| Jan 18, 2018
Question has anyone been to a sexual empowerment/therapy course if so how did you find it

If not and you wanted to attend one what would be your incentive to attend?
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gazpacho   Man 58yrs


I think it’s a wonderful idea for a retreat. Escape the city and talk about stuff you might enjoy? Take home some ideas you’ve never considered. Open your mind and your legs will follow, as they say. 😃


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PeachyPearL   Woman 56yrs

I reckon that would be awesome

I don't know how realistic they were but we watched a couple of videos about groups of couples attending back in the day, imagine if it was a thing we celebrated in life instead of a shame and thing to be made fun of. I'd like to let go of the effects from bad experiences too. The one's I can find online all seem to be for women though? Because we're repressed! Peachy
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The_Antichrist   Man 41yrs


I’d find it incredibly interesting ...

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MrPlayful   Man 43yrs

Incentive to attend...

To meet Anti lol.

Ok, sounds interesting and I’d go as I’m sure I’d learn something about myself.
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EarthQueen   Woman 49yrs


Quoting 'MrPlayful'

To meet Anti lol.

Same. He He , and you too Mr Playful.
I would definitely be interested but probably more so if I had a partner. Otherwise who would I have to practise on? There are single ones you can do though. They always seem to cost a fortune.
Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross do orgasm ones for women (Love their banter) They are based in States but also have practitioners who teach their methods here I think. Curious Creatures do some. Google them. Mixed groups. Haven't done either though but always have an open mind to learn new things.
Oh just found Naked Man Events as well. Bummer ...women can't attend LOL

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Chriscat   Woman 50yrs

I can highly recommef any of the Curious Creatures Courses. Great learning and the parties (Curiousity) are fabulous.
Been going coming up to a year and I feel so much more confident, sexy, have better boundaries and the best fun.
Also the community is awesome full of lovely peeps.

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