Woman 59yrs

First time

I admired myself in the full length mirror. Not bad I thought. I'd attracted some admiring glances at work and surprised a few who thought I was much younger.
Tonight was a special night. I was on a mission to prove to myself and my husband that I still had it, whatever that might be.
A bit of a challenge from my ever supportive husband to go out and have some me time and experience a threesome without him.
Tim and Dani had contacted me on my profile and were perfectly compatible. We had both met them  as a reassurance to my partner that I would be safe. Now in their bathroom I took another look at my outfit which showed off my curves and low cut top revealing enough cleavage to make Tim drool and took a deep breath. Here goes.
I stepped out into the bedroom to find Dani semi naked stretched out on the bed with Tims cock dangling infront of her face. 'I need some help' she said coyly.  I sat next to her and held his cock while she slowly lapped around his enormous head taking it into her mouth which barely stretched to accommodate it. His precum oozing from the tip. ' Care for a taste'?she asked' moving slightly to allow me full access and disrobing completely.
I was torn between one of the biggest cocks I'd ever handled and the sight of Dani naked, fully waxed and smelling gorgeous.
I gently stuck my tongue out to catch a ribbon of precum and engulfed the head with my mouth. I felt it twich slightly as I moved down the shaft taking as much as possible down my throat. Tim groaned as I worked the shaft with my hands.
I felt Danis touch and opened my legs a little to help her gain entry to my inner thigh. She eased my panties off and slipped a finger inside to gently caress my clit.I  was soaking wet and she had no problems working a couples of fingers inside.
At this point it became obvious we need to be fully naked and we quickly shed what remained of our clothing.
I lay on my back as both of them stroked my breasts and thighs, taking turns touching my clit until Dani disappeared between my legs and I felt her tongue probe my pussy and latch on to my most sensitive bud. While she hungrily ate me Tim kissed my nipples taking them into his mouth and sucked them. I reached out a hand and stroked his cock waiting patiently for the time it would enter me.
Having got me nice an lubricated Dani moved aside allowing Tim to take position in front of me, his hard thick cock poised at the entrance of my warm inviting pussy. I watched mesmerised as he eased the full length inside shuddering with pleasure at being so filled. Dani whispering in my ear telling me how she knew what I was feeling and saying how much she loved to watch him fuck me. She kissed my mouth and I could taste myself on her lips. I manoeuvred myself under her so that I could reciprocate and taste her. Feeling her wetness and lapping her juices. Tim had a great view of us and he increased his thrusting going deeper each time.
It became obvious he wasn't going to last long but we had the whole night to explore. I saw him close his eyes concentrating on delaying his orgasm. I felt his thrusts getting more urgent and his cock swelling inside me.
Above me Dani was watching him and encouraging him to give it to me. She was nearing her climax too being turned on by his impending orgasm. I felt her spasm on my tongue and lips,  my mouth flooded with her juices.
They screamed out together as I felt my pussy grip his cock tighter. A combination of my orgasm and his cock seemingly growing twice its size and stretching me to the max. His powerful jets of cum bathing my insides going on and on.
'My turn next' said Dani.
His slowly deflating cock sliiped out and Dani, with glint in her went down on me. 'You can clean his cock for me and get him ready for the next session ' she said as she started cleaning my pussy and lapping the steady stream of cum oozing out of me.
I was presented with a semi errect cock coated in cum and pussy juices. His jiz still dribbling out and down his shaft I opened my willing mouth and took it in whole, closing my lips around it and sucked it clean. Holding a mouthfull and pulling Dani up to me to share a slopy wet cum kiss.
That soon got Tim hard again.


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