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Mommy dom

I never see anyone talking about this, but I know for a fact that it's a popular kink because so many guys have asked me to do it. And by do it I mean make them call me mommy and dominate them. I was skeptical at first but I really got into it, and what's the difference between this and guys wanting to be called daddy in the bedroom?

After exploring so many different kinks with my new FWB we tried this and now it's become our favourite thing. He'll text me during the day and tell me how he wants to make mommy happy when she gets home from work, and I tell him he's my good little boy or my dirty little boy depending on the situation. Yes mommy, No mommy (but he never says no lol).

My dirty little boy loves having mommy eat his ass and put fingers inside him, but now mommy is hungry for more and wants to fuck his ass. Of course he didn't want to disappoint me and said "yes mommy."

I bought a new strap-on that day, small to start with, I didn't want to hurt my baby. I got home and showered and prepared myself and when he got home I was waiting for him in the bedroom, he called out for me and I said "come in the bedroom baby, mommy's got a surprise for you".

He came in and saw me laying there stroking my new strap-on cock, he was so shocked, "oh mommy you look so good".

"Do you like mommy's new cock baby?"

"Yes mommy, it looks like it will feel great inside me."

"Why don't you come over here and suck mommy's cock."

He came over and was so nervous, it was cute, we kissed slowly like we always do, just lips at first, then the tongue, the slow sensual tongue flicking sucking and kissing. He played with my nipples which gets me so wet, and I started to take off his pants, he was so hard already, my boy loves to play filthy.

He started to kiss down my body and made his way down to the strap-on, kissing the tip of it while looking at me, then sucking it as deep as he could go. It was such a hot sight to see him be so submissive for me, even though he wasn't into guys or sucking cock at all he was loving this.

I held his hair as he sucked it and moaned for him to let him know he was pleasing mommy. "You're such a dirty little boy for mommy!" I said as he sucked me. Then I stopped him and brought his face up to mine, and licked his face and lips and mouth then went in for a deep kiss as we locked eyes and I said "lay down and let mommy return the favour for her good little boy." This type of talk turned him on so bad, he flung himself on the bed and I gently went down his body and took his throbbing cock into my mouth, there was so much precum leaking already and I loved the taste.

"Look how excited you are baby, your cock is leaking for mommy's mouth."

"That's because no one makes me feel like you do mommy."

I got excited now and started to suck his cock more furiously, and then sucking his beautiful balls while stroking his big hard cock. it is such a beautiful shaped cock, I've never felt anything like it before.

Then I grabbed his legs and pushed them up, he knew what that meant, mommy was hungry for his little asshole. I lick around his cheeks and asshole teasing him first, he moans and shakes like nothing else when I do this. Then I spit on his asshole and rub it around with my finger, sliding it inside, which makes him quiver and his back arch as he moans "ohhhh fuck mommy that feels so good."

I finger him and suck his cock and watching the way he writhes makes my pussy tingle so bad, I feel like I will orgasm from just watching him. I take my finger out and start tongue fucking his little asshole, really eating it nastily, as he pushes my head in deep and pulls my hair. I love when my boy takes control of me.

After I bring him so close to cumming, he says "mommy please fuck my asshole, I want you inside of me!" I get the lube from the nightstand and get my cock ready for him. I slowly slide it in and he goes crazy like I've never seen him react before, I asked him "is it ok baby?"

"Yes mommy it feels so good, please don't stop."

I started to fuck him slowly, then got faster, my boy was loving it, loving every inch of mommy's cock inside his virgin asshole.  I leaned over so we could kiss as I fucked him, it was so hot.

"Mommy please wank me as you fuck me, I am going to cum so soon."

I leaned back and fucked him with hard thrusts as I wanked his throbbing cock, it was not even 30 seconds before his body tensed up and he screamed bloody murder as he shot hot cum so hard and thick that it shot up and hit me in the face as I fucked him, as well as covering his chest and stomach.

He stopped moaning and was dead silent, he had never been milked so completely. I laid down and we kissed passionately as we always do.

"Thank you mommy, you make me feel so good."

"That's ok baby, but next it's mommy's turn'"

Stay tuned for part 2 ;)


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  • Charlea

    4 months ago

    Nothing like some virgin arse! 😊

  • Passionate80

    Absolutely perfect

  • Sundaybeast

    Great story! Nice to swap around roles. Anal play for a guy feels amazing, stories like this might encourage guys to ask for it more :)

  • Browntan

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