A night to remember..or forget… part 1

Last weekend a work mate and myself hired a hotel room and had a little pre drink. To my surprise he brought his girlfriend along, and let’s just say, she was dressed VERY sexy. A tight mini skirt that was just under her ass cheeks and a semi see through crop top.

As we had a few drinks I couldn’t help but be intoxicated by her perfume.

She came and sat next to me while her boyfriend had gone to the bathroom.

Slowly I felt something touch my thigh, it was her hand.

I quickly jumped up and asked her what she was doing! She replied, "don’t worry, it’s what Mark wants."

I noticed my work friend Mark was taking an unusual amount of time in the bathroom when I got a text from him.

“Go along with it, please,” it read.

I sat back down and her hand started to stroke my cock through my jeans, I didn’t wanna admit it, but I’d wanted to fuck her since the day he introduced us.

She got down on her knees and slid my pants down and started rubbing her face on my cock through my Calvins. She then proceeded to pull them off and start licking my cock, doing small circles with her tongue.

As she started to suck and take my dick further I got another text from Mark.

“Tonight she’s all yours, do as you please.”

I grabbed her head and shoved it down as far as it would go down my cock and held it there for a second. She loved it. I flipped her over, lifted that mini dress up and spat on my hands to rub on my cock, I then slowly stuck it in her ass, her silent moan of pain and pleasure was pure ecstasy.

I fucked her little ass till I couldn’t hold on any longer.

I came in her ass.

Mark opened the door and came back in and saw the mess I had made with his girlfriend, I could see his dick hard through his pants but his face looked like he had seen a ghost.

He took her out of the room and went home.

Wtf just happened? Was he mad? He said I could do this, didn’t he?