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he Inner Circle Parties have established themselves as must-attend events each year. None moreso than their New...

RedHotPie Editor | February 25, 2020

Party Review: Inner Circle’s New Year’s Pool Party

New Year’s Eve is always a pivotal moment and there is no better way to usher in the New Year than at the infamous Inner Circle Party. Why endure mid-day summer heat while having to camp out on the banks of the foreshore to reserve a prime spot for the New Years fireworks when you can create some of your own with other RedHotPie members. Why get uncontrollably drunk and then unsuccessfully attempt to score with any member of the opposite sex within proximity, only to end up passed out in a skip bin when you can avoid the uncertainty at the Inner Circle parties where you are guaranteed a hot and steamy night. These parties have a reputation for offering the sexiest, wildest New Year’s experience as many of the guests can attest to.

As we arrived at the grandiose sandstone mansion we were welcomed by a lovely hostess with a delicious icy cocktail slushie, Strawberry Daiquiri if my memory serves me well, before we made our way up to the pool deck where we found the centerpiece of the venue, a luxurious pool that would not be out of place at the finest of 5-star resorts across Europe. It was lined with classic Greek statues and had an adjoining spa with the capacity for 25 virile bodies. As guests started to arrive in the hundreds early in the evening, the music started to pump and the alcohol flowed freely. As the final hours of 2005 ticked away it was clear that the guest wanted to end the year on a high note.

While the guests counted down the final seconds of the year, the fireworks that exploded overhead were nothing compared to those on the ground at this sexy event. As if on cue, almost all of the guests jumped into the pool for some sensual wet fun. The party went well into the early hours of the morning, becoming hotter and steamier as the night went on. It is safe to say that most of the guests started off 2006 with a dirty slate, the only way to usher in a new year.

If you would like to attend a wild erotic party such as this one, you’ll be happy to know they are happening every week around Australia. All you have to do is to keep an eye out at RedHotPie’s parties and events section in the community pages or contact the
Inner Circle
team in your area today for details on their next event.