My Favourite Wedding - A True Story

Three years ago I attended the wedding of one of my staff members . He had a sister, named S, that he would frequently tell me about her sexual activities. He came from a very liberal family and sex was often discussed. So, nearly every Monday morning I would hear what S got up to with her boyfriend that weekend. I was looking forward to placing a face against her name.

It wasn't till the reception that I was introduced to S by her brother. I was taken back by how beautiful she was. I didn't expect that this person could be the sexual dynamo that I have been told about. We chatted a bit and had a photo together. I was flirting with her and she was playing up to it. I asked her to dance and we were on the dance floor for 6 songs until we went to sit down for a break. We were getting on pretty well. I expected her to go back to her boyfriend (which I hadn't seen yet). She asked if we could sit down.

The reception lounge overlooked Cockle Bay and there were large armchairs to sit in on the outdoor balconey. There was only one available so I offered it to S. She told me sit down and she would sit on my lap. We got comfortable pretty quickly and having her cute tush above my penis got me worked up.

My cock was at full mask and imprinted onto her butt. She looked at me knowing that she has caused my erection.  She looked away from me pretending to look for someone and then started grinding her butt against my cock. She looked back at me and said "You need to do something about that before you'll cum in your pants". Taking this as an opportunity, I lifted her off my lap, got up, grabbed her hand and walked outside of the reception lounge. I saw an electrical room near the toilets. I have an Energy Australia key which open these rooms and saw this as a private room to use.

I opened the door and walked S in. We instantaneously started kissing and I had my hands feeling every part of her body that I could reach. Her skin was so supple that I couldn't stop exploring the contours of her body. S had her hands up my shirt feeling my chest and squeezing my pecs. My cock was burning a hole in my pants and her lap was riding the ridge of my cock up and down.
S decided that she had enough kissing and started undoing my belt, aiming to get to my cock. Once my pants were around my ankles she had her hand on my cock, stroking at it, checking it out. She said that she hasn't seen a nice thick cock for a while and with that she had her lips around it, moisting it up with her tongue. Here was my staff member's sister, the one who I have heard so much of, giving me an awesome blowjob.

S worked my cock well and my balls were boiling for release. I moved her mouth off my cock and kissed her, our tongues mashing together. I spun her around and placed her hands onto a desk that was in the room. I had her breasts in my hands, kneading them, running my fingers over her nipples were hard against the bra fabric. I reach back and lifted her dress up, exposing that butt that I had worked over before. She was wearing no panties.I got on my knees and pressed my face against her cheeks. My tongue just reached to her pussy. I traced my tongue up and down her pussy slit. Her wetness was pooling at her opening so I went in deep with my tongue to extract as much of it I could. Her scent was exotic. I worked my tongue from her clit to her entrance and she responded by pushing back aginst my face. She told me she needed to be fucked but I wanted more of her pussy. My nose was pressed up against her anus and never one to miss the opportunity to give a girl a rimjob, I slowly traced a circle around her butt and poked my tongue into it's centre. "Oh, God, yes" was coming from her mouth. I would bring some juice from her pussy to her butt hole and change the pressure from my tongue every so often.

We could hear the wedding speeches were about to start. S quickly turned around and said, Fuck me now, hard and quick!". I went to my wallet in my pants to get a condom and she said "we don't have time, you can blow in my butt". Did I hear what she just said!!
I lined my cock to her pussy and it sliced in. Her warmth enveloped me. She pushed back on my cock as far as it could and squeezed her pussy around it. I didn't want to leave but she pulled forward leaving only my head of my cock in. I pushed back in and started to fuck her. I had my hands on her hips and pulled her  back as I pushed in. My lap was slapping against her butt cheeks. Anyone passing the room would definitely know what we were up to by the noise of the butt slapping. S pulled my hand up to her breast which she had exposed from her bra. I got hold of her nipple and squeezed it whilst pumping away at her pussy.

Her brother told me that she gets very vocal during sex and I got a great position of her going off. S going off was bringing me to the brink faster. I went to reach around and work her clit to bring her to a climax and she slapped my hand. "I going to cum on your cock, fuck me hard!" she screamed out loud. I lent her forward against the desk, grabbed her hips again and went hell for leather. I could feel her getting more wetter so I lnew she was close but so was I. My cock was getting even harder. "Don't cum in my pussy, you can fuck my arse" was what she told me to hold off.

Soon enough she was riding an orgasm on my cock. After it subsided, she pulled away from me and started to suck my cock. She spat a big gob of saliva on it. Facing the desk again but his time with a foot up on the chair, her exposed butt hole had my cock aiming at it. S guided it in. It slipped past her sphincter with a bit of a push. I stopped and waited for her to adjust to it. S looked back and told me to hurry up and cum. I slide in further until I came to stop and slowly fucked her arse. I was savouring the moment when S said "you can fuck my arse another time but now, hurry up". I pumped in and out of her butt until it was a sensory overload. My cock spasmed inside of her and my cum jetted into her.

S let me finish and held her tight before parting. I used my hankerchief to clean us up before dressing. We both looked sweaty but pleased with each other. S said to me, "was I good as my brother has told you about??" With a grin she walked out of the room. I stayed in there coming off the high that we were on. Unbeknown to us, the video photographer for the wedding was outside the door filming the wedding cake that was about to be brought in by the waiters. S had be caught on video exiting the electrical room.

That footage stayed on the final wedding video and their freinds and family knew S was probably fucking someone in that room but don't know who it was. Well, it was me!