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Private party and the girl three doors up!

I have hosted several swinger parties at my house. One of the challenges with hosting these parties is making sure the neighbors don't find out. Sure it's not the end of the world if they do, but I would rather they didn't. So I arranged a party for a Saturday night. About ten couples were coming and a couple of single girls. The party started at eight o'clock, and by nine most people had shown up. My house is not some flash residence, but it is a good size and has a swimming pool. I normally put some extra blow-up mattresses in the lounge room as a sort of orgy room, and the bedrooms all have double beds. One of the bedrooms I set aside as the bareback room. There are no condoms in the bareback room. People don't have to use it, but it is there if they want to.

At about nine-thirty, most people are still sitting around the pool drinking and talking. There were a few people in the lounge who had already started playing. Next thing the doorbell rings. I open the door and the daughter of my friend from three houses up is standing there. She is only 27 and one gorgeous-looking girl. A brunette, with big brown eyes, and a body built for sin.

"Dad has a leak under his sink, he wants to know if he can borrow some tools and stuff to fix it," she asked?.

As she is standing there, one of the couples from the lounge walks past and into the bedroom. They were pretty much naked. Her eyes widened as she noticed them walk past. Now I just wanted to get her away from the front door.

"Yes," I said, "I will bring them up in a couple of minutes".

"Are you having a party", she asked?

"not really" I replied, "I just have some friends over".

"Tell dad I will be up in a minute".

With that, she left. I didn't want to leave the party but I had no choice. I grabbed some tools and headed up the road. The door was open.

"come in mate" I heard him shout.

He was under the sink and his kitchen was flooded. His daughter was leaning on the breakfast bar watching him trying to fix the leak.

"I can't stay mate, I have friends at my place", I said.

"no that's okay, just leave me the tools and I can fix it" he replied.

"no problem, I'll grab them off you when I see you next", I said.

His daughter was watching me all the time. You could tell she was thinking about what she had seen at my front door. I headed out the door and started to walk up the road. I had only got one house up when she came running up beside me.

"tell me about these friends at your house, why were they naked," she asked?

"it doesn't matter they are just some friends of mine" I replied.

"they are swingers aren't they", she said.

"Okay, yes they are swingers, but you can't tell anyone", I said.

"how many people are in there", she asked?

"fifteen, there are seven couples and a single female", I replied.

"and they will all be having sex with each other", she asked?

"yes, that is pretty much what swingers do", I said.

"do you want to come in," I asked?

"you don't have to do anything, you can help me host, just hand out some food and stuff", I said.

"no that's fine" she replied.

"Okay, well see you later". I said

With that, she walked off up the street. I went back into the house. Things had started to hot up in the time I was gone. More people were playing in the lounge room. There were couples in some of the bedrooms. I headed back out to the pool. I sat down and started talking to the couples by the pool. About thirty minutes later the doorbell rang again. Fuck me I thought, what the fuck now. I opened the door and to my surprise, she was standing there.

"Can I still come in", she asked?

"yes of course you can", I said.

"and I don't have to do anything," she asked?

"no that is one of the rules, nobody gets pressured into anything and no means no", I replied.

With that, she walked into the house. We walked past the lounge room on our way to the pool area. There were eight people in the lounge room. Two girls sitting on the lounge with the guys on their knees licking their pussies, and two couples fucking on the mattresses on the floor. The girls on the lounge were kissing while the guys were going down on them. She stopped for a moment and watched what was happening.

"c'mon, let's head to the pool area", I said.

We sat down with the couples at the pool area and I introduced her, I just said she was going to help me host. She started asking questions about the lifestyle. The couples were really friendly and happily answered all her questions. After a while, we all went back into the house. The couples went to the main bedroom and me and she went to the lounge room. The party was in full swing. There were about ten people in the lounge room all having some pretty hot sex. We stood at the doorway and watched for a while. Her big brown eyes were fixed on the scene in front of her. She was completely silent. I started chatting to a couple who were sitting on the chair closest to the door. They were just watching as well. I think he had already popped a load and was waiting till he could go again.

