Man 47yrs

My discovery of bi sex

Full disclosure…. I am not a writer, nor have I ever done this before but here goes… So, this story starts many years ago on the Gold Coast where I was up there for work. I had flown in around mid-afternoon and headed straight to my hotel as I had scheduled no meetings for the rest of the day. I headed down to the pool for a swim and given the temperature there at that time of year, the cool water was a welcome relief. Given that it was a weekday, I had the pool mostly to myself except for a couple of people who had decided to work beside the pool and take in the sun at the same time.

As I got out of the pool a couple walked past me. The gentleman asking how the water was. I told him that it was perfect, and it was a good time to take a swim. They thanked me, smiled, and moved over to some pool lounges away from me. I grabbed my towel off my chair and dried myself off, then taking a seat I picked up a book I had brought down with me to read. It was one of those perfect days... a cool breeze wisped up as the sun started to dip behind the sounding buildings. Looking at the time I realised I had been down there longer than I had anticipated so I gathered my things and headed for the elevator.

The couple from earlier were standing at the elevator as I approached.

Man: You were right about that water. It was beautiful.

Me: totally.

We all entered the elevator together. They were an attractive couple. Not models by any sense of the word, but then again neither am I. They were both friendly and seemed very happy.

Man: are you here on your own?

Me: Yes, I am here on business from Sydney. I got in this afternoon. What about the two of you?

Woman: We are down here from Brisbane. Thought we would give ourselves a mini break and treat ourselves.

Me: the life of some... nice.

The doors opened on my floor and I said my goodbyes and headed to my room. After having a shower and changing into something more respectable for dinner I headed downstairs to the bar. There were a few people in there however I was the only one on my own. I propped myself up at the bar and ordered a beer. The barman was a friendly guy and we chatted for a while. Mainly talking about the weather up here, the locals and the hot girls that frequented Surfers Paradise. I headed off to the in-house restaurant for a bite to eat and was seated next to the window. It was dimly lit so I was able to see the lights outside.

I waited for the wait staff to come over so I could order a drink, but was not able to catch one's eye, then one of them brought over a beer and placed it on the table. I was a little confused as I had not yet ordered one. The waiter then pointed to the couple from earlier that day and said that they had bought me a beer. In my mind I was thinking; Wow, that is nice of them to do that. So, I got up, beer in hand and walked over to their table to thank them for the beer.

Me: Thank you for the beer. You really did not need to.

Man: It is all good mate. We saw you sitting alone and thought we would send one over.

Me: I appreciate it. Let me buy you guys a round also.

Woman: Wonderful. Seeing as you are on your own, why don’t you join us?

I thought to myself... this couple is the nicest couple I have ever met, and seeing as I had no one else to talk to I took a seat.
Now to put a few things into perspective here, I’m used to working long hours and had very little of a sex life, if you could even call it that. I had never had a 3 sum or even known how to get one, nor had I ever had any bisexual inklings so now sex was not on my mind at all. As far as I was concerned, these people were just being friendly.

We ordered our meals and had a few rounds of drinks as we settled into a comfort zone with each other. Once we had finished dinner, I went to pay for my portion of the bill, but they insisted that they pay and that my company was worth it. I offered again but again they refused, and I kindly accepted their generosity.

Me: thank you, really you do not need to pay for me.

Man: it is perfectly ok; it is our pleasure.

Me: well, thank you both.

Woman: well, we do not need to end the night there. Why don't you come up to the room for a drink?

Man: we do have a couple of nice bottles of red.

I thought for a moment... it was still early, and my first meeting was not till 9 am

Me: Sure, why not... you guys are great, thank you.

The 3 of us headed up in the elevator still talking and laughing. We got off at their floor and headed for the room. We all entered the suite. it was massive... nice and spacious. the only thought in my head was "This must cost a bundle."

Man: grab a seat in the lounge. I will fetch the wine from the kitchen.

Me: Ok.

Woman: here sit down here next to me.

