The 80s

The 80s

    | Sep 18, 2019
The pimmed out Sandman, key parties, waterbeds, aerobics, shoulder pads and madonna in her prime.
Did it live up to the hype or the stories got better over the years?
Did anyone actually have the pimmed out sandman?

- Posted from rhpmobile
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2ofus4more   Couple Man 51yrs Woman 46yrs

Love the sandman,,, we only sold our sandman in the last few years,,,, and yes it did 'rock' on a few occasions....
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Woman 40yrs

My older cousin had a Sandman and it was fully "pimped out" ..... bright yellow and you'd hear it coming from 2 blocks away.
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Welikeitwo   Couple Man 55yrs Woman 55yrs


Hi yes I had one. Chamois in colour, 12 slot mags, big speakers for the sound system mattress in the back..the lot :) loved it
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OkeyDoke45   Man 50yrs

Tainted love...

I was a teen through the 80s and a bit of a troubled one at that so I don't have too many fond memories of the 80s to be honest. You try to describe to young folk how there was an undercurrent of fear running through a good part of the 80s - you had the cold war and the threat of nuclear war. We all know now that it was just the United States and the Soviet Union just squaring off against each other, nobody ever really intended to actually fire any of the things at each other, but to most ordinary people the threat was real.

I think the music has redeemed itself a bit, I lost interest in music for a good chunk of the 80s, and I have been a huge music fan since early childhood. I do listen to a bit of 80s music now on Spotify - but it's not Madonna or Michael Jackson or the ''mega'' stuff, I rather like the synth pop from the early-to-mid 80s. Flock Of Seagulls, Talk Talk, that kind of thing.

Fashion in the 80s? Totally inexcusable, for women and men both. Deplorable shit.

As for the Sandman, I count myself lucky to have been part of the generation that got to experience watching cars parked up the back at drive-in movie theatres all rocking away at various times. Does anyone remember people being smuggled into drive-ins in the boot of someone elses car? Sadly, the 80s saw the demise of the drive-in, after VHS/Beta entered everyone's homes.

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Shellac   Woman 52yrs

Puberty Blues

That was the 80's for me.
I watch that movie and that is what is was like.

Panel Vans, days spend at the beach, being brought up free range.
Great Australian music - Midnight Oil, INXS, Spilt Enz/ Crowded House, Men at Work, Cold Chisel I could go on and on.
Parents not caring or having a clue what their kids were getting up to.
Smoking and drinking.
Being scared of the Cold War and then off getting Aids. Stock market crash in 1987.

Without technology like today things were less complicated. It was easier to switch off.
However we were pretty clueless.

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Mask_007   Man 44yrs

Unfortunately I wasn't in Australia during that glorious 80s period. I grow up in Brasil.

But I can say that. I had a kombi van.
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PeggyPursuer   Woman 45yrs

Wish I was older

I was just a kid but I loved the 80s, a particularly fertile period for music, I always listened to 2SM/Triple M as a kid then moved onto Triple J before it turned awful - I was listening to a lot of music back then. I wish I could have been a teen/adult to experience it properly.

Great bands back then: The Birthday Party/Nick Cave, These Immortal Souls, Post-Punk Britain Synthesizer bands (suddenly working-class/poor people could afford technology with which to make music), many post-punk hard-core scenes in USA cities, Duran Duran, New Romanticism, so many genres / sounds - and so many clubs/band nights in many cities.

Queers like Boy George, Brisbane-boy Leigh Bowery being outrageous.

I was a bit envious when I read how many clubs were open in Sydney/Melbourne where you could watch an amazing gig many nights of the week.

Imagine being able to see early Midnight Oil/Chisel gigs !!

A lot more freedom of expression, a lot less Political Correctness. A lot more interesting capital cities that have since been gentrified.

Despite being a kid, I was always allowed to watch the news, so I was aware of that too - Romanian Orphan Crisis, the Falklands War, USA v Russia, Thatcher, Hawke/Fraser/Keating, QLD Corruption-Sir Joh, NSW Police Corruption Enquiries / Sallie-Anne Huckstepp, AIDs/HIV hitting the world, Greed is Good/Capitalism on Steroids.

But also: none of the tech shit we have now, you had to make your own fun, brains weren't being rewired by smart-phones.
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I had the decked out panel van. Mattress, mini bar, mirrors, upholstered walls. Parked backwards at the drive in.

Dunno about the waterbed, still had one till recently so it transcended the decades.

Saw Midnight oil, Aussie Crawl and INXS at small gigs. Martha Davis was hot as in concert. I was in love. Gee, she's back in Australia soon, still going, then again so am l

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