Qld lame club scene

Qld lame club scene

    | Dec 14, 2019
Wondering what the scene is like in other parts of the country? The Qld scene is very very average,
And in decline
Most Friday’s you would be lucky to have 10 people at the clubs, Saturday’s a few more, but mostly there to chatter about general stuff, which is nice and social, but no sexual energy at all
It’s disappointing to head along and always be a dead boring night, in fact talking to a friend who works in a rest home, there is far more action there!
Brisbane people- where have you all gone to?
Australia- what’s your scene like?

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Couple Man 46yrs Woman 40yrs

We aren't regular club goers, but we've been to OSS in Sydney and The Rabbit Hole in Adelaide in the last year and a bit. Both have had between 60 and 70 people each night that we've attended. The atmosphere has been great, but different on every occasion. Lots happening "upstairs" in each club. Quite a number do go for the social outlet and meeting new people, but it doesn't take away from the sexy atmosphere! From all accounts Lawrence and Jess had 170 at the OSS Annandale opening night last week. The place sounds amazing, but the numbers might be stretching it for a pair of introverts😬
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PassionFreaks   Couple Man 44yrs Woman 50yrs

Never had an issue with any of the clubs.

Also there's numerous parties every weekend.

Guess it's what you make of it. Some people just don't. We attend to catch up with friends and for the social side as well and manage to have a good night.

Or you could always open your own 👍🏻

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compressor   Man 50yrs


Never been to a club to be honest so have no idea. Would like to meet a lady but that does not happen either lol. Maybe it has been just bad luck. Don't think Brisbane has ever been known as the party city and some people don't like it because of that fact
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EveningPleasures   Couple Man 44yrs Woman 36yrs

Location and price

For us, big factors are location and price...such a long drive, and also a fairly hefty entry price, make it quite unappealing. (We don't begrudge them for trying to make enough from the door to stay afloat, but it's a negative factor in the decision process.) OSS in Sydney is fairly close to the city so perhaps location is a bigger issue for most? We never made it to the club at Wooloongabba when that was open a long time ago - does anyone know what attendance rates were like there?
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FredAndGinger2   Couple Man 48yrs Woman 46yrs

Plenty of events here in Melbourne. Many hosts report 50-100 people to their events such as Couples only sex parties (eg Private Society, Debauchery, Hostess, MelRay), players nights (lots of single guys) and social meet and greet events like our own FlirtParties events.

If you're not finding people you click with then organise your own events. That's how we started to do our own events.

Btw we hope to relocate to Brisbane or Sunshine Coast in 2020. Kids permitting..
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JoMi1   Couple Man 48yrs Woman 41yrs

Do you put yourself out there when you are at the clubs? Do you approach people and if you click invite them to a room? Or do you wait to be approached and asked?
What vibe do you bring to a party? We try to make it a fun night. We usually attend theme nights at a club. Get dressed in theme and make a night of it.
We also go to private parties and have a ball at them as well.
Yes the occaisional night can be a little quite but usually we still have a lot of fun. Yes we live in Brisbane and yes we attend Brisbane clubs and parties.
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Yes we talk to most people
We are very approachable and super freindly
The clubs have just become very dull
Either very average couples, or nice lady with dickwad guy, or nervous Nellie newbies
And yes we play with singles too, however the quality of clients these days is scraping bottom barrel for single males
Any single males who made an effort to dress nice, didn’t stink of cigarette smoke, and could hold a conversation would be welcome
Went to club few weeks back, the total was,5 dodgy blokes, one fatty and one fugly couple, come on Qld, you can do better than that!
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Freaky_Fun   Woman 50yrs

You sound delightful too 👍

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