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What happens in Vegas, lives in Vegas

We all have that fantasy right? You go to Las Vegas, you go out partying, you meet some folk and end up back at the hotel room...

Well, we did that!

It started off quite innocent. in 2019 we were in New York for a business conference and we decided to spend a few days in Vegas to decompress afterward.

We both like Celine Dion and decided that while we were there - and because her show was ending soon - we might as well go see her show.
It was amazing! All the songs and all the glitz and glamour.
Then we realised that Celine's show was right next to the best club in Vegas, Omnia.

1 VIP table booked and were partying hard with the drinks flowing.
I hooked up with a girl from Switzerland - the lovebites that she left made us think she might have been a vampire.

Sidenote: If you are reading this and we ever meet up, ask how I nearly got kicked out of a Vegas club (yeah it was that intense)

My wife hooked up with a guy who wanted to go to the hotel straight away, but we had only been there an hour, so she declined. Quality over quantity.

Fast forward to later on the night (after the swiss girl had done a runner) and we are still going strong.
There's a new group of 3 people (FFM) next to us and the waitress is having serious trouble lighting a cigarette for one of the ladies (yes you can smoke inside Vegas clubs).

Me, thinking that chivalry is not dead, got up and lit her cigarette for her. This lady thanked me with a french kiss, only to half panic and ask my wife if that was ok. It was more than ok. She then proceeds to ask if we swing, we answer yes and she says the most beautiful thing we could hear that night, "I'm down if you are!"

Fast forward to the hotel room! For the sake of things let's call this lady Amy (not her real name)

My wife is in the bedroom literally slipping into something more comfortable and Amy and I are making out in the lounge.
As soon as my wife came out the room, she gets up and started making out with my wife.

When I say making out, I mean she is going for it. The level of passion Amy had and the way she kissed was electric.
I sat off to the side for a few minutes and like any guy, reveled in watching my wife with another woman.

I was sitting, minding my own business (having a great time watching them kiss and play) when I was told to join. Needless to say, I didn't need a second invitation.
By this point we were all naked. Hands were exploring bodies, lips touching, tongues flicking nipples, fingers inside pussy's. It was magic.

As my wife lay on her back on the couch, Amy proceeded to eat her out, at first I fingered her from behind, but then those sexy words were spoken, "Fuck me, I want to feel you inside me".
I did. I entered Amy from behind and began thrusting ever deeper and deeper.

The look in my wife's eyes was amazing. She was loving every second of it and so was I.
Amy was moaning loudly and I slipped out of her and began to finger her again. Her legs quivered and shook as her knees gave way underneath her, my wife had been saying to her "just wait until he finger fucks you, he's really good at it" and now Amy knew the truth.
Her creaming pussy and powerful orgasm was matched by her loud moans.

From there we moved to the bed. The ladies got into a 69 and as I fucked my wife from behind she was getting her clit licked by Amy. Amy also sucked my cock every so often when I pulled it out of my wife and put it in her mouth. She had a way with her tongue that was tantalizing. My wife's moans and movements and the feeling of Amy licking my balls from time to time got me hard as a rock, as did the view I had. As men, we do great a great view!

My wife needed a drink and Amy beckoned me to lie on the bed. She then proceeded to give me an amazing blowjob.
Her technique was great. She explored my head expertly and knew exactly when to deep throat and when to take things slowly. I didn't want to cum yet and had to focus very hard not to. Amy wanted me to explode in her mouth, but I was having too much fun.

After my wife returned, Amy went straight back to eating her out, she wanted us to orgasm and she was going to do what was needed to get it done. Once again I entered Amy from behind and this time I did not hold back.
I was fucking her hard and she was loving it. She came on my cock, but her moans were muffled because her whole mouth was on my wife's pussy. The muffled moans and vibrations on her clit sent my wife into deep moans and groans, which in turn made me even more excited.

When my wife was cumming with Amy's tongue on her clit, I couldn't hold back anymore.
Amy told me to cum on her back, she said "I want to feel that hot cum on me".
It had been a week at a business conference, so I had a large load built up and I ejaculated all over her back.
And almost like a porn movie, with her still licking my wife's pussy, she let out a soft moan with each load that landed on her.
I couldn't move. I folded on the bed in complete exhaustion. My wife went to get some tissues to help Amy clean up and Amy just lay there smiling.

She left shortly afterward, but not before thanking us for what she said was "the perfect night and a realization of fantasy she had long wanted fulfilled". She said the bath my wife drew for her after made things even better.

We are still in touch and talk from time to time and she reminds us regularly that we promised to visit the USA again and that when we do, she'll be waiting for us.


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  • sexygav

    1 month ago

    Nice Iโ€™d love to watch my wife get tongue fucked

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    1 month ago

    Where are you now

  • Gandk

    2 months ago

    Very hot! Hit us up (we are guests) and letโ€™s arrange a similar experience ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • BelleDar01

    2 months ago

    Great story,FFM is a awesome experience.

  • CapriLeo

    2 months ago

    We ticked off a lot of bucket list items on that trip... This was definitely at the top of the list. Thanks for reading and I hope we inspired you to maybe take that trip

  • peterjanexxx

    2 months ago

    The bucket list for many is to visit Vegas and party.... you've done that and blown the ceiling... bravo to you both on not only such a sexy story but such a wonderful relationship you have together. Kero enjoying life's sexy pleasures

  • CapriLeo

    2 months ago

    Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Thehung1469

    2 months ago

    Thatโ€™s so sexy. Sound like all lived out a their fantasy

  • Ricfromvic

    2 months ago

    Great story

  • CapriLeo

    2 months ago

    It was a wow and more! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

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