48yrs Woman 51yrs

Atrium Bar

We were told the Atrium Bar at the casino was a little like what you are seeking.
The night we went it wasn't anything like that.
There was a sugar daddy type guy in his 70s with a lot of work done inc pec implants that had a few young 20 year olds hanging around him all night.
That was as far as it went with us.

Mr Luvsilver
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Couple Man 47yrs Woman 46yrs

Yes the Atrium bar
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Tirnanog7918   Man 43yrs

I love the Atrium Bar
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jenniecruising   Couple Man 49yrs Woman 47yrs

Couple Bars

It's not easy picking another swinger couple but there are some dead give aways

Atrium as suggested or for a more indulgent night out the Pink Flamingo also in Broadbeach.

Good luck xx

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champagne4us   Couple Man 43yrs Woman 42yrs

White Rhino

We went to the White Rhino in Surfers on a Sunday eve in January, and it had such a vibe, actually.
But we didn't do anything... We have spent Fri & Sat nights at the Chateau Vino ;);)

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