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Our Little Toy – Part 2 (True Story)

This is the second part of a real encounter we had a little while ago. You can check out the buildup to this story in Part 1.

I feel like I’m on the edge, and just the slightest indulgence into this pleasure will make me cum. But I hold back and try desperately to do what I’m told and not cum at all.

“You know what she needs?” My husband says to Dave.

“She needs some cock, isn’t that right my little fucktoy?”

Dave, with his lips, still pressed to my ear, telling me how they are going to use me every word sends electricity through my ears. While my husband keeps rubbing my pussy. With my blindfold on, I can only smell and hear them moving around. The feeling is overwhelming.

“Mhmm.” I manage to eek out a hushed mumble of a response.

“That sounds like a great idea,” Dave says cheekily,  while he takes over playing with my pussy.

Suddenly I feel a pair of lips on my own - it’s my husband's. He gives me a long, deep kiss that I just completely sink into. I feel him stand up, hear him unzip his pants and pull out his cock.

Dave pulls his hand away and lets my husband get closer and put his thick hard cock into my mouth. I start to suck, and get progressively more turned on with every thrust. My husband starts to build in intensity, grabbing my hair and face-fucking me as I deepthroat him. I start to drool and spit, which drips down onto my tits and down my body. He absolutely loves making me his messy slut, and it makes me hornier to know how slutty I must look to Dave.

“Your turn.” Hubby says to Dave. I can hear the grin in his voice.

Dave steps towards me. I can still feel my husband’s hand grabbing my hair, and he begins to push me onto Dave’s cock.

His cock is different. Thicker and harder to deep throat and rock hard from the moment it hits my lips. Hubby starts to push my head up and down onto it, and I try not to gag, yet secretly want to, as it makes me feel like even more of a whore than I already am.

“Oh fuck”. Dave lets out an audible moan as I work his cock.

“Fuck, you’ve trained her well. She feels incredible on my cock. Mmm good girl.”

Those two words “good girl” are such a trigger for me. I love being praised as much as I love being controlled, and hearing it from another guy brings me right to that knife’s edge of cumming or not cumming instantly. Luckily my pussy wasn’t being played with in that moment, or I would have been sent over the edge in an instant.

Almost as if I transferred that thought, I feel my husband’s hand let go from my hair and move down to my pussy and start to finger me. Oh god. Dave’s hand grabs onto where my husband’s just left and starts to move me in motion with his thrusts and lets out another moan of pleasure.

“Don’t you dare fucking cum.” Dave says to me commandingly. I feel like something would happen to me if I didn’t listen, so I try my best to squeeze and not give in.

However, hearing this instruction just makes it that much harder to obey. I suddenly realise that I’m cuffed with my hands and legs behind me, blindfolded, on my knees with two dominant men using me like a toy. It’s almost too much to bear and I desperately want to cum.

“Pleease!” I let out desperately.

“No!” Dave and Hubby respond in unison. They begin to laugh at me for squirming and slow down their pace. This makes me more crazy, as I feel like I am just seconds away from cumming.

“What do you think? Time to fuck her?” Hubby says to Dave casually, as if I’m not even in the room.

“Yeah, I think we really test out her orgasm control now.”

I gulp. Was all this I just experienced not a test? How hard is it going to be now?” I genuinely feel nervous that I’m not going to be able to hold off.

Hubby picks me up by my arms and walks me over to the bed. Knowing I’m locked up, he pushes me down and I land on my side and we all giggle. It’s a nice bit of levity that breaks up the sexy but somewhat intense tone of before.

This doesn’t last long however. Hubby pulls me up a bit and takes off my blindfold and I see him smiling at me, with a very cheeky grin. I turn around and look at Dave for the first time during the whole encounter. He’s younger and boyish in his looks, but with a masculine presence that was undeniable. He smirks at me and I feel like I can feel him wanting to take me then and there.

My ass is in the air and I’m bent over, with my feet still bound and my arms still locked behind my back. Suddenly I feel a pair of warm hands wrap around my waist and firmly grip. Dave starts to tease the opening of my pussy and lets out a satisfied moan.

“Look how wet you are. You little slut. Is this what you like? Being dominated and used by young cock?” It wasn’t a question, but more a statement of pure fact. He knew the answer was undoubtedly yes.

