Couple Man 32yrs Woman 33yrs

Wrote this story in Lockdown

What else are we going to do in lockdown? We have just done some planting in your patio area, a bit dirty, cold and wet… so we decide to wash up… we turn the shower tap on, you like it a bit hotter than me but we find a happy medium and jump in, no need to undress each other because well, that was already done in the bedroom. Your shower is small, but that only means we have to be closer.

Even though the exhaust fan is on, the room starts getting humid and steamy with the hot water on. We get a couple of towels ready for when we finish and put them on the towel rack before opening the door and jumping in the shower. The glass doesn’t take long to fog up, and the tiles are warm from the water already.

The water's warm, and you stand there in-front of me facing the wall and I’m behind you, both of us totally exposed and vulnerable. The water pressure is amazing, as it falls from your rose, plenty of water rushing out of the shower head, covering us in big water droplets running down our bodies. My hands travel from your shoulders down your arms to your hands, you grab my hands and wrap them around your body and I hug you from behind.

You turn to face me, I think it’s for a kiss, and you realize this and move in with a cheeky smile like you’re about to kiss me, but instead of a kiss, you reach behind me to grab the shampoo that I left with in an order and obviously labels facing out… and you hand it to me, then turn back around.

I’m gutted, as I would have loved to feel your soft lips on mine again. I open the bottle cap and put some shampoo on your head, and put the bottle back, the way it’s meant to be... then I start massaging it into your head. You tilt your head back, loving the massage on your scalp, but the hair needs to be washed down the bottom too, so I work my hands down your hair to the tips.

Your hair is longer when wet, and I’m staring at your butt as I get close to the tips of your hair, it’s perky and perfect, so I give it a gentle slap, and the bubbles from my hand splash off and leaves a bubble print on your butt, you quickly turn around and face me, your hair is all bubbly and soapy, you move in to kiss me.

Our lips join and I pull your body into mine. Our kisses are as hard as the water pressure in the shower. I give your lips a bite, then you kiss me harder as each of our tongues massage each others. Your fingertips run up and down my chest, to the back of my neck and pull my lips in closer.

One of my hands grabs your butt to bring your hips closer to mine, and my other hand runs up and down your back. The shampoo gets rinsed off in the process and you start to feel me getting hard, you pull your face away from mine, your lips go from my lips to my chest as you work your way down, on your knees you kiss my belly, and then finally putting my cock in your mouth. You work it with your mouth and your hands, the water from the shower giving some sloppy sound effects but you’re not fazed, you tackle it like a pro, building a nice rhythm in the process and making my knees shake. I say “Lek, your headjobs are amazing.”

I move your hair from your face so I can watch, and I’m super hard.
You feel so good as I watch you sucking my cock. You occasionally look up at me with those wide blue gray eyes and my knees continue to shake.

I enjoy it for a while before I make you stand up and face the wall, I get you to lift a leg, and place your knee high on the wall as I kiss your spine, from your neck to your butt. Your hand print is on the glass and the other on the wall… the white tiles reflecting the shadow of us.

I kiss your pussy, as I now kneel from behind, with a hand on each butt cheek, my mouth acts like it’s kissing your mouth, with my tongue flicking in and out as I kiss and taste your amazing body. It’s amazing, your body is perfect. I can’t get to your clit from here, so you move your hand down and start to rub your clit.

You start to moan in pleasure, and you put more pressure onto your clit and rub harder. You’re so wet right now, and I know it’s not the water. I can taste and feel the silkiness of your cum, casually leaving your body. You’re so ready, if anyone was to walk in now, they would see us having the time of our lives.

I stand up, and move my cock towards your pussy. I give you a tease, slowly putting it in a little to just the top of the head and pulling out. You can’t wait, you thrust backwards and make me put it inside you, before going back to rubbing your clit.

It’s easy to get into a rhythm from here, and not long before I’m thrusting into you like clockwork and we both match each other's thrusts.

Your breathing is heavy now as you start to build up pressure on the inside, moaning on every thrust, I give you a slap on the bum as you tell me to go harder.

You have to put your leg down, as you can’t hold yourself up on one leg from trembling too much but you bend over a bit more for me. I move my left hand to start rimming you with my thumb for extra stimulation, and your moan turns into an “oh my god! I’m cumming!”

I’m able to keep momentum as you climax for a number of seconds, knowing now you’ve been satisfied, this turns me on so much and I pull out and ask where you want it, and I start playing with my cock to finish off, and you get on your knees take over with your hands and mouth again, just like I wanted you to, but without having to say it, you take over.

It’s not too long before I’m cumming, and you don’t stop, you allow me to finish and you clean it up for me with your lips.

I turn the tap off and step out, then hand you one of your new fluffy white towels to dry off.

I make a comment that we are no cleaner coming out of that shower, we have a laugh before calling it a night, and going to bed, where I hold you and spoon you, with my hands wrapping you up tightly, kissing you on the back of the head before we both fall asleep exhausted, but full of endorphins, ready to take on what the world bring us tomorrow together.