The Hotwife at the bar

It was a regular Saturday night, the boys and myself at the bar before heading out, but across the room a pair of eyes catch my attention.

A older woman, probably in her 40's, still hot as fuck and I could see, wearing a tight black pair of latex jeans with a black jacket on top. Although she was sitting next to who I could guess was her husband. Our eyes locked, she smiled, I smiled back. My eyes caught the husband and he also gave me a smile, I didn't think anything was going to happen but fuck was I wrong...

As I was drinking my beer, I felt a hand touch my shoulder, I turned and to my surprise it was her, the hot milf I saw before..  

"Hey Handsome," she said.

"Hey, how's it going?" I replied while checking her up and down...for an older woman she had sex appeal and smelled amazing.

"Wanna dance with me?" she responded.

We went off to the dance floor and started dancing, she would tease me and grind her ass on my cock ever so gently.

"What about your husband?" I whispered into her ear.

"Oh he does not mind at all, he enjoys it, maybe if you're lucky, you can fuck me tonight handsome," she replied.

I gave her a look of shock and continued to dance, grabbing her hips and guiding them towards my cock, which was now getting hard. She didn't hesitate and with her hand grabbed my cock through my jeans.

"Fuck, you're a big boy," she said while feeling on my cock under my jeans now.

"Wanna see how big? lets get out of here," I replied.

Her husband came over now and asked if I was okay with him watching us fuck, this was new to me but I obliged.

We got back to their place, as soon as we walked in the door she started taking my clothes off, looking at my body and licking it, slowly taking my pants off while I took her pants off..she ripped her top off so I could see her big tits while we made out..

We got into their room and her husband sat on a chair in the corner of the room while she got into doggy at the edge of the bed..I started behind her, teasing her through her panties, feeling how wet she was for me...slowly I started playing with her pussy and clit as I pulled her panties to the side. Gently sticking my tongue in between her wet lips of her pussy, she moaned in ecstasy, I could see her husband start to jack off now, so let me put on a show worth his while..

I tasted her sweet juices and now it was time for her to taste my cock, I told her to get on her knees while she sucked me, ordering her to look me in the eyes while she did...she gagged and slurped my cock like a champ, taking all 6 inches down her throat..I flipped her over, back into doggy and slid my hard cock into her wet, willing pussy. She moaned..."oh fuck yes" as my cock thrusted in.

With each stroke and thrust, I was getting deeper and deeper, my urge to cum was building to the brim...I couldn't hold on any longer, I shot my warm load into her pussy...filling her up to where it started leaking out onto their bed. She turned around and quickly shoved my cock that was now pulsating back into her mouth to get the last few drops of cum...

"Fuck that was hot," her husband said from the corner.

"What a stud," the wife said before getting up and going over to kiss her husband...just after cleaning my cock that had been deep in her pussy..

They made out and sent me on my way...