Woman 47yrs

Back Door Fantasy

Hey it's me again looking to fulfil another fantasy of mine, this one I'm not sure I’ll be able to go through with as yet though.

I'm driving back to the big house that has that tempting Red Door, tonight's the night I'm going to try and lose my anal virginity, now you may be thinking 'well that’s no big deal' but to someone who's a wuss when it comes to pain (seriously stub my toe and I cry), huge deal for me.

I've tried a few times now whilst in relationships with guys gotten as far as a finger or 2, or the tip of their cock before I've said nope not doing it, only reason I'm trying again is No. 1 well been told it's mega nice having sex that way, No. 2 I don’t like being defeated on anything and No. 3 I want to go through that Red Door very soon and since that’s a no holds barred room I'm guessing hang ups of any sorts ain’t going to work.

Heading up the driveway now, I can see the house all lit up like always but looking at the parked cars doesn’t look like many here tonight, hopefully I’ll find someone to help me out.

Walking up to the door I can see 2 of the butlers talking and gesturing in the doorway, have to admit it’s a wonderful view to see, 2 gorgeous hunks wearing nothing but g strings completely filled with hard cock, would so love to get my mouth, hands heck any part of me on them lol

Reaching the doorway both butlers give me a huge smile and reach for my coat, so I turn around and let them both take it off me leaving me wearing absolutely nothing but thigh high stockings, high heels and nipple pasties with tassels, I turn back around, take the safety buzzer one of them is holding and using both hands I cop a feel of both butlers.  

As I start to step inside, I feel my ass grabbed on both cheeks, smiling I continue inside.

Wandering around a bit I see only a few people here and there, I head off to the rooms and start checking behind curtains, some rooms are completely empty and others are already busy, I go and sit on 1 of the chairs circling one of the rooms where I can see 3 women on the bed, each of them licking and sucking on each other's cunts, my hand reaches down and slowly I start playing with my clit, just rubbing it slightly, the women on the bed are now moving and grabbing toys off the chest next to the bed, one of them is putting on a strap on dildo, another is grabbing a vibrator.  

One of the women is now flat on her back, another one is climbing up on top of her in the 69 position, I can see she has the vibrator, she's playing with the cunt that’s wide open for her and slowly inserting the vibrator, the other woman is already moaning whilst sucking the cunt above her, I can see juices running down legs. The other woman is now climbing back onto the bed and getting behind the woman who's on top, now this is the one that had the strap on and watching her she's pushing the dildo into that woman's cunt, once in fully she grabs her hips and starts ramming in and out.

My hand is now working my own cunt faster, pushing my own fingers in and circling my clit, my hips are lifting in time with my fingers going in and out, I'm watching the bed and what's going on and the moans coming from there are sending me over the edge.  

Just as I'm about to explode a guy that was in the seat next to me comes and sits down on me and his cock is pushed into my cunt and with just a few thrusts both of us are exploding. He hops off and kneeling in front of me he starts licking and sucking all my juices up, then standing up, he bends over gives me a kiss and walks out.

I look over at the bed and see I missed the culmination of what was happening but that’s ok, so I stand up and leave the room myself.

I head to the bathroom and give myself a bit of a clean, then heading back out I can see more people have now rocked up, now normally I would go check out a few more curtained rooms but as I came with a specific purpose today, I head straight to a group of guys and giving them all a smile I ask who would like to get a chance at removing my last bit of virginity. The guys all smile but only one says he’ll do it, so grabbing his hand we go off to find a room.

One room has nothing in it but a padded bench and a chest with various toys in it, the guy pulls me over to the bench and gets me to sit down, he starts just kissing me and touching my breasts, squeezing softly, I'm playing with his cock as well and whilst it's not big it is very hard.  

He turns me slightly and pushes me down so I'm now lying on the bench with my legs dangling off, he kneels between my legs and starts eating my cunt which is already dripping again and he’s slowly inserting his fingers in as well, he then removes his fingers and reaches down and behind and starts playing with my anal hole whilst still eating me out, my hips are thrusting up and I'm moaning in ecstasy, he slowly inserts one finger into my hole, it feels pretty good at the moment and he’s keeping me occupied so really I'm not noticing it too much atm.

Getting off his knees, he lifts me up and turns me over so I'm now leaning over the bench with my butt in the air, he gets behind and with no hesitation his cock is in my cunt pounding away, he grabs my hair and rams harder and harder and then just before I'm about to cum he pulls out, he puts his fingers back in my dripping cunt and lubes them up and then his fingers are spreading my juices all around my anal hole, he goes back and forth between my cunt and my anus slowly sticking his fingers in a bit at a time and lubing me up.

He's now holding his cock at my anal entrance and just moving it around the top a bit with a slight push in a bit, with his other hand he's playing with my cunt, I'm absolutely soaking his hand in juices and trying to move my ass back onto his cock but he’s controlling how much his cock goes in my anus, removing his hand and cock he spreads all the juices from his hand over my hole again and now he’s moving his cock harder into my hole, I can feel his cock head is now in my hole.

He's now grabbing my hips and very slowly just moving his cock in and out, I'm moaning big time, it feels soooo good, a little pain but I'm barely noticing it as I've started cumming, he reaches down with one hand and rams a few fingers in my cunt setting me right off and just as this all happens, he pushes his cock right in to my anus, I scream loudly and cum like I've never come before.

He's still hard as a rock in my anus but he’s not moving at all, just letting me get used to his cock filling me, it still hurts but my body is adjusting. His hand is still on my cunt just playing softly with my clit, cum is dripping down my legs and his hand is covered in my juices, I feel real sore at the back but with his hand still playing with me, my excitement whilst not at fever pitch anymore is still throbbing.

After a few mins of just staying still in me, I feel him very slowly start moving his cock in and out of me, never fully coming out before moving back in. My hips are now starting to move in sync with him, so he starts thrusting a bit harder, I'm no longer feeling any pain (maybe a slight twinge) but between his hand which has started playing harder with my cunt again and his cock moving faster and harder in my anus I'm about ready to explode again myself.

He's now grabbing my hips and pumping his hips and cock harder and moaning himself, then suddenly he pulls his cock out and cums all over my ass, he then pulls me off the bench, turns me over and thrusting his cock hard into my cunt starts ramming away at me again till we're both moaning and cumming together. I can feel his cock has now done all it can but he’s still thrusting slightly and I'm still getting some aftershocks.

Minutes later he hops off and pulls me up, putting his arms around me he cuddles and kisses me, then walks me over to the basin the corner and proceeds to wash me himself paying particular attention to my anus which now that we’ve finished I can feel is sore, I grab the washcloth off him and give him a good wipe off as well. Kissing each other again we look around the room and smile at the people that must have come in to watch.

Now at this point I'm still rather sore so I decide to call it for the night, I thank the guy before walking away,  heading to the front door I hand the butler standing there the buzzer and he grabs my cloak for me and places it around my shoulders. Heading off to my car I decide a nice long soak in a bath is in order the minute I get home.

Once again this is pure fantasy but hope you enjoyed it and if you haven't read my other stories as yet well you really should, that Red Door is almost ready to be opened and explored...


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