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Surprise encounter with a hot Bull

Friday night is always a big one in Hamilton when the agricultural field days are on. Lots of farmers, out-of-towners, and all the company stand staff tend to congregate and it’s a huge night!

Sarah (my partner) & I were planning on going out on a big one too, as there was also some rugby on at the stadium. She’s a sexy cute 36yo blonde with a super hot curvy bod, great breasts and a great ass. She actually caused a nose to-tail car crunch a few weeks ago when she was out for a walk in her tights/sports activewear!

Her bestie, Lisa was also keen for a night out, she came over about 6 so she could come with us. We got tickets to the rugby then started on a few drinks to prime up. Bestie Lisa is a very beautiful long haired brunette with piercing electric green eyes and a stunning sexy, fit and curvy body. After a few drinks they got ready, then, dressed hot as fuck under warm coats, the three of us caught a taxi into town to the game.

It was a great game! I was feeling a bit shattered, but went into town anyway with the girls. I felt like a king walking into the bars, most guys stopping mid-sentence and eyeing them up as they walked in. We had a few more drinks, the girls were getting into it but I just couldn’t - it was just one of those nights. They were keen on a big one but I wasn’t feeling it and decided to call it, and leave them to have a fun night dancing. I grabbed a taxi about 11pm, got home and and jumped into bed to await them to come home… and enjoy dirty drunk Sarah :-). 

Her and I had been pretty sexually hot recently, having a couple of MFM’s, plus going to CCK a few times where she quickly got lots of male attention! I stroked myself hard, thinking about recent events, and what I was gonna do to her when she arrived home… then passed out asleep…

… 3am came around, I woke to the sound of a taxi, and them coming in the front door… and, I heard a male voice! That woke me up quick! Sarah came down to our bedroom, drunk… and very horny! She explained that Lisa had pulled a guy from a bar and bought him back to ours, they were going to stay in our spare room… I loved the thought of her hot friend getting a random fuck and was looking forward to hearing it! 

Just then, Lisa popped her head in our door, and asked if she could grab a couple of condoms! We rifled through the bedsides but couldn’t find any as we never used them, she shrugged her shoulders and said “oh well, whatever, that’s why I’m on the pill….” I immediately had visions of her being fucked bareback by her random hookup and felt myself getting harder.

Sarah got up and they both went back to the living room, so I thought I’d better go out and meet this guy too. I introduced myself to him, Brendon - just over 6’, early 40’s, in good shape, rugged good looking and muscular, brown skin. I made nightcap drinks while we chatted, he was on stand in sales on one of the field days displays, up for the week from Christchurch. 

Pretty drunk and now 3.30am, Lisa went to the bathroom, Sarah to our bed, and Brendon & I were finishing our drinks. We waited for a while but Lisa didn’t come back for Brendon… I went down the hallway to the bedrooms to look, and found her passed out on the spare bed! I went in to our room and told Sarah, she said “You’ll have to get rid of him. He can’t stay. Call him a taxi.”

I grinned back at her and said “Haha that sucks for him.. You should give the poor bastard a quick BJ before he goes!”

She threw a pillow at me and said “Haha, he’s hot and I would, but actually, maybe YOU should!” and we laughed as I went back up the hallway to deliver the bad news.

He was gutted! I would’ve been too; Lisa is raw dirty hot and until now, was totally up for it. He took the last swig of his drink, and dialed a taxi. While he was on the phone, I suddenly thought… BJ… and my cock stirred. As soon as he finished the calI, I said “Actually… Sarah might give you a quick BJ if you go down to our room and ask her nicely”.

He grinned, and stammered, “Really? Haha if you were serious, fuck yeah I’d take that offer up… are you serious?”

I replied “Go down and ask her - worst is she can only say no!”

At that, he turned and I watched him swagger down the hallway to our bedroom door. He knocked, I heard her say something, then he walked in, closing the door almost shut behind him!!

My heart was pumping! I know exactly what she’s like when she’s drunk and horny… I figured I’d give them a few minutes to get things going before I went in and watched her special skills in action on him; she’s amazing at blowjobs and I love watching her get dirty!

