Man 34yrs

Visiting Arizona couple shown Aussie Hospitality

Well, it started online a few months ago.

Couple from Phoenix, Arizona were planning their holiday in Australia and were keen to meet prospective bulls in different cities. I messaged them and husband immediately replied.

The next 3-4 months were spent exchanging snaps. We both were assured that we are genuine and won't ghost each other. They were quite warm, fun people and were in nascent stages of this lifestyle.

Anyways, they arrive in Australia and land in Sydney after trips to Melbourne, Cairns. They were going to stay in Sydney for 5 days and we intended to meet.

Hotwife insisted on seeing me the day they were landing in Sydney. They arrived in Hilton by 6 PM and post-dinner we met in the hotel lobby at 8.

Let me explain the couple, husband was very tall and muscular. Wife was pretty and well built. She was curvy, wavy hair, voluptuous. She was 171 cm, measurements 36 C breasts and 31 waist. She looked quite attractive.

We sat in lobby, chatted up about natural diversity they came across here - platypus, kangaroos seen in neighborhoods.

Husband intervened and suggested we move to bar - which we all agreed upon. The bar was closed and husband-wife chatted briefly and suggested they had some wine in room and we can have it up there.

I was excited to see the attractive hotwife and could sense nerves on her side. I reminded them of the boundaries we discussed earlier and if at all she has cold feet, I will immediately and respectfully stop and leave.

Once in the room, husband dimmed lights and wife started looking outside window. She needed directions to put things in perspective. Through a small window while she was peeping out, I went close, put my hand on her waist and started chatting. My hands went through her waistline and I could feel panties inside. She kept looking out towards darling harbour.

She came back and sat on the bed. Husband started chatting with me about why them and sometime into this conversation, he asks me - if I was in your place I would be kissing this gorgeous lady sitting next to you.

She smiled at me and looked visibly anxious and nervous. I reached out, put her curly hair behind her ears and leaned forward to kiss her. Her lips were juicy and it felt lovely kissing them. She was great at kissing. We went on for 3-4 minutes to say at least. Meanwhile, she extended her palm and got hold of my cock over my trousers.

She leaned back on the bed and I followed her. My right palm was exploring her thighs, panties until I decided to take control and inserted my hand inside her panties. She was moist. I asked her if she wants me to rub her clit. She nodded and blushed. I started rubbing her clit and kissed her on her neck, earlobes. The husband, being seated on a chair was enjoying the show.

Hotwife then asked me to undress her. I removed her boots one by one, asked her to raise her hands and unzipped her dress. In seconds her dress was on floor and she was lying on the bed, in a moist panty and sexy black bra. She lunged forward, got hold of my sweater, shirt, and I was in skin front of her in sometime. We got onto the bed and started kissing again. I went down on her which she totally enjoyed. Earlobes, nape of neck, curves, love handles, inner thighs, feet. She was moaning mildly. She asked me to lie down, pressed her body onto mine. Her voluptuous body was pressing against mine and I was fully erect.

I unhooked her bra and those succulent melons were right there. She removed her panties herself. She hugged again and she wanted maximum physical touch. She wanted every inch of her naked body pressed into mine. My palms kept exploring her bare back and her beautiful, curvaceous ass. She wanted to be romanced in addition to having my dick inside her.

I sat behind her and stretched my legs so she could sit. My cock was pressing against her assline. My hands were kneading her breasts and I was kissing all over her neck, arms, back. I turned her face towards me to kiss.

Meanwhile her husband asked me if he can come along - undressed and came over to the bed. While I sucked her right tit and kept fingering her clit, she was holding my cock in her right hand and his cock in her left hand. He was sucking her left tit. Persistent clit rubbing aroused her extremely well. She let go of her hubby's cock and turned to me and asked me to 'fill her up'.

Husband backed off and remained by the bed side. She opened a condom and helped it onto my cock and immediately spread on the bed. I went close to her and said 'This is extremely beautiful what is happening between us'. Her husband told me 'You romanced my wife way more than me' and we all had good laugh.

I asked her to open her legs and rubbed my cock on her clit for sometime. She couldn't take it Any further and asked me to fuck her right away. I slowly slid my cock inside and her pupils were dilated in pleasure. I pressed my body onto her, my hands on her boobs and her waist, my lips on to her lips, neck and my thick, long cock pushing her deeply as much as I could. The strokes were powerful and she moaned at every thrust. She was very real during arousal and kept asking me to fuck her hard. I pulled out and asked her to turn around and filled her up sideways. Her moans were louder. We fucked well before she had big O.

Her husband jumped in and turned her around. She turned upside down and her hubby started stroking her. All along this, my head was under her elevated body and her jiggling boobs were serviced by my tongue.

Soon her hubby came and she was back on bed and asked me not to 'waste time' :D

Took 10 min break, chatted up for sometime while we were lying inert, consumed. She turned towards me and unexpectedly gave me head - I was hard seconds later & filled her up again and thrusted her deep and well for several minutes. Her toes started curling, her body was writhing in pleasure and she was clutching onto the bed sheet in arousal. Seconds later, she moaned loudly and lifted her head and banged onto pillow again. She was hitting it! Went on for sometime and then I exploded inside her. We both moaned almost concurrently and husband looked beaming from window as he sipped wine.

We lay there for a good 5-7 mins, consumed, exhausted and spent. She curled up and kissed my cheeks and said 'wish you came to US with us'.

I kissed her back, caressed her back one last time, cleaned up and left.

I still chat with them time to time and they often recall that passionate, hot, all-consuming evening in Sydney with enthusiasm.


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  • bullozsyd

    6 months ago

    Thanks. I will be in Byron bay from 31st Dec for next few days. Would be amazing if we can work something out and possibly meet ;)

  • Moxters

    6 months ago

    so fucking hot, love that scenario!

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