Hotwife and a new found fetish

I was anxious and excited simultaneously, "The time has arrived, this is what you wanted Brad, It's now or never" I thought to myself as I nervously approached the front door. Legs trembling I took a deep breath before finally working up the courage to knock.... 

I could hear the sound of heels striking the tiled floors as Brooke approached the door.

I had met Brooke and her partner Chris through a swingers website where we had been chatting for a few weeks leading up to this very exciting moment... Only ever seeing a few cropped pictures of each other the anticipation was surreal, I had always fantasised about being a chosen third in a threesome and more so I've always had an insatiable desire to be with an attractive mature aged woman and I was finally getting the chance to fulfill my fantasy and desire while helping another couple fulfill their own. 

The door opened and I was immediately infatuated by the smell of expensive perfume, I was greeted by a 55 year old Brooke who didn't look a day over 45.

She stood in the doorway wearing a sexy little grey pencil skirt with a silky white blouse which covered part of her shoulders but not enough to hide her sexy shoulder freckles, she wore sheer dark stockings and had on a pair of red heels. Her beautiful features complimented her plump red lips which matched her cherry red heels, she had ash blonde hair which she wore waving down past her shoulders.

"Hi Brad," she said as she leaned in and greeted me with a soft lingering kiss on the lips before opening her eyes and smiling at me. "Come on in, make yourself at home," she said in a very provocative tone as she proceeded to take me by the hand and guide me through to the back of the house and to the outside entertainment area where Chris, Brooke's husband was already fixing us a drink. 

"Hi, Brad, great to finally meet you in person," he said as he passed me a single malt whiskey on ice, "Finally bit the bullet haha" he joked with me.

While snickering I replied nervously "Indeed, I must admit it's been a daunting few weeks leading up to this but here we are".

"Haha don't seem so nervous," Brooke interrupted, "let's all have a drink and get to know each other, how's that sound?" she asked.

"Sounds good to me, cheers to new friends and fun times," I raised my glass in toast.

I soon started to get over the nerves, Chris and Brooke were great company and very easy going which made it easy for me to be myself around them and I soon began to come out of my shell. 

Sitting enjoying their company, good banter and sexy conversation I quickly started to admire Chris and Brooke. They were an extremely loving couple who were successful in life and both naturally sexy people who lived life to the fullest. I could tell they were enjoying my company just as much as I was enjoying theirs and only a couple drinks in the mood started to lighten. Brooke was becoming noticeably flirtatious and brushed her hand along my chest and shoulder accompanied with a cheeky smile as she passed by to get more ice for her drink.

I couldn't keep my eyes off her, she was everything I fantasised about and more. Chris could tell how attracted to Brooke I was, "come here darling" he called her. She walked up to him and sat on his lap. Chris slowly stroked Brooke's hair behind her ear and he began to softly and passionately kiss Brooke's neck, she gasped as his lips touched her skin. He continued to caress her neck with his lips as she locked her gaze onto me, deep breaths left her mouth as her gaze only grew more seductive. This lasted a short moment before Chris pulled away from Brooke's neck looking over and smirking at the evident excitement on my face "she is gorgeous, isn't she?" he asked rhetorically.

"So goddamn fucking sexy" I couldn't help responding as I continued to remain locked in a gaze with Brooke.

Brooke got up and walked over to the bar where I was sitting. She reached for her pack of cigarettes and stood in front of me with her back to Chris, she pulled out an all white marlboro gold and slowly, seductively put the white filter to her candy red lips without breaking eye contact, her white tipped French manicured fingers striking a match to the box, lighting herself up a cigarette. She took a long deep drag while staring into my eyes before looking up blowing her smoke into the air above us. She then lowered her head back down and reached a single finger into the top button of my shirt gently pulling me in toward her as her lips softly met with mine before slightly opening her mouth enough to let her tongue very gently brush against mine. Immediately I felt a rush of adrenaline flow through my body as my every sense became heightened, the lingering taste of her cigarette and lipstick on my lips accompanied by the smell of her expensive perfume was a sensory overload which had me intoxicated in desire. 

A non-smoker myself I was fascinated by how attractive and sexy I found Brooke as I sat there watching her beautifully manicured nails bring her white cigarette butt to her plump red lips, snap inhaling each long drag she takes while sipping her glass of wine with elegance and class.

I needed to taste more, I needed to feel more so I reached out and placed my hand on Brooke's face and pulled her back in for a second taste, the kiss becoming a little more sensual as our tongues explored each others a little longer this time. As I pulled away from the kiss Brooke took a second drag of her cigarette and softly blew some of her smoke into my face before blowing the rest over her shoulder. She did this in an extremely provocative manner, almost as if she sensed my arousal and intrigue, I could feel the bulge growing in my pants as my tummy started to tingle.

A couple more drinks in and the flirting between the three of us started to increase, Brooke took me by the collar of the shirt and pulled me up from my seat and proceeded to dance with me slowly and very sensually never breaking eye contact with me. 

Brooke placed her arms over my shoulders and around my neck while her pelvis and hips slowly grind against me. One of my hands grabbing at her hips pulling her into me while I run my other hand up her spine and into the back of her neck softly grabbing a handful of her ash blonde hair while pulling her in for a smooch, our lips engage and Brooke places her tongue deep into my mouth while I place my tongue deep into her mouth. Our mouths opening and closing while our lips and tongue lock in passion and lust. 

Our hands began to explore each other and the grinding and pulling each other in and rubbing our bodies together was becoming increasingly hotter that's when Brooke pulled away, taking a huge gasp "let me slip into something a little more comfortable i'll be right back" Brooke said while trying to calm herself down.

Chris and I sat and shared a drink while discussing how beautiful and sexy Brooke was when out from the bedroom walked Brooke wearing black lace lingerie, her thigh high stockings and suspenders screaming in sex appeal she still had her heels on and walked towards me lighting a cigarette. As she got up to me she pushed me back on the outdoor sofa and straddled me. "I noticed you enjoyed watching me smoke earlier" she whispered before taking a long drag and leaning in to kiss me passionately once again. 

To be continued.....


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