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My night to remember

It’s been a busy week; I have finally got the opportunity to jump into the shower to wash the week away.

Standing under the shower, I savour the feeling of warm water running over my body while enjoying the sensations as the water cascades over my nipples. This feels so good and my imagination starts to wander with naughty thoughts. It feels so good, I let my fingers run over my pubic mound and brush over my womanly parts as I wash myself, I want to be naughty, I need to be spoilt, I need to be teased….. I want it :)

As the warm water continued to run over my body, I feel my lady wetness building inside me. Where was my night in shining armour to fulfill my needy mind and body?

As I get out of the shower and dry myself off, I hear my husband say, "Tracey, what do you think, let’s go out for a bite to eat?” My mind is still entertaining lustful thoughts as I refocus and process the question. I hadn’t got anything out for dinner, so I answered…”what a great idea!” We usually go somewhere local when it’s a spur of the moment decision to eat out, so dressing wasn’t high on the list, although still feeling rather sexual, a short denim skirt with soft cotton white lace panties seemed appropriate with a backless top with no bra. I like the sensation of my slightly erect nipples dancing on the soft material covering my breasts.

We found a nice quiet table overlooking the marina. I was facing west and watched the sun slowly disappear over the yacht masts. What a great start to an awesome weekend. Bubbles from my favourite champagne tickled my nose as we watched the sun disappear over the units in the distance, what a pleasant feeling! I ponder how fortunate I am to have such a loving husband as I inhale the fresh sea air.

While sipping my drink, I notice a gentleman sitting over at the bar alone.  He’s dressed in blue jeans, leather boots with an open aqua coloured collared shirt. His sleeves rolled up to the elbows. I can see a tattoo on his forearm, another shows in the V of his open shirt. Oh my God…I realize I’m with my husband and I’m undressing another man sitting at the bar. I feel very naughty and curious at the same time. He catches me looking at him and he smiles at me, which stirs a wayward butterfly in my stomach.

It was time to take a walk to the ladies to take a closer look at what could be my potential fantasy that we have often talked about while teasing each other during foreplay.

As I sit on the toilet, so many scenarios are running through my mind. Pete has always wanted to watch me seduce a young gentleman. He loves to hear and watch me being pleasured by another man. Knowing he gets so turned on excites me, which in turn encourages me to be daring and naughty. I guess we spark off each other.

As I wash my hands, I can feel my heart thumping…hard! The excitement of what could be excites places in my body only I can feel. I take a long deep breath, dry my hands and stand tall with my shoulders back feeling confident and adventurous. I open the door and walked out to find the same gentleman half leaning on the wall waiting for me in the hallway.

OMG…my heart missed a beat; this is not going the way I had planned this scenario.

As I walked past him he softly took my hand and pulled me into his torso “Good evening ma’lady!” I was speechless, my whole body felt numb. With a slight stutter I gather myself, “Good evening to you too!” I replied. I didn’t know what else to say. Walking out of the ladies feeling confident and in total control, now the tables have turned, the Dom has been taken away from me and to my surprise, it felt so good. My submissive side is being coaxed out and I love it!
“Hi, I’m Craig and I’m in town overnight for an E-commerce Expo next door.”

As he pulled me a little closer I can feel the warmth of his chest radiate through his shirt, he smelt so good with the woody scent of his body oil. I was still so lost for words.

My legs felt like jelly. I’m sure he’ll be feeling my excitement and nervousness, not to mention what feels like a swarm of butterflies exploding in my stomach which somehow sends soft sensations behind my pubic bone.

He leans in closer to my ear, “I noticed you’re here with your partner. Can I buy you both a drink and get to know you better?” Is he just being friendly or am I reading too much into this situation, my imagination is running wild!  

As we sipped on our drinks with a little small chat my fantasy seemed to be developing, although not quite the way I had imagined. This man was calling the shots and it was making me so excited. As I let my eyes travel over what body I could see, I could feel my inner thighs trembling to the thought of seeing more of what was under his clothes. The little tingles are teasing me now and encouraging me to run with however things in this situation unfold.

“Pete, would you mind if I took your gorgeous wife up to my room and spoil her with my mind and body? You are most welcome to join in at your leisure anytime, we’ll be in Room 11.”

Did I hear right, OMG, the butterflies are in overdrive!

Pete’s reassuring and cheeky smile gives me the ok to allow Craig to guide me upstairs to his room. I don’t think I have ever been so very nervous before, the anticipation and excitement of what may happen or what is going to happen is so overwhelming.

Walking to his room he cupped his hands around my hips, it made me feel comfortable, wanted and sexy. As we entered his room, I know Pete is sitting downstairs with his manhood throbbing and dribbling in awe of what could be happening to me. That makes me so feel so excited and ready for what could happen.