As I sat down, I was still looking around the suite, admiring the space that they had.

Woman: there you go... comfortable?

Me: thanks yes.

Then the fear of god rushed through my head as she placed her hand on my leg, rubbing it towards my groin.

Me: aaaahhhhhhhh

Woman: It’s fine, just relax.

At this point I did not know what to do or how to do it. Here I was sitting in a lounge in a couple’s suite with her husband in the kitchen and his wife's hand feeling me up.  Panic started to kick in... what happens when he comes back into the room and sees it? I mean, I am not a small fry and can take care of myself but a husband in a rage of jealousy was something that I was certainly not ready for. I was frozen to the chair... what do I do? I did not want to make a scene.

The woman started to rub my shoulder with one hand and my leg with the other.  I mean it felt good but so wrong, as her husband appeared from around the corner with an open wine bottle and 3 glasses in his hand. At this stage in time, I was totally shitting myself... Fear quickly turned to confusion as he looked down at me.

Man: It is a 1998 Margaret River Shiraz.

Me: ohhhh great(nervously).

Woman: Wonderful.

Her hands were still running over my arm and leg. He placed the glasses down and proceeded to pour the wine. I'm thinking "WTF... this doesn't make sense. did I miss something???"

He handed me the glass.

Man: Cheers.

Me: yea ...cheers.

I took a sip of the wine. It was magnificent and I remember how smooth it was. He sat down in the chair opposite us and can sense that I am feeling a bit uncomfortable with the situation.

Man: Don't mind her mate, just go with the flow...

She smiled at me and leaned over and kissed me on my cheek as her hand went down to my crouch.

Me: uuummm ok...

I was nervous and confused but was not saying no by any sense of the word. This was the sort of thing you only see on the internet. She then unzipped my pants and pulled out my now hard throbbing cock.

Woman: Oh MY!!! (ok I may have added this part myself)

She then proceeded to go down, sliding my cock into her mouth, and slowly sucking on it.

Man: She is really good at that.

Me: Oh yea!!!

Her tongue licked the head of my cock before she would slide it in an out of her mouth with expert precision. Her lips felt amazing as she sucked on it. I had to place my glass down on the table as I did not want to drop it with all that was going on.  As I reached forward to do so, she sat up and took off her top exposing her breasts. They were awesome. She smiled at me, taking one of my hands and placing it on her breast. Then her hand went around the back of my neck as she gently pulled my face in towards them.  I caught her husband’s face out of the corner of my eye and saw nothing but excitement and pleasure in it, so I went with the flow.

I sucked on her breast making her moan with excitement. She leaned forward finding my cock with her hand as she proceeded to wank it while her husband watched on. She then laid back, spreading her legs, exposing herself to me. She pulled my arm to her taking my face down to it, where I licked her wet beautiful pussy. It tasted so good. She moaned loud, enjoying every moment. For a moment I forgot her husband was in the room. My cock was so hard and throbbing. I slid off my pants, letting them fall to the floor.

Man: Not too fast buddy.

I stopped at the sound of his voice, remembering that he was there.

Me: Sorry. I was.

He smiled at me as he pulled his pants down and pulled out his cock. It was a similar size to mine and just as hard. A nice 7 inches and cut… I looked back at her as she played with her clit… this was happening, this was really happening… I thought to myself… fuck it … my night just went from great to amazing.
He made his way over to her as she took his cock in her hand and slid it into her mouth. It was hot to watch. I smiled and went back to licking her pussy as the moaning began again.  After a while I came up for air.

Man: swap?

Me: sure.

I stood up and we swapped positions. Her lips sent shivers through my body again as she sucked on my cock, I felt her breast and tweaked her nipples as she sucked me, and he licked her. She was in heaven; I was in heaven… this was amazing.

Man: how about we take this through to the bedroom?

Me: ok.

