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Our Little Toy – Part 1 (True Story)

(This is 100% a true story, we have done a few more interesting scenes since)

It was a little under a week in the making…  

I have always been a sucker for being controlled, and my husband has always been more than happy to fill that role and let me serve him. However, on this occasion he decided to take things to the next level and find another guy to use me like the slut I’ve always craved to be.

After having viewed our profile, a younger guy (Dave) sends us a message wanting to play. It didn’t take long for the messages to get delightfully kinky, and the depths of Dave’s dominant desires to start surfacing. Dave and my husband start concocting a plan of how they are going to use me, going back and forth via messenger in explicit detail of how “their slut” will be made to serve them. Having access to these messages was my first insight into the night that was to come, and I instantly started getting wet with anticipation reading them.

Hubby - “Lets collar her, strip her, put her on her knees, and make her take turns sucking our cocks to start the encounter.”

Dave - “mmm that sounds sexy. It would be even hotter if she isn’t allowed to cum for the week leading up to it. Edge her for me and get her into a dripping, horny mess of a slut before we play so she is extra obedient.”

Hubby - “Will do. Can’t wait to show you how much she craves being used.”

Those 6 days leading up to the encounter were some of the most torturously horny days of my life. On a whim my husband would grab me in the house, push me up against a wall and slide his fingers down my panties and start to edge me. He knew how turned on reading those messages got me, and he would just taunt me for being such a little slut.

I wasn’t allowed to cum at all during that time and it felt like I was on a knife’s edge of hornyness the entire week. Anything would set me off into indulging my depraved kinky thoughts, and I couldn’t help but thinking about how I was going to be used by the two almost every minute of the day. I was dying but also loving every second of it.

The night finally arrives and I have a pit of anxiety, lust and curiosity in my stomach. “What will they do?”, “Will I be able to take it?”, “Will it go well?”. These thoughts ran through my mind on repeat the entire day, and the constant edging from my husband only ratcheted up the intensity further.

It was 7.50pm when we got a message from Dave on our group chat. “almost there, get her ready.” My heart jolted with excitement when reading that, as I knew I was about to be really used like a little slut and whatever was to happen next was out of my hands. Hubby grabbed me gently, but firmly by the back of the hair and led me into the bedroom and pressed his lips up to my ears and said “you’re going to be a good little slut for us tonight, aren’t you?”. My legs became jelly and I felt an instant hot rush to my pussy with anticipation. “Mhmm” I replied.

He stripped me down, then firmly pushed me down onto my knees and got out a pair of cuffs from our collection of sex toys. He pulled my arms behind me and locked them together and then the same for my feet.

Then he took out a blindfold and placed it over my eyes. Instantly I felt as if everything had been heightened. The sense of powerlessness was such a turn on and I knew that I was going to be completely at their mercy. Finally, he pulled out a leather BDSM collar and placed it around my neck, which completed the feeling of submission. I was a toy for them to use, and hubby was my owner.

The doorbell rings and hubby gets up to go answer it. My heart starts pounding fiercely, but all I can do is slightly shuffle my legs and try to calm myself and tamp down the hornyness as best I can. Dave walks in and takes a controlled, but noticeable breath in.


My husband lets out a deep bemused chuckle under his breath.

“Have you ever seen a slut as well trained as this?” he says.

The feeling of sitting there, naked, on my knees, locked and blindfolded and being talked about in such an objective way starts to embarrass me a bit, but that feeling quickly turns into an erotic rush that runs itself over my whole body.

“Never. She’s a good little fucktoy isn’t she?”

“Absolutely, she’s going to be our little fucktoy tonight.”

Dave walks over and puts his lips right up to my ear and starts rubbing my pussy. “Isn’t that right?, you’re completely soaked. You like being a little fucktoy for us don’t you, you little slut?”

I already feel close to cumming, but know that I have been instructed not to until I get permission, and hold off as best I can.

---- Part 2 coming soon ----


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