Man 46yrs

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive.

A very sensual friend once confided to me her fantasy of some anal play, even an MMF with double penetration. None of her partners had been into it, but me, well while I'm by no means a regular expert, I'd certainly class myself as an enthusiastic amateur.

So we made a date for a nice cosy hotel, and met there with eager anticipation.

We were both already over-excited as we walked in, myself stretching out of my black slacks and her already oozing a wet patch in her purple lace panties as she stripped off. She blushed when she showed me the small butt plug she had bought for the occasion, and confessed that she'd still been too nervous to put it in by herself.

Oh but she was otherwise very well prepared, and had waxed both sides to make a clean work space, so to speak, which was already slick with her wetness as she lay on the bed. A glistening trail of pussy juice was already snaking down her skin as she lay there, cupping her luscious tits and already groaning with her own touch. What was a man to do? Well, I gently lowered myself down to taste her.

She tasted so sweet. Her pussy melted under my tongue and fingers, and every now and then I'd slip a sneaky lick or stroke on her puckered, rosebud asshole, just to keep her moaning with anal anticipation.

She came suddenly, and strong. As that first wave hit I slid just the tip of my finger into her ass, and felt her butt clench even as she grabbed my head to face fuck me through the last throes of her first climax.

We separated for a minute and she rolled over with a wicked smile, planting her knees wide in front of me and burying her face on the bed as she lifted her ass and reached back to spread her cheeks wide.

"Fuck me," she growled.

"Fuck. Me. NOW."

Almost giggling with anticipation, I'd already slipped protection onto my raging hard-on, and slid slowly into her slick pussy. A throaty groan escaped her lips as she thrust back hard against me, sinking my cock balls deep with just that first stroke and making my own eyes widen at the luscious shock. She kept that up, fiercely matching every move of mine to make every stroke as long and as hard as she could bear.

Her head tossed and turned from side to side as we matched tempo, and with her ass still held wide I slid my spit-covered thumb into her ass. Her moans grew louder, and every few thrusts I'd sink a little deeper into her ass until she had swallowed that digit to the last knuckle.... she whimpered in shock at one thrust so I pulled my thumb out and slowed my cock thrusts. It had all been too much for that little bit, but within two breaths she gasped out "Again. Do it again!"

I left my cock inside her and just gyrated slowly while I reached for the butt plug. It was shiny cold steel, short thick and heavy. I used it to tease around her asshole a little, then slid it gently inside her. She gasped again, but with even just her deep breath the plug escaped. We tried twice more, but the fit just wasn't right.

I smiled and told her not to worry, I had a new plan. She turned her head and looked at me quizzically. God she was beautiful, and strands of her hair were stuck to her skin from the sweat of us. I just held up my head and asked her to trust me. She nodded and moaned breathily as she pressed hard against my cock again.

"Do it," she said. "I NEED it!"

We built up the tempo just with doggy style, and I kept my hand near her asshole, massaging and teasing the opening while she gasped and groaned louder and louder. I nudged my middle finger in, and felt her body tightening and relaxing with the rhythm of each thrust. It took a while but eventually my whole finger was inside her, buried to that last knuckle even as I fucked her pussy.

She. went. wild.

Her whole body started shuddering and I used my finger and cock to double-penetrate her ass and pussy with alternating strokes. She came immediately with a glorious gasp and I had to grab her waist with my free hand just to keep her from shaking off me.

She wasn't done though, and now that the position and penetration was exactly how she wanted it, she wordlessly started the tempo again, bucking back hard and fucking me with full length strokes on every thrust.

She even snaked her hand underneath to flick her clit while I fucked her ass and pussy.  I could see her tongue lolling out the side of her mouth as her head rolled back and forth on the bed, the passion overtaking us both.

I was lost in the moment too, and have no fucking idea how long we continued like that. It was a new, steady growling moan that brought me back to present, a deep but rising sound that built up like a tidal wave as her body started to tense. Both her pussy and ass tightened brilliantly as she came again, oh so strong. She shook so much we had to separate, and collapsed together onto to bed. I moved up to lay down alongside her, kissing her deeply between our hoarse gasps for air.

It took forever just to catch our breath let alone move again, so we just stay there a while, gently stroking each other's sweaty skin.

She asked if I'd cum too, and I shook my head. With a wicked smile she grabbed the back of my neck and said "Challenge accepted," before pulling me in to shove her tongue hard down my throat.

But that's another story....


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  • dynotwo

    wow that sounds awesome it would be nice to try we may just do that mmmm

  • peterjanexxx

    patience pays dividends... well played and great finale..

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