Love or lust

We are sitting on the couch having a normal conversation about nothing you are leaning into me, my arm is wrapped around you holding you close. You look up at me and with your beautiful eyes you stare into mine. The deep stare makes me instantly want to kiss you. I smile at you with a grin, you smile back and pull my head toward you. Kissing me while we both grin and laugh, wrapping your arms around my neck you pull me on top of you and somehow I end up between your legs.

You wrap me up with your legs while your arms are still wrapped around my neck, kissing me deeply. I manage to sit up and look into your eyes, running my hand down your face you snap at me with your teeth and pull me down into your body. Laying on your back with me on top of you kissing me deeply you relax your grip around my neck and run your hands down my sides. You slid your hands up my shirt gripping me with your fingers pressing into my body, working up my side and back down. All the while kissing me.

You take your hands out and start to play with my belt, rubbing at my groin ensuring I know your intent and desire. I’m not going to let you get to me that easy so I grab your hands and put them behind your head. Your legs pull me into you tighter wrapped around my waist I struggle to pull away as I hold your hands above your head. You laugh at my attempts to control you, your laugh makes me feel silly so I decide to play your game, I start kissing your neck still holding your hands above your head. You relax and begin to breathe heavier. Biting my ear lightly as I kiss your neck.

I start running my teeth lightly over your neck, not to leave a mark just hard enough to rev you up. Your legs become loose and I let your hands go. You instantly push me off you and all of a sudden I’m on my knees in front of you. You get up and put out your hand to me. I grab your hand and get up off the couch. You lead me to the bedroom and turn around. I take you into an embrace as you stare into my eyes.

You kiss me as my hands start to wander down your body. Gripping your bum with my hands, squeezing it, caressing it, feeling it. You grab me by my shirt and pull it up over my head. My hands are fixed to your butt now. You turn me around and push me onto the bed. Climbing on top of me kissing from my stomach up as you crawl up the bed. My hand is on your head running through your hair and down your neck.

As you get to my lips you push me down. I try to come up to you but you force me down. You look into my eyes as you take off your top coming back down to kiss me I hold you tight and begin to run my hands all over your upper body. I undo your bra as my hands are all over you. I sit you up so I can kiss your chest. I begin kissing your breasts then licking them. You hold my head into your chest grabbing at my hair trying to hold me. Forcing my head from one breast to the other. I stare up at you for a second to notice your eyes are closed and you're biting your lip.

My hands move back down your back to your butt. In that moment you rip my hands off you and push me down forcefully onto my back. You stand up over me and start to remove your jeans. I go to sit up and you ask me not to move. Your pants come down to reveal you have no panties on. I look up at you with a smile as you grin back at me. You sit back down on me and kiss my neck. My hands run from your back and side to your legs then back up again. You kiss me on the lips and ask if I’m hungry...I bite your lip and reply yes please!

You begin to slowly make your way over the outside of my body on your knees toward my face. I move down the bed in impatience, your waist hovers over my head and I kiss the out side of your thigh working from one side to the other. Gently kissing your soft skin around your vagina. You slowly let your self relax and allow me to go to work. I begin by slowly kiss up n down then I focus on your clit, sucking and licking it.

You once again grab my head with one hand and your breast with the other. My hands are fixed on your butt still. Holding your butt while my tongue works all over your wet pussy. You slowly move your waist back n forth as I suck on your clit. You begin to moan and breath harder. You grab one of my hands off your butt and place it on your boob. You put my finger in your mouth and bite on it. I keep the same rhythm with my tongue as it seems to be working. Your hips move a little faster all of a sudden you stop. Your hand comes out from under my head and you lift yourself off me. I’m left lying there wondering what happened as I wasn’t done. You lay next to me and ask me to give you a minute.

I pull you close to me and you place your head on my chest. I begin to run my hand through your hair and down your face as I hold onto you. You grip me tightly and kiss my skin. You look up at me with your eyes staring deep into my soul. Instantly we start kissing, you move on top of me and in a mad rush you attempt to rip my pants off me. We roll around for a minute as you scurry to get my pants off. Our lips never parting during this time, I have one hand feeling your nice wet juicy fanny as you begin to stroke me.

You move your body down and grind on my shaft for a minute. My hands are firmly placed on your backside again. Pushing you down onto my hard cock. As you grind you bite at my neck. I can’t handle it any longer I want to be inside you, I want to feel your body on mine. I reach over the bedside table and get a condom, we stop for the un impressive moment of placing a condom on before you hold onto my penis and slip the tip inside you, slowly you work your way down the rest of the way getting me deep inside you.

As it goes deeper you gasp in my ear then you ask if that feels good. I push down on your butt and look at you. You don’t need an answer as you can see in my eyes that I am in awe. Pure happiness, pure joy, pure sensation. I kissing you passionately pushing my tongue into your mouth. As you ride me, sliding up and then down, slow easy movements savouring the feeling of me inside you. I hold your waist to control the pace as much as I can. I lock my hips and core as to ensure you take as much as you want.

You start to pick up the pace a little faster before you collapse onto me, instantly I wrap my arms around you, holding you into me. I take over thrusting into you. You breathe deeply onto my collar bone, all of a sudden you bite down on my shoulder as I’m now picking up the pace with my hips pushing into you. Your body starts to shake your breath is taken away and you let out a sigh as I hold you tighter and tighter. You give your body to me as I now press your bum down ensuring you don’t move away.

You're getting wetter and wetter to which I get harder and more turned on. You're now moaning in my ear trying to hold yourself up. My rhythm slows a little, you stick your tongue down my throat and force yourself to take me inside you all the way. You sit up and flick your hair back, my arms are holding onto your hips. I run my hands up your side to your beautiful face and gently pull you down to me. I kiss your forehead you look deeply into my eyes and it makes me melt.

You lean over to the side and get off me. Assuming I’ve done a good job I hold your face and kiss you on the lips. You pull me on top of you as our lips meet. You whisper in my ear “your turn” with me between your legs you guide me inside you. Running my knob over your clit before allowing me to enter you.

As my penis enters you again you arch your back pushing down on my backside to go deeper. I hold myself off you with one arm and kiss your breasts as I slowly push deeper into you. My thrusts are slow but hard. As I begin to lick and suck on your nipples my pace gets a little faster, you begin to moan lightly. You grab my head with both hands look me in the eyes and tell me to fuck you.

Instantly I pull your legs up and sit myself up a little. I stick my thumb in your mouth as I pick up the rhythm and begin to work to my climax. Knowing that it won’t take me long, you grab your boobs, tweaking your nipples as I begin to pound at your pussy. Slamming as hard as I can. Working up my heart rate looking down at your beauty as you suck my thumb and stare into my grab my arms and then my back as my entire body tenses up.

I hold my breath for a second as the ecstasy takes over my body. You watch my face as I blow my load. You hold my body as I collapse on you wrapping your legs around me holding me close. I try to catch my breath as you kiss me on the forehead. I look you in the eyes and give you a kiss on the cheek before collapsing next to you. We lay for a while holding each other nothing needed to be said just laying in each other arms. You look so cute in this moment I smile at you which makes you laugh at me as we cuddle.