Perth Discreet Glory Holes

Perth Discreet Glory Holes

    | Dec 15, 2019
nenem   Man 30yrs
Hey All!

Im after any advice on Discreet glory Holes in the Perth area.
My good girl, friend has a fantasy and wants to suck a bunch of guys through a gloryhole.
Ill be there to watch only.

She is super parranoid about beeing seen or recognized and i feel the same.

So are there discreet spots? Does anyone offer a private one we can use? Can anyone offer advice on how to make sure there is a good supply for her?

She is 25, good looking, and loves to suck.

Hope someone can help us (her) out.

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Sawadee   Man 57yrs


She can't be seen ' how do we know it's a she ?
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Fear of gloryholes

My fear exactly...

Seen too many slasher films, or thoughts of some sweaty 180kg guy with a weeping cold-sore going to town on my knob... no thanks!

Gotta be totally brave or totally stupid to put your dick in something when you don't know what's on the other side...

The odds of some gorgeous, nubile model who has decided to take time from her busy photographic schedule to visit a glory hole to suck some anonymous stranger's dick... I think I'll stick with Powerball thanks...
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shezzabeen   Woman 46yrs

tick it off your list

Libido super store northbridge is where me & my ex gave & received since the everyman store in cannington stopped and was definitely a rush for us both

Club X RAM is another .... just google GH Perth and they all cum up pardon the pun... Vic park ones are closed but

"Walking Along , Singing the song, Walking in the glory wonderland!!!
Ohhh Perth Glory!!!"

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