Sexy Colognes

August 02 2020

Any advice or recommendations on the best and sexiest Colognes which drives girls crazy. And get you complements all night long?


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  • ryan2469

    1 month ago

    This is a good question, there is a bunch of perfumes and such that some girls wear which is absolutely fantastic at sending most men wild, I have never asked their names but I know the smell, and it's aural sex.

  • SpicyKale

    1 month ago

    Scroll down the recent threads list to a fortnight ago and the same question was asked, lots in there!

  • Big_brown_1

    1 month ago

    From personal experience ill list a few of mine that i have recieved compliments and have good longevity.

    The usual designer fragrances.
    Dior sauvage edt
    Azzaro wanted by night
    Dunhill icon edp
    Chanel Allure homme sport eau extreme
    Jpg ultramale
    D&G the one edp
    Ysl la nuit de lhomme
    Then my absolute fave it is niche so a bit pricey.
    Layton by Parfums de Marley.
    Also have creed aventus which is a no brainer but is been around alot longer so not as unique

  • AnnMark7788

    31 days ago

    I buy my man Kuros Body...for me it's like sex in a bottle!

  • BigBootyDaddy

    24 days ago

    2 which have worked for me always CK Crave & Invictus Paco Rabanne

  • subexplora

    23 days ago

    Versace Pour Homme is flat out delicious

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