3 or 4 minutes went by and I was shaking with anticipation… he hadn’t come back out! I quietly walked down the hallway and stopped. The door was still open a couple of inches, I could see our side lamps were on. I heard her moan, and his deep voice. Some rustling, a moan, and short breath... then Sarah gasped, he growled something quietly, then I heard rustling and our bed creak! I quickly took the last 6 steps to the door, gently opened it a few more inches and stood at our doorway… 

Instead of seeing her on her knees with his cock in her mouth, he had his back to me, shirt and jeans on the floor, climbing onto our bed positioning himself behind my now very horny girl, on her front with her ass up to him, naked except for her skimpy panties! She looked back at me, smiled and moaned, just as Brendon pulled her panty gusset to the side, presenting her bare and glistening wet pussy. She arched her back slightly allowing him more access, his cock parted her lips as he slid the head up and down her pussy lips a few times, then his ass muscles clenched and she gasped… his cock penetrated inside her!

He said “mmmmmmm fuck your pussy is slippery and tight” and pushed inside her a few times, then a few deep strokes.

I suddenly wondered if he had a condom on, then remembered we don’t have any...! He said something, pulled out of her and pulled her g-string down to her bent knees, then off and onto the floor. His hard erect cock was a good 8.5" long and quite thick; bare, shiny wet, rock-hard and swaying in front of him as he flicked a grin at me! He moved back in behind her, grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back as I saw his unprotected cock position between her lips, then slide inside her very wet pussy as if she sucked it inside! His already powerful thrusts this time were more solid and her moans louder, then he went up a gear, fucking her even harder…

He fucked her like this for a few minutes, her moans and his deep grunts became louder, and the rhythmic slapping faster and more forceful.

He smacked her ass with a loud slap, leaving his handprint. Then again, harder. She was breathless from the cock he was giving her, and was loudly gasping and moaning; knowing how this position, and being slapped makes her cum, I wasn’t surprised when she became breathless and said loudly “oh fuck, fuck me, don’t stop….! I’m coming! Ohhhhh FUCK!!" took a deep breath, cried out long and loudly “aaaannnnnnnnggghhhh”, shuddering as she went over the edge of her orgasm, contracting her pussy tight, trembling inside and gripping on his cock! 

That obviously triggered him, suddenly his shafting became irregular and he grunted, he pulled her hips tight and thumped several deep thrusts into her, he growled deeply and I could see his muscles tightening and ass pulsing as he jerked, obviously was squirting jets of his cum inside my girl! He twitched about 9 or 10 times, pushed in balls deep again and held it for about 20 seconds, then pulled out. His cock was pretty huge, flopped out against his leg, still at least 7”, drooling the last drop of his thick cum.

He climbed back off our bed, turned to me and grinned, and picked his jeans up. Sarah, still breathless, moaned “Oh my fucking GOD that was what I needed”, moved forward and lay down, let a big sigh of warm satisfaction and smiled, still shaking a little. I could see a thick white jelly-like slug of his sperm sitting at her pussy entrance, it oozed a little, slid down over her freshly fucked pussy and dripped off her clit into a white puddle on our bedspread (stain is still there -I see it every day). 

Right then, we heard the taxi arrive. He leaned down and kissed Sarah, turned to me and shook my hand with a grin, walked back up the hallway… heard the clunk of the front door then taxi leaving, and that was Brendon.

I kissed her, she was still smiling, breathing heavily and softly moaning, I went out to lock up then came back to bed. She’d got in under the covers and gone to sleep before I could have my turn in her spermy pussy!

I lifted the covers and climbed into bed, savouring the sight of her ass, and freshly fucked pussy lips nestled in the little gap. His cum still coating them, with a couple of his dark black pubic hairs stuck in the sticky white mess. I could smell alcohol, his aftershave and sweat, her pussy and his cum; I spooned in behind her and snuggled up, my hand wandered down to her pussy… she moaned softly as I slipped a finger in, it was hot and slippery with his cum and there was still lots of it! She drifted off to sleep, well fucked and full of another man’s sperm… reclaiming her would have to wait until the morning…


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