Both sitting on the lounge watching a movie on tv. Your hand resting on my thigh. Your head resting on my shoulder.  I turn my head and we kiss briefly.

I feel your hand move higher up my thigh. Your fingers push inside the leg of my shorts. I squirm. Already feeling my arousal growing. You manage to guide my cock out through the leg of my shorts and begin to play with it. Slow gentle touching. Your finger rubs over the tip.. Your hand wraps around it and stroke a couple of times.   My hand is now inside your shirt. Playing with your nipple through your bra.  I can feel your nipple harden as my fingertip flicks over it again and again.

You suggest we make ourselves more comfortable and we stand and slowly undress.Our gaze locked on each other. The lust and desire growing.   I am now totally naked and you are just wearing your panties. We resume our position on the lounge but now that we are unhindered by clothes our touching and exploring of each other intensifies. I lean down and kiss and then lick your left nipple. You run your fingers through my hair as my lips close on your now hard nipple and I suck. I suck and play with your nipple using my tongue and lips. My hand slides down over your tummy to feel the heat between your legs. You slide closer to the edge of the lounge to allow my fingers to explore more easily. I slip my hand inside your panties. I run my fingers up and down over your pussy lips before sliding the tip of my thumb between them. Entering you. I then slowly withdraw my thumb slightly before pressing it back in. I continue to do this, increasing in speed. I then kneel between your open legs. Once more sucking your nipples. First one then the other. I now use my fingers on your very wet pussy. Sliding them in and out. Gaining in intensity as your arousal grows.  I slide down your body and press my mouth firmly against your pussy through the material of your panties.  I mouth at your clit. Sucking the material of your panties.  I then pull them aside and run my tongue up and down your pussy lips.  I use my fingers to hold open your lips and my tongue licks you hungrily. I close my lips on your clit and suck it. You spread your legs wide open. My licking becomes almost frantic.  My tongue moves between your clit all the way down to your arse then back to your pussy again.

I tell you to roll over. You press your head against the cushions with your gorgeous arse in the air. I gently smack it a couple of times. Then very gently run my fingers around your hole then all the way over your pussy lips to your clit and back again. I move my face closer. My tongue reaches out and touches your butt. Slowly licking toward your hole. Circling it slowly. You moan  more and more as my tongue flicks at your hole, my hand rubbing at your pussy. My tongue then touches your hole as my fingers slide into your pussy once more. You are close to cumming and the combination of your moaning and my own level of arousal strips away any hesitation I might have had as I lick at your hole. I press my face firmly against your arse. My fingers still delving in and out of your pussy.  Your body begins to buck and fight to press harder against you. Fingering your pussy and licking at your arse until you cum . mmmmm