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Forget the Oscars, RedHotPie brings you this year’s hottest award! Just as the COTY Award has rewarded excellence...

RedHotPie Editor | March 23, 2022

Hottie Of The Year ( HOTY ) 2006

Forget the Oscars, RedHotPie brings you this year’s hottest award! Just as the COTY Award has rewarded excellence in automobile design, the new RedHotPie HOTY competition serves up and then recognises Australia’s sexiest and raunchiest Amateur Picture contribution from a sexy pool of RedHotPie members. From a range of very worthy contestants, You (our valued and keen-eyed RedHotPie members) voted on the merits of each submission, giving both form and function a fair go. RedHotPie Females, Males and Couples all fought to be crowned the inaugural RedHotPie HOTY and share in $1000 of cash prizes.

Through the heated final days as contestants sought those precious final votes, we saw one particular Amateur Picture set rise above the rest. Though it sounds cliché, all RedHotPie HOTY contestants are winners in their own right, that being a prerequisite of entering the competition with all contestants drawn from monthly Amateur Picture winners of 2005. Yet, from the pool of winners, the Crème de la crème must be found, and as the competition came down to the wire, all votes were cast and counted, the smoke cleared and the steam dissipated the sweat cleared from our brows, there emerged the one HOTY who would reign supreme.

And the winner of RedHotPie’s inaugural award, the first member to be crowned HOTY 2006 is, Drum role please, the fabulous, the flirtatious, the fantastic newjivecpl.

With her tinted Glasses, Streamline body and aerodynamic curves, racing red hot hair, and obvious low mileage, newjivecpl was an obvious choice for our panel of experts, you RedHotPie members. Over the past month all RedHotPie members have been free to vote on the top 36 contestant from 2005 in the red hot Amatuer Pictures page and you duly voted for the Amateur Picture you thought was most desserving of the HOTY Award 2006.

Honorable mention has to be made to the sexy sexypanties75 for coming in a close second and sensual Sandi75 for placing third. You can view these members submission in the Amateur Pictures page and view recent contributions who will go into the running for next years HOTY Award 2007. Remember to vote on the RedHotPie Amateur Picture submissions every month or even enter your own contribution to be in the running of our monthly cash prize giveaways.