Kinky/Fetish/BDSM Dance Clubs Melbourne

Kinky/Fetish/BDSM Dance Clubs Melbourne

    | Jun 24, 2019
cutekinkykouple   Couple Man 48yrs Woman 37yrs
Hi can anyone point me in the direction of some fun, sexy Dance Clubs or Bars in the Melbourne or South Eastern Suburbs, Bayside areas that are couple friendly. Trying to explore our kinky side while not jumping in the deep end. Thank you.

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Provocation is a monthly fetish event run in the CBD at one of the clubs
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teamaj2   Couple Man 38yrs Woman 56yrs

Cute kinky couple !
We go to allspice . Located in a bar in Moorabbin . They are run monthly . No pressure , great crowd and fabulous music .
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Look up Saint Martin's Place.
NEO nights are great if you like to experience/explore your Kink side.

If not try Curiousity Creatures = you have to complete their intro workshop before you enter the playspace. Highly recommended especially if u want to take it slow with no pressure.
The Team n space are awesome.
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Allspice   Group 44yrs

Kinky dance clubs

Cute kinky couple,,,
If you want music and dance floor with kinky fetish then I would say Neo the 2nd Saturday of the month or Allspice the 1st Saturday most times. There the 2 we know of that have a mix of party with kink as well. Prov is more kink and not much of a dance floor/ music and its a bit more fullon kink. Allspice or Neo is more a party with alittle more if people want.
But I would say Allspice is a fun way to start out as its more a kinky meet and greet in a nice bar,, then if people meet and want more there is a nice harem space upstairs :)
Have a good week people

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