We all stood up and went through to the bedroom. By the time we entered the room we were all naked. Clothes strewn across the floor. She laid back on the bed, as we both made our way to either side of her. As I moved in, she moved in, kissing me. It was passionate and engulfing. Her lips met mine as our tongues intertwined with each other. Her husband was sucking one of her breasts and we kissed. I then kissed her neck as she moaned, making my way down to her other breast. Both of us sucking them.

My hand made its way down to her now very wet pussy, sliding my fingers up and down her clit. She then pushed me down, indicating she wanted me back down on her again and I was more than happy to oblige. Her screams and moans were loud and full of enjoyment. As I licked her pussy my fingers slid in and out of her pussy slowly. The intensity of her moaning increased as it brought her to climax. Her legs squeezed hard around my head as she came, almost crushing me, but I was determined to keep going until she was satisfied. Her legs relaxed after a while, allowing me to come up for air as her husband looked up.

Man: Now fuck her and fuck her hard.

She smiled as I raised up. He kept an eye on my cock the entire way as I got up. As I was about to slide into her, he leaned forward and helped guide my cock into her. It was the first time a guy had ever touched my cock and in the moment it did not bother me. It was erotic and I went with the flow. I started in slowly as I did not want to blow my load too fast. I found my breath and went with it, sliding my cock in and out of her wet pussy. Her husband standing by her head with his cock in her mouth watching every stroke I made. Her pussy felt so tight and wet. It took all my willpower not to blow my load straight away. She looked up to my eyes. She could sense that I was close and that my load was ready to blow. She smiled.

Woman: cum in me.

I smiled back not needing anymore encouragement. I pounded her pussy harder and harder. Her body moved with me forcing my cock in as deep as it would go into her pussy. Her moans got loader and loader as she reached another climax. The muscles in her pussy contracted, causing me to cum, pumping every drop I had into her pussy.

MAN: oh, that is fantastic.

I continued to pump her until I had nothing left in me and had stopped, pulling back as my cock dropped from her pussy, leaving a trail of cum dripping down her pussy towards her ass. I stepped back with a smile on my face. She turned to her husband.

Woman: Now clean it up.

I was confused for a second, but her husband knew just what to do. He dropped down in front of me and started to lick up my cum from her pussy and ass.

Woman: Do not forget to clean him.

He nodded and turned around facing me and grabbing my cock with his hand, sliding my cock into his mouth sucking on it.  I just stood there… WTF do I do… he’s sucking my cock… It didn’t feel bad or wrong…I looked back at the smile on her face as she watched him sucking me.

Woman: Are you ok?

I nodded that I was. But I had never had a guy suck my cock before. Tonight, was the first time a guy had touched my cock and I was not sure where I was with it all. Admittedly the wine had helped to relax me a lot and they both seemed to be enjoying themselves, so I went with the flow. I reached forward while he sucked my cock and played with my cum in her pussy, rubbing it all around and up and down.
Once he had cleaned my cock, he went back to licking up my cum from her pussy and ass. I sat on the side of the bed and just watched. It was so hot. I had never watched anyone fuck or play in front of me before other than watching it on internet porn, so to see it in person was a new and exciting experience.

Woman: how did you like that?

I was not really sure what part she was referring to, so I just smiled and replied.

Me: Very much.

She smiled back.

Me: Do you mind if I get a glass of water from the kitchen?

Women. help yourself.

Her husband was still busy licking her pussy as I left the room and headed into the kitchen. I found a cup and got a drink, all the time feeling like a king. That was amazing. OMG a 3 sum! In the back of my head, I was thinking… I cannot believe a guy sucked my cock. And what was more confusing was that I did not mind it at all.

I took my glass of water and went back into the bedroom where I was met with her on all 4’s on the bed with a vibrator, rubbing it against her pussy while he licked her ass. He really went down thrusting his tongue in and out of her ass. I sat and watched, playing with my cock. It was so hot…She invited me back up as she wanted to suck my cock again. I got up and moved over to her, sliding my soft cock back in her mouth. It felt amazing even if I was not hard at the time of entry but within minutes, she had me hard again.

