Fantasy to reality

It was my husband's fantasy to watch me with other guys. I was never an exhibitionist so the thought never occurred to me to search for guys to have fun with. I wanted to find couples so we could share the experience but finding compatible people is always hard.

So over the years we had our swingers nights which became less and less because our interest waned. That is until an invite dropped into our messages from a couple we had lost touch with. It was for a house party nearby and I was intrigued to see what would occur and hope our experience would improve.

I was never the party girl and was shy and introverted so I was extremely nervous upon arrival. My husband looked concerned as he knew how I felt about crowds and my self consciousness but I was determined to overcome my nerves.

The hosts who I recognised made me feel welcome and sensing my unease handed me a drink and introduced me to the guests. Everyone was friendly and respectful and it helped to receive some lustful glances from the guys and the ladies too. I always know when a guy is interested and it was obvious I was not going to be without some attention that night.

I looked over to my husband who was chatting to a couple when two guys approached me and engaged me in conversation. Mark and Jerry were good looking guys with strong physiques and thankfully clean shaven which I prefer. Their wives were 'busy' with each other they said so would I like their attention? I caught my husband's eye and broad smile and nod of approval before being led by the hand to a room.

The guys disrobed and I had to admire their good sized cocks which had me wet in anticipation. I sat on the edge of the bed and they presented them to me in turn to slowly suck on and taste. I was gently laid on the bed and my clothing removed all the while my mouth attentive to their cocks and stroking them with the other hand.  

Jerry slid between my thighs and as soon as his tongue started lapping at my clit a shudder ran through me. My eyes closed as I gave myself over to the pleasurable sensations as Mark licked my breasts and 4 hands caressed my body. After a while they changed places and it was Mark whose tongue brought my first orgasm.

Now I was craving a hard cock inside me. My pussy ached for it. I felt the tip of Mark's cock slowly prise my pussy apart and 8" of thick hard meat filled me up. Jerry moved up to my face and I took his cock deep into my mouth sucking rhythmically with the thrusts by Mark. Every few minutes they changed around so as to prolong my pleasure and stay their impending climax.

I had had the odd threesome with my husband and a friend before but while these guys were pleasuring me it suddenly occurred this was the first time without him being present. It felt wrong and right at the same time as a part of me felt guilty while at the same time my body was lusting for cock and the pleasure these guys were giving me.
I could sense them getting nearer to cumming and that excited me. There's no better feeling than a man's cock pulsing inside you and feeling his hot cum filling your insides knowing the pleasure he's experiencing too.

I was asked where I wanted their cum. I was torn between having them both inside me or having one cum in my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my husband standing in the doorway, naked, sporting a huge erection which he was stroking. This spurred me on. I begged Mark to fill my pussy with his cum and said to make sure he was vocal about it knowing it would turn my husband on. To Jerry I said 'fill my mouth'.

It didn't take long as they came together. My orgasm hit like a freight train feeling mouth and pussy filling at the same time. It seemed to go on and on. They must have saved it all up for me. I felt it leak from my pussy and I struggled to contain Jerry's load in my mouth.

Mark slowly withdrew and his cum dribbled onto the sheets. I held Jerry's load in my mouth, looking at my husband and seeing the lust in his eyes as I swallowed it down. I was sweaty and cum filled and buzzing all over from cumming. It was great and just the start of a very eventful night.


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  • NothingSerious

    Don't worry, it's made my cock rock hard after reading that 💦💦💦. Me and the ex Mrs use to have MMF 3somes every now and then, she use to love it if they had a nice thick cock and so did I !!!!! I use to love watching her getting fucked nice and hard from behind. I even use to eat her pussy out when it was full of cum

  • Kinkycheeky

    That story made me wet so hot

  • Hot_Sauce

    Wow that has got to be one of the best stories I’ve read just makes me horny reading it!! Great job

  • Pubudu

    I’m here

  • 4player4u

    So well written

  • Dober_man

    Glad you both enjoyed it. Now u both know thats what works for you (hubby just watching) You should do it more 😉

  • Buddy007

    That’s so hot. I want my wife to do the same but she’s too shy. I’d love some advice

  • Mctag9

    Great story - Great to see you and hubby have an awesome dynamic!! 😃😃

  • Fmffuntimes

    Wow hot very hot

  • Lowkeyloafer

    Tv will be his dide ranch

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