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22 December 2019

Sunday Morning Submission

I woke early this morning, feeling well rested, and looking forward to the day.  As I strolled to the shower I felt the familiar tentacles of desire subtly invade my pre frontal cortex.

This feeling grew as I ran my hands over my gym hardened body.  I closed my eyes and I was back to Friday night. ...
25 November 2019

Office fun

It was another typical day at the office, mid-morning, feeling horny, wishing hubby was home and not away for work. I sent hubby a txt to see how his day was going. Maybe 5 mins later I got his reply 'busy but pretty good.' We did our usual of sending each other a few msgs asking about each other’s days ...
07 October 2019

Sun, surf and sex

As she lay there in the secluded grassy knoll just out of the reach of the beachfront she could hear the waves crashing against the shore.

She loved knowing that only metres away people strolled past her secret spot, where she lay basking in the sun, with the beach breezes swaying the trees.

This ...
17 September 2019

First encounter of a catch up

It had been a few months when we flew into the same airport on different planes. Getting through immigration seemed to take forever, but as I walked out the doors there she was, off a long flight herself but still looking stunning. We walked out to find our ride to the hotel was a stretch limo... not ...
23 August 2019

The Dance

Her tight little asshole fought against my finger. I pushed and her little hole gave way. I slid inside as she gasped in pain. It was hot and soft inside. Still hard around the entrance, the clench, as if she was still pretending she hadn’t just let a complete stranger inside her darkest, most private ...
23 August 2019

Late again. (Lessons for a submissive secretary)

She rushed to her desk as fast as her restrictive pencil skirt and 4 inch heels would allow. Glancing at the clock she winced, realising that despite her best efforts she was 5 minutes late... again. Maybe he wouldn't notice, maybe he was busy with some email or paper work and just would assume she arrived ...
06 August 2019


It all happened one night when me and Josh were getting really intimate on the couch, in front of the TV. We had been apart for a while and as soon as our lips touched it was like sparks were flying behind us and every touch felt electrifying.

We moved into the bedroom and continued our heavy foreplay, ...
16 July 2019

Your birthday present

You wake up to rays of beautiful, soft sunlight streaming through your window, snuggled up under my arm, head against my chest.  As you come slowly awake you realise you aren't at home, but in a hotel room, and just as you come to that realisation there is movement behind you, and another hard body presses ...
29 June 2019

B Fulfills Ts Fantasy Part 2

A few weeks had gone by since I had played out my hubby's fantasy of me being with another man, we had spent countless nights reliving the moments I loved most about that encounter..now I thought I would return the favour.

While T was at the gym, I invited Kasie over, the girl who popped in that night...we ...
18 May 2019


I walk into the bedroom to find you laying naked on the bed as per my instructions. Blindfolded and your legs wide open. One hand playing with your nipple and the other rubbing at your pussy. I stand at the doorway and watch. Feeling my arousal grow.  You sense my presence and stop. I quickly tell you ...
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