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There's something grabbing (pun intended) about butts. Admit it, we all love a nice shapely derriere, so let's...

Christina Miller | July 27, 2022

Butts Butt Butts - Gotta love them

This is not a think piece. It's a visual celebration of the glorious butt. Ok, ok straight out shameless gratification!

A walk down memory lane to revive an awesome tradition you can't get enough of - Sexy Ass Tuesday. And yes, it's been a while, we know.

So, here it goes for all those butt-loving creatures, more wonderful sexy-butt gifs. If you do not have one next to you that wants to be worshipped, spanked or ridden, here’s a few to fuel that imagination of yours. 

Here are some fine examples of this fine asset:

With or without?

Bouncy ass

Bless dat ass

Shake dat ass


What a view

Ultimately, maybe some of this?

Gifs source: Tumblr


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  • Rasile

  • Rasile

    Hi sexy mama

  • DeadlyOne

  • Benji_5

    Love those jiggly butts 💋

  • LikeFineWine

    I love rimming butts. First thing I look at of a woman is her butt.

  • nqbeaches

    There are some great butts there ! Nothing like parting the g before play time ! Jualfun yours should have featured after viewing your amateur pics !

  • livelifegohard

    Very gorgeous and hot, got a raise out of woody, maybe I’m a sexy buttocks guys

  • TMech

    Love hot butts

  • Mr_Man5580

    Last pic FTW

  • Thegameof4

    Ahhh yes.... Butt butt butt.. My better half has the butt of butts.... x

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