“Yes I do, I love it.” I answer with confidence and a hint of brattyness.

“Good girl. How badly do you want it?” upon saying that he starts entering me, but only just a little bit, and teases my pussy with the head of his thick cock. It drives me absolutely wild. I need his cock in me right now.

“Really bad!” The confidence is gone in my voice and he hears my real desperation to be fucked hard.

“Suck his cock”. Dave instructs me while motioning to Hubby who is seated in front of me.

I immediately go down on Hubby’s cock with enthusiasm and force. I can tell that this almost surprised him, as I sucked with such intensity and lust. Dave thrusts his cock inside of me and starts pumping away, hard.

His cock is nice and thick and I can feel him stretching me. I’m so wet already, so he slides in instantly, and already I can feel him rubbing on my G-spot as he pounds away. I try to stay focused on sucking Hubby’s cock but it’s hard to keep my mind on the task as I already feel a huge orgasm coming on.

Hubby leans down to my ear and says “remember, don’t fucking cum you little slut. You’re gonna be a good girl and control yourself, isn’t that right?”

This is torture. I manage to muffle half a reply, but all I can do is squeeze my pussy and try not to cum. This makes Dave moan again “god she’s so fucking tight. I’m going to have to come and use her more often”.

I’m on the edge of squirting and feeling like I’m losing all control, when suddenly I feel a whack of searing pain on my ass cheek. It was Hubby’s hand. “DON’T fucking cum!” he instructs me with such force that it gives me a moment of reprieve. I needed that.

The next 30 minutes were a blur of sensory overload. They took turns on me, traded me back and forth, fucked my face and tits, and spanked me again and again until I could barely form responses from my cum-drunk state.

“Should we give her the last test?” Dave says to Hubby.

“Good idea, I’ll go get it.” Hubby says.

I freeze. I genuinely have no idea what they’re talking about. Suddenly I feel the blindfold go back over my eyes and both Hubby and Dave pick me up from my arms and lead me off the bed.

“Stay standing”. Hubby says.

Dave locks his arms into mine from behind so I can’t move. He rests his head on my shoulder and puts his lips up to my ears again and in a deep voice repeats the theme of the night.

“And remember, no cumming until we say”.

I hear a buzz. I know this sound – it’s our magic wand vibrator. Suddenly I feel it pressed up against my clit and my knees instantly buckle. Dave pulls me up and holds me standing, with his lips never moving from my ear.

“Don’t cum, we want to see how good your control is. That’s our pussy, you don’t own it and we will decide when you cum”.

I can feel a massive orgasm building. It starts as a dull ache between my legs that starts to grow and slowly take over my body. This is too much.

“I…I Can’t,” I whimper.

“Not yet,” Hubby tells me forcefully.

“Lets count to ten” says Dave. “Do you think you can last that long?”

I shake my head, with my legs and body bucking wildly as the vibrator is pushed against me and Dave holds me tight.


This is impossible. The desire to orgasm starts to feel overpowering.


I kick out violently, but my locked feet stop me from going anywhere. I can hear Dave whisper in my ear again “mmm you really want to, don’t you?”


I’m so close…


“NO DON’T!” I yell out. The two start to laugh cheekily at being so cruel and I want to kill them both for teasing me like this.




I give up, I lose the strength to hold it in and just surrender.


“Cum now!”

Waves of pleasure start to hit my body. This isn’t a normal orgasm, but a whole sensory experience. My hips start to buck up and down wildly and I moan in ecstasy as a whole week of buildup and denial is finally released.

Dave, still pressed to my ear sends me over the edge even more “That’s it, good girl. You did so well, cum for me, you deserve every second of this you little slut”.

A new round of waves hit me. I literally cannot stop cumming, and feel myself dripping down the back of my legs as I shake in pleasure, fulling giving into it and relishing every moment of lust.

After god knows how long, the machine stops. The orgasms don’t however, but they slowly start lowering in intensity, until they finally reach a simmer and I come back to something resembling reality.

I’m panting and am being completely lifted up by Dave as I have no energy left in my legs to even think about standing on my own. With an audible grin, he gently whispers one more thing into my ear.

“Good girl.”


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