"where did the other couples go", she asked?

"they were in the main bedroom", I said.

With that, she walked away. I didn't bother following her. I was getting a bit pissed, I wanted to join the fun, but I couldn't while she was still there. I just wanted her to fuck off home. The couple on the chair asked if I was going to join in. I told them I will as soon as I can get rid of the neighbor. I chatted to them and watched the orgy for about fifteen minutes. I couldn't wait any longer, time for her to go. I got up and made my way to the bedroom. My jaw dropped when I got to the bedroom door. The two couples from the pool were on the bed. She was lent over the bed still fully clothed, sucking the guy's cock. The other guy's wife was laid beside him, watching her. I didn't say anything. The couple just looked up at me and smiled. She didn't realize I was there at first. I just stood in the doorway watching in disbelief. Okay so now I have a seriously hard cock.

I walked up behind her and just gently squeezed her ass. She looked back and smiled. I knew it was okay to continue. I undid her jeans and pulled them down. Her nice round ass and gorgeous pussy are now on show. I gently rubbed her pussy. She was already so wet. I pulled her jeans and panties all the way off. She opened her legs and moaned as I slipped a finger in her. I fingered her pussy a little. Then I got on my knees and started licking her from behind. My tongue and mouth now working on her pussy. Her pussy tasted so sweet as my tongue was probing inside. She started moaning quietly while still working the guy's shaft. Then she stood up, took her top and bra off, and went straight back to sucking the cock. I reached up and started massaging her tits. I was ready to fuck her.

I stood up and got undressed. As I was getting undressed, I was watching her bent over the bed, her perfect ass and pussy waiting to be fucked. Just as I was getting ready to fuck her. She stood up grabbed my hand. She beckoned to the couple she was playing with, and she led us to the bareback room. Could this night get any better?

She laid down on the bed and opened her legs. I gave her pussy a quick lick, then slipped my cock inside her. The other guy was on his knees by her head, he put his cock straight back in her mouth. The wife was on all fours beside me. She was sucking her tits. I started fingering the wife's pussy. We were all working on my neighbor's daughter. I started fucking her pretty hard. I pushed her legs up to get as deep in her as I could. The other guy was holding her head and ramming his cock in her mouth. The wife comes down lower and starts licking where I'm fucking her. I pull out for a minute and let the wife suck my cock. Then I ram my cock back in hard.

I start pumping her, really ramming my cock in hard. Then she throws her head to one side. Let's out a growling moan. I hold my cock in her. Grinding it into her while she has an orgasm. Once she relaxed. I pulled my cock out, turned the wife around, and slipped it inside the wife. I started pumping the wife and she started licking the girl's pussy.

Then the other guy pulled the girl up onto all fours and rammed his cock into her from behind. The two girls were kissing while we were fucking them from behind. We were both fucking them hard. The wife dropped her head down onto the pillow, and the girl followed her lead. Both their asses were high in the air, their backs arched. They were both moaning as we continued to thrust into them as hard as we could. I reached down and started playing with the wife's asshole. I slipped the tip of my thumb in and continued to pound away at her pussy.

The other guy started moaning louder. I knew he was getting close to cumming. I'm watching him ramming his cock into the neighbor's daughter, she was rocking back meeting his thrusts. Then he lets out a moan, rams his cock deep inside her. I watch as he pumps his load in her. She has her head on the pillow and is looking up at me. She doesn't say anything. She just stays in the same position looking at me, letting him fill her up with cum. I watched as his cock pulsed, and his hard thrust turned into small motions.

I wanted to cum as well. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards my cock. Her face was on the wife's ass. She was watching me ramming my cock into the wife. She knew what I was going to do and she was waiting for it. A few hard pumps. I pulled out and she went straight down on me. She closed her mouth around my cock and murmured as the first shot of cum hit the back of her mouth. My cock was pulsing again and again. She just kept swallowing. She was gently moving her head back and forth as I pumped my entire load in her mouth.

She stayed for a few hours and played with the other couples. She was a huge hit at the party. At least I know my secret is safe!


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