ok...im a total amateur at this by the way!!

id have you sitting across from me,sharing some drinks over a nice warm Jacuzzi,enjoying the ripply sounds and sexual stares as we contemplated playing out the naughty thoughts running through our minds...

we'd flirted for and hr or so..mucking around playfully butt-naked,chatting away,laughing away,your cheeky giggles filling the room.

you half stood up and bent over the edge to reaching out for the champagne bottle,facing away from me..your ass cheeks totally above the water surface as you taunted me with your curves and gave me a sneak peek at so much more...you definitely knew how to play your cards as i could see your cheeky half smile.
i swallowed hard and throbbed rock solid as i skilfully manoeuvred towards your luscious curves,as you turned back your ass met with my lips...i started to kiss you all over from the small of your back to your luscious ass cheeks,running my fingers all along your thighs,wild with lust as i spread you open,far and wide..swiping my tongue towards your honey spot and plunged my tongue deep inside you teasing your clit at the same time...

you acknowledged my presence by reaching back with one hand..placing it on my head and continuously ramming your ass onto my face as i plunged deeper inside you,i could literally feel your nails dig deep into my skull,my hands gripping you by your waist as i completely ate you out..

You let out a moan as your legs bucked underneath you as you came,shaking like a leaf,again and again with each orgasmic wave as i continuously drank from your lips,holding onto the jacuzzi's edge with one hand,then two as you let out another loud moan..this time your legs gave in and you fell back towards me.

i caught you and slowly sat you back down into the water,moving away from you as i went back to my corner opposite yours.
Loving the way you stared at me with those cheeky fuck me eyes wondering wow..why hadn't we met before?
we both took a sip of our drinks re-energizing ready for the second round,i smiled,pulling you towards me...you were like a rag doll in my strong arms.

Your pulled away playfully trying to escape but i caught you and wrapped you in my arms your back now towards me as i made my way to the edge,resting my back...spreading my legs wide to make space for you,my cock throbbing like crazy as it made contact with your ass,i brushed the hair away from the side of your neck and kissed you,tracing my fingers beneath your breasts,around your nipples squeezing gently...down past your belly button to your inner thighs,teasing you.

i slid my palms beneath your thighs and lifted you then gently lowered you back on me,my cock inching its way along past your outer lips grinding away along your walls until you could feel my whole cock deep inside you filling you completely.
i began to fuck hard and fast,then slow,we were lost beyond the edge of pleasure,eyes half shut,moaning and screaming in sheer bliss.

Your hungry walls strangling my shaft with every thrust,my knob about to explore as it completely covered your gspot..kissing it over and over again.
We both came again and again unable to stop....finally as we began to get tired of the water..we stepped out of the Jacuzzi and wobbled towards the bed and i took my position between your thighs begging you to let me quench my thirst with your honey once again..swallowing every single drop...lapping away like a dog on an ice-cream cone on a hot summer's day