Woman: looks like we have a round 2.

Her husband who had been licking her ass for all that time raised up and smiled…She pulled me down on my knees beside the bed so that she could kiss me while she lay there, I thought I may blow again too early. Then she stopped as her husband walked up towards me. She looked me in the eye.

Woman: I want to watch you suck his cock.

I stopped and looked to my side where his hard cock hung at eye level.

Woman: go on, it’s not going to bite you.

I had never done this before let-alone thought about doing it. Sucking another guy’s cock was never.

Me: I’ve never done that before.

She could see I was nervous and hesitant. She turned on her side and took his cock in her hand holding it in front of my face.

Woman: well let’s make it a first for you tonight.

She smiled.

Woman: it is just like sucking a thick finger…

Me: yea…not quite.

We all laughed.

Woman: well, if you never try, you will never know.

A million thoughts ran through my head. Does this make me gay if I do, what happens if I like it, what if it is disgusting, what if he cums in my mouth…what if…?

Woman: here you go.

She just slowly fed it into my mouth and I took it…. I started to do what she did to me.

Man: oh, that feels good.

I was not sure what I was doing, only that he said it felt good and she looked so turned on by it all. I was a bit taken back that the more I sucked his cock the more I enjoyed sucking it. She lent in and we licked the stem of his cock together, taking it in turns sliding it in and out of our mouths… it was amazing. I liked it…no …I loved it…

She laid back on the bed and told him to fuck her and for me to let her suck my cock while he did. Who was I to say no… we both did as we were told, and she turned over to take his cock doggy style while I stood in front of her so she could suck my cock. He fucked her hard from the go… rough and fast and she loved it. Faster and faster, he fucked her pussy… I thought my cock would get lost down her throat. Then he burst, blowing his load in her pussy. My cock was so hard again. I was so turned on by what I was watching.

Man: Oh my god… oh God… oh my god!

He was yelling it out as each pump of his body emptied into her pussy. He slumped back when he was done and nodded to me to take over. I moved back around between her legs, looking down at her cum-filled pussy. I slid my cock straight in and started to pump her hard as well. It felt amazing and I was not busting at the seams to cum so quickly. He walked behind me and slapped my ass as I fucked her.

Man: Fuck her good mate.

I pumped even harder as her moans grew loader…

Woman: Harder.

I was pumping her as hard as I could. It felt so good and at the same time I felt like I was doing a workout at the gym. I looked down to see my cock covered in his cum as it slid in and out of her pussy. I was so turned on again I could feel it building. I wanted to cum in her again and knew I was getting close. She felt it also.

Woman: cum… I want you to cum.

I continued to pump her harder and harder.

Woman: cum on me …. Cum on my pussy.

That was all I needed. A couple pumps later and I pulled my cock out as I blew my load all over her pussy, draining every drop out of it onto her smooth pussy. I feel exhausted yet tingling from the sexual energy. It is as if I created a mountain with all my energy and being and built it up to a powerful force that I am completely consumed by and then spit out on the other end, in a parallel universe of which I am not even sure of how I got to, but where everything was perfect.
I moved back away from her as her husband moved back in between her legs and again went down on her, licking up all the cum from on, in and around her pussy. He was in heaven and I thought to myself that one day I will have to give that a go. Finally, they got up and she kissed him, then kissed me, the taste of cum in her mouth.

Woman: Thank you.

Me: you're welcome.

As if it was my idea….

I left the room with a memory that will last me a lifetime. What In my head for many years I had thought that MM play was voodoo… gay… not done by me or my mates to only discover that it was an awesome part of sex and that I enjoyed every part of it.

That night I slept like a log; I am sure with a smile on my face! Since then, I have had many other wonderful 3 sums and more sums since. Some straight and some bisexual. I don't know what their last names were, nor did I ever see them again, but I would love to thank them both for opening a whole new world of sexual freedom and excitement that I have been able to experience over the years since…


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