Awesome Foursome

Going back a few years, I lived in a small outback NSW town.  A friend (Joanne) and I used to hook up regularly, and the sex was always good, but one day we decided to try swinging.  So we searched RHP for a couple who looked interesting.  Being a small town, we decided to look further a field, and noticed a nice looking couple in Mildura. I'll call them Maria and Mick.

So we got chatting, they were very down to earth, and seemed to share common interests both sexually and in general, so Joanne and I decided that perhaps a weekend in Mildura was on the cards.

The following weekend, we took off on the 5 hour drive, the directions we had to Maria and Mick's house took us out past Lake Victoria and eventually we came to a locked gate.  'The key will be under a rock beside the gate' our instructions read. This started to seem like a bad idea, especially as, for obvious reasons, we hadn't told anyone where we were heading.  Ok, nothing ventured, so we unlocked the gate, drove through and locked it behind us (leave it as you find it is my motto when going through bush gates).  

About 10km down a dirt track we came to two houses side by side on the banks of the Murray River, Mick and Maria came out and my nerves instantly vanished, Maria was stunning.  I looked at Joanne and she had a smile on her face that said she liked them both already.  

Mick showed us into the smaller house, and explained that he and Maria had lived there while his parents lived in the bigger house, but these days his parents lived in town, so the small house was for guests.  Nice!

We spent the next hour or so making small talk, and our guests showed us a large pile of dead trees that had been pushed up to prepare a bonfire for the following night.  "Come inside" Mick said, "we'll start getting dinner organised." Upon entering the house, the first thing I noticed was a sex swing hanging from the ceiling in the loungeroom. This was getting more interesting.

Mick got out two aprons and said the guys would wear these while cooking, but nothing else, so Mick and I quickly undressed and put on the aprons, leaving us naked from behind.  Maria walked over, slid her hand under the apron and grabbed my now hardening cock, "hmmm, nice" she said.  Joanne did the same with Mick, next thing as we were starting to cook the BBQ, Maria knelt in front of me, pushed the apron up and slid my cock into her eager mouth.  I looked over and saw that Joanne was happily sucking in Mick's quite large cock.  It wasn't too long before Maria swallowed a load from my very happy cock.

After dinner, Maria took Joanne's hand and lead her over to the sex swing.  Once Joanne was in it, Maria started kissing her, and slowly moved her tongue from mouth to nipples and back again, as Mick and I happily watched.  Eventually Maria moved down Joanne's body, until she spread her legs and slowly slid her tongue deep into Joanne's wet, pulsating  pussy.  Joanne was clearly enjoying the attention, Maria motioned for me to stand beside as she pushed back and my cock slid nicely into her very wet pussy.  By this time Mick had positioned himself beside Joanne and slid his hard, thick cock into her mouth.

The night went on like this until we were all exhausted.

The following day, we spent a lot of time touring around the property in quad bikes, Maria sat behind me, while we followed Mick and Joanne along dirt tracks.  At one point, Maria reached around and took my cock out while we rode, stroking it firmly.  

That night, we lit the bonfire and something almost carnal came over us as we stripped naked and frolicked by the fire. Maria and Joanne started kissing, and then got into a 69 position on the ground in front of the fire while Mick and I happily watched.  Eventually we went inside and Maria placed me in the sex swing, while Mick and Joanne climbed onto a set of bean bags.  Maria sucked my cock till I was hard and then climbed into it, the feeling was amazing, we rocked back and fourth in the swing, almost feeling weightless, as she slid up and down on my shaft.  Occasionally I looked over and saw Mick was also happily pinned down by Joanne as she road him cowboy style.  I knew this is how she loved to orgasm.  

Mick and Maria became good friends, we caught up with them a few more times, including when they visited us in our small town, and even spent a week from Christmas to New Year's at the property as they invited another couple to join us (but that's another story).

I think back on those days fondly.  I haven't seen any of them for many years, but the memory of our amazing times together make me hope to one day experience something similar, and also make me realise there's truth in the old saying, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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  • hotcouplewanted

    I just can imagine how much fun was it, congratulations !!!

  • DazzaGotgot

    Anyone keen that come and hang out with me

  • notasexyhunk

    Wow that's a hot story....

  • connermcleod

    I just want my panties pulled downs and be fucked

  • F3dom

    Thanks for sharing , sometimes it's those moments when u take the plunge u experience something u will always remember.

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