| May 24, 2019
Dkeltoplay   Couple Man 37yrs Woman 40yrs
For years i would never have thought id be happy seeing my girl hung another man let alone watch her f..k another man and join in until one night while i was working away for a long swing. I had the most vivid dream of her in a mfm situation to be honest it was a huge turn on for me . I was shocked that that would but anyway about 8 months later i couldn't contain it any longer so i told her about this dream (thats now a huge fantasy) . She was shocked that i could have thought of that and didn't want to hear anything more about it . Until 6 or so months later she came up out of the blue and said would like to have a one night stand...... what else could i say .... you go girl . We laid Down some rules and situations. She admitted she was nervous but turned on by the idea and thought it would be fun . Long story short she did her thing a few months later and told me everything. Sex life has been better ever since and shes now hot on the idea of mfm . Unfortunately no luck finding a good couple to meet and play .

Anyway my question is to anyone with this experience. who's idea was it first ? And was it fun for you and your partner?

Id hate it for her to have a horrible situation on the first try


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LOVETHREESUMS   Couple Man 53yrs Woman 53yrs

Forfill your fantasies

Love it guys ... suggestion is try an open couple ...hum like us ...not point wondering right ..
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Sawadee   Man 56yrs

My suggestion..

After many years talking and fantasizing about spicing things up, l ran it past her to find out if she would like to make it a reality? Her reply ' Ill try anything at least once ' and that was that ? Her only condition i be nearby just in case.. After a short search we found a young guy who fitted what she fancied and away we / she went.. To say the experience was exciting is a understatement ... Providing you treat it for what it is , Its one of the most exciting things any couple will ever experience.

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justforthefun44   Couple Man 54yrs Woman 43yrs

Take it as it comes

Mrs here it was my idear other half had a heart attack lol when I told him I would like 2 cocks at the same time. After a few months we did it. It was a great night. Now we like to have mmf ffm mmff
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JohnAnn2227   Couple Man 44yrs Woman 42yrs

Really sexy!

Our first time swinging was unplanned and happened while camping with friends. We were in our early 20s and dating. We enjoyed what happened and kept playing with our friends. Mutually we decided to expand our play partners by going to swing clubs and advertising in publications like Rosie and Searchlight.
Because of this background it was natural that we would open our relationship up. John would love it if I rang him on a girls' night out and tell him that I had met a hot guy and was going home with him. The next day he would pick me up from the guy's house and we would have to park somewhere on the way home and shag. I sometimes would pick up a girl and bring her home for him.
Being turned on by your partner having sex with someone else is normal and nothing to be worried about. It shows you have great trust in your partner and truly love him/her.

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