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My First Party..

My First Party

Around 12-14 years ago I was online and met a couple.
We had some fun playtimes (MFM) and got on really well.
After one of our sessions, the couple asked me how I would feel coming to one of their parties?

I told them I had never been to a party before and was unsure what to expect.
They reassured me that there will be people just like them, and it would be like any normal get together.
People, drinks, a relaxed atmosphere and maybe some adult fun.

Sure I said, why not, let’s do it!
So the date was set for about 5 weeks time.

On the day I had been playing cricket and was knackered after a hot day in the sun.
I had a few beers at the cricket club, showered, dressed and headed to their house.

By this time I was feeling rather nervous.
Here I was going to this couples house and there would be 6-8 strangers I had never met.
I remember knocking on the door, 6 pack in hand, rather nervous and very turned on.
Ready for whatever may happen.

The host and his wife opened the door, welcomed me in, and started introducing me to people.
I can’t remember any names.
Except that there was a buxom blonde with short hair who just caught my attention. I couldn’t stop looking at her.

So mingling, talking to strangers and enjoying a beer, I thought this isn’t so bad.
I was looking around the room and each time,  I managed to catch the buxom blonde watching me.
Our eyes met, she smiled, I smiled.
Then thinking I am a little paranoid, I was wondering if she really caught me checking her out 3-4 times?
Play it cool, play it cool I thought.

So more mingling and taking and I couldn’t resist, I had to check her out again.
I scanned the room, and as I saw her, she was already standing and heading down the hallway, followed closely by someone.

Just as she was about to disappear she looked back and caught me watching her.
I blushed.
She smiled.
My heart was now beating like crazy!

Where is she going?
Why’s did she look back at me and smile?
Should I follow her?
What the hell!?

Stay calm I thought. This is normal.

But, being the perve that I am, curiosity got the better of me.
When there was a break in the conversation, I said I am going to get another beer.
Went into the kitchen, got a beer and started making my way down the hallway.

At the end of the hallway, I could see a room with red lights emanating from it.
The door was slightly ajar.
There was music in the background, so when I approached the door, I didn’t hear anything.

Standing at the doorway I had no idea what I was doing, but I pushed the door open slowly as I walked in.
There She was.
Blonde, naked, big breasts, riding a man as they lay on the floor of mattresses, under a red lampshade.

Shocked I said, I am so sorry and started to retreat, trying to close the door.

She laughed and said come in, I have been waiting for you.
I went in, kicked off my shoes and watched as she rode him.
Her hips grinding into him.
She watched me watch her, and she motioned me to come closer.
My cock was rock hard and I took it out, stroking it in front of her face.
She took me in her mouth and the feeling was amazing.

It wasn’t long and she asked me if I wanted to fuck her.
Yes, I exclaimed.
She kept sucking.
Then she said I want you to fuck me.
Yes is all I could mutter.
Then she said well are you?
Confused I said yes when you are finished with him.
She smiled at me and said No, I want you now.
I was so confused.
But she leaned into his chest and said, I want you in my pussy with him.

With him????
What the actual I thought.
But I was super horny, so quickly slipped a condom on and straddled behind her.

Not really sure what to do, I aimed where I thought and slowly pushed forward.
Man was it tight and wet.
Inch by inch I entered her.
Eventually, we were both in and slowly fucking her.

Her moans grew louder, her hips were pushing back onto us. Faster and more rhythmic.
She was so wet and we were both fucking her at our own rhythm and pace.
She started saying.. I am going to cum, I am going to cum.

Then I felt it.
The wetness.
The gush.
She squirted over both our cocks and she let out this orgasm.


We disentangled.
Sat on a mattress against a wall and as I got my bearings, the room was filled with all the other couples.
All naked, all playing.
They had all been watching this DP with delight.

The hosts came over and we had a chat before we started with our MFM In the open room.

Me and then the buxom blonde has some more play and chats and recall that she was such an amazing kisser.

I left there after a few hours competently satisfied and mind blown.

Now I am wondering when will be my next party...


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  • Angell

    4 months ago

    @sapioscorp pls contact me or go to chat 😊

  • DastardlyDave

    4 months ago

    Thanks for a great read. Simple language, just descriptive enough with a clear storyline. Easy to visualise Nice work bro. Oh, and hot as hell too man!

  • Extra_Help

    4 months ago

    Great story mate. Love a good dvp

  • sapioscorp

    4 months ago

    Not sure. I think I may have to be invited to one, again. ;)

  • MariaP

    4 months ago

    Love this! So, when IS your next party?

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