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  • The Dinner

    Had just finished setting up my apartment, it was the first night I moved in. Set the new white sheets ...


    Posted on: December 26 2019

  • The little death - le petit morte

    The night approached and the scene was set, nerves ran through this normal man of steels body for he ...


    Posted on: December 25 2019

  • Sunday Morning Submission

    I woke early this morning, feeling well rested, and looking forward to the day. As I strolled to the ...

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    Posted on: December 22 2019

  • Her New Toy

    As I get home from yet another long 12h day I put my stuff down and walk into the kitchen and give Ash ...


    Posted on: December 12 2019

  • Online friend

    You send your new "online" friend your number, even though you know you shouldn't. You send him some ...


    Posted on: December 10 2019

  • The nature of the neighbour

    The pitter patter of rain on the roof above her hardened and eased, like a lover being teased. Almost, ...

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    Posted on: December 01 2019

  • Squirting pleasure with a mouthful of penis

    It was a beautiful warm night and I had just received his text asking if I was free for the night. I ...


    Posted on: November 25 2019

  • Wife alone with our male playmate

    We organised for a playdate for the wife with our male playmate. It was to be a mid week catch up during ...


    Posted on: November 03 2019

  • Good Advice

    Every day when I go into work seeing Jenny brightens my day. She is this graceful, beautiful woman with ...


    Posted on: October 28 2019

  • The art of swooning

    The bath was running, bubbles were forming, the candle was lit and the music was being adjusted. Greeted ...


    Posted on: October 11 2019

  • Studio Time

    One of my hobbies is photography, I have some studio lights and a few props and love erotic photo shoots. ...

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    Posted on: September 22 2019

  • Sensual Breath Play

    His sweat was running down both sides of his buttocks, thighs and even his temples. His heart beat had ...


    Posted on: September 07 2019

  • Doctor Doctor

    It has been a long day at the conference but I have learnt so many new techniques that will help my patients ...


    Posted on: August 13 2019

  • An Intense Sexual Encounter

    My fingers reaching your neck and massaging the base of your skull below your ears then they release ...

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    Posted on: July 28 2019

  • Being financially dominated by the straight tradie (Part 2)

    It had been three weeks since the night I had met up with the straight tradie for some financial domination ...

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    Posted on: June 28 2019

  • His body not in my bed

    I can feel the heat and the essence of masculinity. Big arms, soft warm skin and muscles. The skin ...


    Posted on: May 20 2019

  • Submissive

    Thoughts lingered on the made up words that escaped his lips absent minded utterances and sighs unaware ...

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    Posted on: May 07 2019

  • Raining Pleasure

    Caught up with Miss Natalie much later in the day, more correctly later in the evening than I'd planned ...


    Posted on: March 15 2019

  • I"ve always loved the Haka.

    It was a still and humid night as we made our way down to the foreshore in the uber. Lesley as usual ...

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    Posted on: March 12 2019

  • Le Petit Morte

    The night approached and the scene was set, nerves ran through this normal man of steels body for he ...


    Posted on: March 05 2019

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