I have always been comfortable with knowing how things were going to happen but this time I was being lead into the unknown. As Craig opens a bottle of bubbles that he had in the fridge he leaves it beside the bed and gently guides me to lay down. As he starts to remove his shirt, I felt my uterus contracting back and forth….ohh my God…what a beautiful feeling of anticipation washes over me. He was only half facing me and all I wanted him to do was turn around so I can scan the fine art that is displayed over his chest and torso.

I attempt to sit up, but he quickly and gently guides me to lie down again. I feel so vulnerable yet so excited at the same time. As I reposition myself, the wetness between my thighs is very evident. The thought of his hot breath on my neck while his freshly shaven cheek brushes over mine sends quivers through my body. As the light scent of his cologne enters my nostrils, butterflies take flight in my stomach as I imagine my womanly scent dancing in his nostrils as I look forward his warmth slowly bathing my most private parts.

There’s nothing better than a handsome man standing in front of you with a firm erection bulging through his jeans. This is so naughty and so exciting…what a nice feeling! I wonder if Pete can read my mind…is he feeling the same lustful tingles as his wife? Me on a bed in a hotel room with another man while Pete struggles to contain his erection that prevents him from standing up, innocently sipping on his drink wondering what his wife is doing and feeling upstairs?

You crouch down and kneel beside the bed; very slowly you commence to run your hands up the inside of my leg. I feel my skirt slowly creeping up towards my hips exposing my thighs. The cool air hits my overheated skin, does he like what he’s sees, does he like my see-through white lace panties?

My breathing has changed to short breaths as my mind races, thoughts and sensations blending into the beginning of something I’ve lusted for, I actually forgot to take a breath as he teasingly touched my inner lip that is bulging through my panties like a small nipple. Ohh…’please touch that’ I think to myself. I can feel the wetness of my lady juices building.

The tingles slowly intensifying as I feel his skin against mine. Suddenly I feel pressure as you slowly start to slide my panties down over my hips, down my thighs and then leaving my panties around my ankles. That exposed feeling of having my panties removed, makes my whole body quiver. I feel so submissive to you and yet so naughty knowing Pete is downstairs wondering what his loving wife is up to.

You sit me up, slowly slip my blouse off me. Feeling totally exposed and vulnerable, my heated skin cools quickly in the air-conditioning.
I feel my nipples become engorged and hard, the sensations racing through my body are becoming electrical with random thoughts racing through my mind of what may happen next.

You roll me over on my side facing me away from you, with my smooth curved bottom acknowledging the cool air. I feel a few goosebumps appear briefly, then I’m distracted with your arm resting on my hip as I realise you’ve moved up onto the bed beside me.

The warmth of your breath is so sensual as you lightly run your warm tongue down the side of my waist, the wet trail going cold as you make your way down and over my hips, you then roll me on my back, giving me a cheeky licking across my lower belly, ohhh, what a seductive feeling!!

I watch eagerly as you undo the studs on your jeans, the bulge of your erection straining to be released. As you slide your jeans off, I feel totally out of control and I love every second of this sexy exhibition. I can now see the head of your cock, the strained material of your underwear creating a silhouette of your big knob, pre-cum obviously seeping out and through the material.  

You spread my legs slowly apart and moved higher to start smelling my neck. The weight of your body is makes me feel totally under your control, I hear and feel you smelling me, every move you make excites me. I ache for you to move closer to the nerves that want and need to be nurtured, my God I think to myself, this man is so creating sensations I’ve only fantasised about. As you run your tongue slowly over each of my erect nipples, briefly stopping to rotate around my areola, I can feel my breasts contracting tighter, my nipples ready to cut through glass! OMG this feels too good, just hurry up and take me. I’m yours, ready to obey your every want.

When you finally slide further down, it seems like forever, my open legs exposing my very pink and very wet lips, the entrance to your delights and pleasure. Your chin brushes over the tip of my labia. One of my lips is slightly bigger than the other, being the most sensitive and Pete’s favourite, especially when enticed, nibbled and teased.

I arch my back preparing for what I so desire and want, but no, you bastard…you just caress my tender bits with your hot breath and pass my womanly arena to kiss me gently while stifling my obvious frustration. What I so desire is not going to happen yet, my body is electric and on edge. You then continued up the inside of my other leg, again passing by the opening of seduction and ecstasy, cruelly teasing me…. I’m determined not to ask for what I so desire though. I’m enjoying the present charade of edging with the sexual ache almost hurting. Your breath is warm and sweet, enough to make me want to hold you closer to me.

Without warning you kneel and waddle past my body, your obviously very erect and beautiful cock showing of the engorged veins wrapping around the firm shaft. In a flash I notice the girth, tingles flooding my body with warmth once again.

My mind is jolted back to the present as feel the firm head of your hot hard cock trace a line of pre-cum along my upper and lower lips, knowing this would definitely be nurturing my lustful needs and wants very shortly.

My whole body is tingling as you slowly work your way back to my tingling lady bits. Again, I enjoy hearing and feeling you smelling me as you enjoy my sexy womanly scent. You are driving me crazy and I’m not sure how much more of this I can take as I’m desperately wanting to be taken but at the same time, I’m annoyed with myself for giving in as I ask you to please touch me, for God’s sake, don’t make me beg!!

