Woman 24yrs

The first step of control

I know he was tired, but his body was telling me he wanted something. We laid in bed, my back up against his chest, his hands snaked over my waist. I could feel the sparks, the energy from being so close together. All I wanted to do was roll over and sit on top of him, to perch myself on his throne.  

But I knew I couldn’t. I had to show restraint, he was so young and innocent and I couldn’t show him my true intentions. I wiggled my ass into his crutch and breathed gently on his arm so goosebumps began to show. I rolled over and rest of my chin on his chest. I needed more! I know I couldn’t do anything but a little teasing wouldn’t hurt.

I stretched up and nuzzled my face into his neck, he could feel my warm breath.  I traced his neck with my fingertips before giving him a slow gentle kiss at his jaw line. Once I started I couldn’t stop myself. I moved back to his neck and slowly kissed and sucked his soft skin making sure to leave no marks for anyone to see. I traced my tongue from the bottom of his neck to his ear lobe where I began to gentle nibble.

He breathed in sharply and I know he was enjoying himself. I moved onto the other side of his neck and began to lick and nibble. I could hear his soft moans, it encouraged  me to keep going. I knew if I was going to leave marks it had to be on his chest where he could hide it with a shirt. That is exactly what I did. I pushed down so my head was level with his chest then started kissing and licking in circles. Claiming that piece of his soft skin as my own. The kissing turned to biting and then sucking. Even in the dark of my room I could see my work showing. I chose another spot just below and began again.

I was hungry for him now, no longer holding back. Nobody would see my work of art, only me and him. He tensed and moaned as I nibbled at his skin. It was his approval that I had him. I got up and sat on his lap whilst he lay there stuck underneath me. With a evil grin I went back to sucking and biting his chest whilst slowly grinding on his lap. I could feel him wiggling, trying to stay under control but I knew it wouldn’t be long.

I made my way further down his chest. The further I went, kissing and nibbling him, the more I could feel him growing underneath me. He was mine. I knew I had all control but I was going to make him wait. My fingers teased his cock, circling and skimming the head. He was now fully hard and god it was big. Bigger than I had imagined… I was so tempted to have him now but I knew I had to wait to tease him until he finally gave in and let me have control. It would drive us both crazy to stop right now….

That’s exactly what I did. I got up and left aching from the temptation and restraint I had to show.


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  • Boundinpleasure

    The art of anticipation…. Leaving with a solid foundation of a fantasy that you could build on in your filthy mind is ALWAYS hotter than the real thing. Nice work.

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