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Could COVID-19 prove to be a blessing in disguise? Some important tips for you, folks....

Christina Miller | September 03, 2021

Sex during self isolation

In today's climate many things have changed and we adapt and we get used to a new 'normal', the one thing that remains constant is our feelings of lust. Could this situation we find ourselves in prove to be a blessing in disguise? Now that we have more time on our hands we can connect with our RHP friends and work on our lust, orgasms and rediscover our sexuality.

Studies show masturbation boosts your immune system and raises your white blood cell count. According to Dr Jennifer Landa, masturbation can be just what you need to ward off illness. In addition, orgasms help you relax your body and calm your mind which is exactly what we need in these crazy times. 

Here is your guide for satisfying sex during these times. Here on RHP there are a wealth of fun things to do, to keep you connected to you fav people. We have over 1000 erotic stories that caters almost to any fantasy and to keep you connected over the possible isolation you can stay connected with RHP friends.

1. You will need an online RHP sex partner. 

This is too easy to find on RHP. If you want to find one person to have a fling with, build rapport through DM to someone you find sexy. Odds are they are as physically lonely as you right now, so your chances of success are significantly higher than usual. 

Whether they live a block away or are in a different state makes no difference for cyber fucking, so why not opt for an out of state bae or couple? 

2. Sex toys and RHP erotic stories

In recent Covid panic buying supermarkets are selling out of hand sanitiser, toilet paper and other essential items. How about making sure you will enjoy your time in quarantine, should it be enforced upon us, by getting you priorities right. Get your priorities right snd stock up on what is important - sex toys, lubricants and batteries. Get your sex toys to stimulate your reading of our erotic stories and now that you have the time to let your imagination go, why not contribute your own erotic stories?

 Orgasms will help you get some restful sleep helps your immune system stay strong and healthy.

4. Spend quality time together

With so much time on your hands, should you have to quarantine or opted for social distancing, you can try out some fantasies you never had time for. Start rehearsing and experimenting with your boundaries at home before you introduce other playmates to the equation.

Fancy yourself a bit of a handyman? Why not get that dungeon going? Custom build your own dungeon to cater for your own kinks. Personalise your bedroom to be more intimate.

Now you got time in your hands, spark conversations around your desires and fantasies.

Heck explore every room in your house and get down and dirty. Use your kitchen bench for maximum reach, use your office to role-play secretary/boss. Let your imagination take over.

4.Great time to reconnect with your RHP friends/ or discover new ones

For the first time, you and everyone else has the commodity of time, something we didn't have before. Thousands of horny RHPs are looking to pass the time over the next weeks. There are more people than ever willing to chat with you. Get chatting and stimulate your imagination, brush off on your sexy talk and get your big O. The chatroom and a glass of wine will be my " nights out " for the next couple of weeks :)

Read up on our sex stories some are pretty hot and continue contributing to fire each other's imagination and read our awesome articles too. Keep connected and make new connection with past and present RHP friends. The RHP community spirit is a resilient and horny one and we'll keep each other in good nick by cyber sex- excising and orgasming.

If we are going to be forced in isolation, we might as well make the most of it and have fun. We wish you the sexiest of times during this troubling period. Stay safe, wash your hands 

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  • Subswitch13

    I also work in retail and have done for over 25yrs. I did get extremely crazy for a while and the customers like jeez calm your bloody farms lol.. Your attitude ain't going to help you while I'm serving you. The arrogance came out in everyone.

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    Love your pictures are you okay with send me your pictures

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    I'm making the most of my isolated state meeting people I have encountered in the past and looking up new ones in controlled environmental is not limited because I come from confinement in Amsterdam...usedto small places...

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    Time to try new things and fun cyber sex dating

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    Sex is vervvee

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