You proceed to slowly dance your tongue backward and forward, slowly and gently around my labia. My musky juices are flowing freely, I can see the clear ropes of my cum on the end of your tongue, the look in your eyes telling me you approve. Without warning, your open mouth exhales hot air over my open pink flower, your lips kneading, your tongue hungrily licking, your teeth gently nibbling….ohhh my God, I don’t want this to ever stop; I’m in heaven. Wave after wave of electrifying energy attacking every nerve wash through me. As I squirm under your weight, my moans tell you what you're doing is divine. I can feel the warmth slowly building through my stomach; the heat between my legs feels amazing. It’s almost like time has stopped as beautiful sensations invade my inner core.

You know I want more, I desperately need to feel you inside my body. You stop and move up towards my face. Again you slowly rub your cock over my open mouth, your pre-cum smearing my receptive lips. You then proceed to slide the head of your hard cock inside my warm mouth. Now it’s my turn to show you how I love to devour your manhood, to smell your body and taste your bodily juices.  As you slowly penetrate further into my eager mouth, I feel the head of your beautiful cock slowly opening up my throat, the pressure pressing on your manhood forces your pre-cum to dribble down my throat. Just when I felt I was taking a little control back, you take it away from me again. Once again I murmur to myself, “You bastard, that was your loss!!” This was so hot though, it really made me throb being dominated, feeling used and teased all at the same time.

I can feel my uterus contracting with the growing want of feeling dominated and filling me with your manhood, I want you so bad now.
There is nothing better than to have your heart beating so fast and your lady parts wet and throbbing. You know how to make this lady want you. You catch me off guard and slowly push my legs up and apart exposing me, knowing what’s about to happen. I feel the warmth of your engorged and swollen head rubbing over my outer lips. As you apply more pressure, my inner lips give way as my wetness covers your hardness. The sensation as you guide yourself into me is a mixture of warmth and intimate pressure as you open my womanhood.

As you enter me, every nerve in my body is screaming with excitement. Your thick hard cock slowly filled every space inside me. “Oh my God, oh feel so good”.

As you slowly guide yourself around inside me, the warm feeling was becoming ever stronger. The weight of your body on me while slowly pushing into me, filling my inner most sanctuary, the length of your cock stretching the soft wet skin encompassing your hard penis.

As you continue pushing deep within me, your firm balls against my bare arse and the pressure and heat slowly building to greater heights, I notice Pete couldn’t help himself any longer and has quietly snuck into the room…he’s been watching us, his arousal obvious and unhidden! OMG this is so hot, I know he loves watching another man's cock fucking me, hearing me in ecstasy while my lover's firm balls are slapping my arse.

Pete comes over to the bed and undresses…he knows what I like too. He joins us on the bed, locking his hands around my wrists, my arms splayed out, my legs held open. Pete lays across my chest, I’m pinned down, his weight on me enhancing the sexual pleasure of being taken and wanted as you continue to push yourself deep inside me. I lift my hips as high as I can as I feel the explosive release build with intense pressure, anticipating the rush of my impending orgasm, the feeling of being bred is so powerful. I felt my womanly juices start to trickle down my buttocks on each thrust of your hips.

Pete slides down, his tongue and lips covering my engorged clit, sucking it into his warm mouth. With my warm juices seeping out past your cock, you let out a guttural moan, exploding your seeds into my womb, like a stallion breeding his mare. What an exquisite and fulfilling experience, the look on your face is such a turn on as you shoot stream after stream of your seed deep inside me. OMG, how hot to have another man's cum flood my womb. Pete continues to devour me, smelling and tasting our mixed juices and all that has been deposited inside me. Feeling it run out of me and down my bottom is so nice.

I couldn’t hold myself any longer, every part of my body tense and sensitive. The feeling of being needed, wanted and filled up made me let go of everything I had built up over the last couple of hours. My whole body quivering as my juices fill Pete’s mouth. I now want Pete inside me, to feel his engorged cock inside me and make love to me while my body is still pulsating in ecstasy. As Pete slowly penetrates me, our combined juices are dribbling out of me. It tickles as it slowly runs down over my bottom leaving a puddle under the small of my back.

When I whispered to Pete what I could feel while he fucks my creamy used pussy that was about the time that Pete had one of his biggest orgasms I’ve ever heard him experience before. How very satisfying! As we lay all together fulfilled and catching our breath, we all decided we must meet again sometime again soon. Pretty pretty please boys.


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  • JnJsDarkDesires

    5 months ago

    Mmm we both Love our 3sums and to hear it put like this is just sooo hot... we need to continue our journey and having lots of fun

  • tomford00069

    Love it! Great story, very erotic ❤️‍🔥

  • jusfornow

    OMG, the last paragraph was the best.. beauty story!!

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