Couple Man 39yrs Woman 29yrs

Shhhh....Don't wake the kids

I put the kids to bed and walk in to find you lying face down, naked in the bed. It’s cold, so I snuggle into you and you make the slightest of soft moans. That was all it took; I felt the warmth grow.  I kiss your shoulder, moving my way to your neck to your ear. I start with twisting my tongue around your ear lobe then slowly licking all the way up, grazing my teeth gently along the top of your ear. I hear your breath catch in your throat. I grab you and kiss you deeply then move to run my tongue all the way down your back.

Your arse looks delectable and I can’t help but bite each cheek, your hips start shifting with anticipation. I grab those cheeks, digging my fingertips in, spreading them apart I slowly lick that delicious hole. Your body shudders, I pull your arse up so your head's pushed into the pillow, I keep licking finding that right spot and twisting my tongue around in your hole while I pull your rock-hard cock back slowly milking it. Your soft moans make me wetter and wetter.

I gently slide a finger in, your arse is so tight. I slowly move in and out while continuing to milk your dripping cock. I feel you relax, and I slide another finger in, slow at first but I hear a soft “ahhh” escape your mouth and I quicken the pace. I feel your hands searching for me through your legs.

I lay back propped up on pillows, your fingers find my wet pussy. You slide a finger in, I feel my body tighten around it, you move in and out slow at first but get quicker and find that spot I like in no time then you slide another finger in. My legs lock around yours while your still on all fours, I grab a dildo and slowly push it into you while your finger is still inside of me hitting that sweet spot. I move it in and out of you still milking your cock pulling it back hitting my clit and your fingers move faster and faster. Your moaning sends me over the edge, I free fall and squirt all over your cock. You don’t stop, I squirt again and again.

As I come back down you flip me over running your hands over my body, pushing yourself against my back. You push me down on all fours and put your tongue straight in my arsehole getting it ready and then shoving that hard cock straight in. You feel incredible inside of me. Slow does not last long, your start to slam yourself into me harder and harder, I push my head into the bed to muffle the moans while you hold that pace until I cum again. You start to slow so I move and push you back into the pillows and slide your hard cock back into my arse in reverse cowgirl. It’s so deep, I lay back on you, keeping it slow.

I feel your breath on my neck and hear it quicken. Suddenly you push into me harder and faster, over, and over, harder each time. I feel you about to cum and just as you explode inside of me, I sit up grinding my arse on you, I feel you shake under me and your fingers grab into my hips and I come over and over squirting again everywhere leaving us both breathless. I don’t want to move; I lay back on you and bask in the after-sex glow. Eventually I move off you, feeling you shudder underneath me as I do, and we lay side by side entangled in each other while you softly kiss my shoulder, and we drift off to sleep. 


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  • NawtyCplBJ

    @curiousgirl35 Sounds good to Us too. Let's get a date sorted 🥳🥳

  • curiousgirl35

    @NawtyCplBJ sounds good to me 😈

  • beeandcee

    Yep hot.. 😏

  • Hardenz69

    Nice very hot had my cock hard in seconds reading this was dripping like crazy 1/2 way through ,got to the end edging through it couldn’t hold back any longer 🍆💦💦💦💦 sooo hot

  • mistynrusty

    @NawtyCplBJ hi guys

  • azsal2291

    Great writing indeed love to read ur next one

  • goodday98

  • NawtyCplBJ

    Coming soon. How would You and your hubby like to star in Our next instalment? All our stories will be based on real life experiences

  • NawtyCplBJ

    @Angelina5619 Hi, what did you think?

  • Perthcouple888

    We have that every time! Rimming that turns into insane anal sex and the Mrs comes every time!

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