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I am hiking in the mountains, but a storm is coming and I am looking for accommodation. It starts raining and storming until I see a small hut in the distance. I was lucky, it was a restaurant with rooms and it was open.

I'm soaking wet. I walked in and a woman greeted me.

She is very pretty, about 30 years old and a sexy figure. They still had a room and nobody else was there. I asked for the room where I could change and shower. The storm was supposed to be long. After I was dry again I went to the dining area and again I noticed that nobody else was there but the woman. I asked if I was alone and she replied that her husband was still in the kitchen, but yes I am the only guest.

I got something to eat, but I haven't seen the man yet.

The food was delicious, as I am very tired I go straight to sleep after dinner.

The woman kept looking at me and when she cleaned the plates, she stroked my shoulder. She always gave me deep looks and says I'm going to have a great night here.

I felt tired and so I went straight into the room. In the middle of the night I felt something cuddling me. I woke up scared and then I noticed that the woman stood in front of me by the bed with a bathrobe. She told me not to worry and then she dropped her robe backwards and suddenly she stands naked in front of me. Her beautiful breasts and her clean shaved pussy caught my eye. I asked what about your husband and she said again not to worry and enjoy.

She went to bed and pulled the blanket away. I just lay there with shorts, which she slowly undressed me and while doing so she slightly touched my cock. My cock was stiff in a short time, she smiled at me and then she began to kiss me from my chest and lick me and went further and further down until she took my cock in her mouth and slowly began to blow me with her hand she began to play on my testicles.

Until I realized her tongue was circling around my glans more and more. Then she started playing with her fingers on my butt hole and noticed how I sounded. She turned her ass over my face into the 69 position while she blew me further, she pressed her dripping wet pussy in my face. I started licking her sweet juice and massaged her clitoris with my tongue. She moaned more and more as her finger penetrated deeper and deeper into me. She suddenly jumped up and got something under the bed. She said to get up and close my eyes. Suddenly I noticed her blindfolding me. She then caught my hands behind my back to tie and then she push me to the bed.

I could hardly move, but then she took my legs and spread them out and tied my feet to each end of the bed. My legs were sticking up and very spread. I had an uncomfortable feeling and yet too soon I was very horny. She caressed me all over my body and then she started to sit on my face and I could not resist it and licked it extensively. I noticed her juice running along my cheek. She got up again and ran around the bed. She saw me there, I'm completely at her mercy. She stroked my cock and massaged my testicles. She took a purr and tied my cock off, so it became even plumper and bigger. She took some lubricant and massaged my sensitive glans extensively and slowly. I couldn't move and I just moaned. Until I realized she were using lubricant to get back in my butt with her finger.

Slowly she tried to massage my prostate and took a second finger. The feeling is incredible.

I realized I was being milked slowly.

She took her fingers out again and then I noticed something bigger, it hurt for a moment and suddenly it was there. She pushed me an anal plug that completely filled me. She told me to be prepared.

She ran to the door and let someone in. I couldn't see but I realized there was a second person in the room.

She said quiet fuck me and I heard her leaning over me while her husband fucked her from behind. The nude was right above my face I heard the smacking of your pussy and with every thrust dripped her juice on my face. Meanwhile she started massaging my cock. I was completely immobilized, the anal plug stretched my ass.

Suddenly I felt him take out his cock and shoved it into my mouth. By the time i realized it was his penis, it was too late. I suck a man's cock. His cock tasted like the pussy juice of her and it was great. I started to like it and played with my tongue. He pulled him out again and rammed her right back into the pussy and she began to moan loudly. This game repeated itself several times.

I noticed them both running around the bed and she pulled out the anal plug and noticed that I am fully stretched and thought to myself that he probably wants to fuck me right away. And hardly thought through, I noticed something big and warm penetrating me. And he started fucking me slowly but deeply. My feelings were on a roller coaster, I couldn't put my feelings in order any more. She started blowing me while he fucked me in the ass. He was getting faster and faster and she was blowing harder and harder.

Then he pulled him out of me and fucked his wife, she moaned and moaned. She both moved back over me so he fucked her back over my face. And then I realized he started to get louder and moaned for a moment. He cum in her. He pulled his cock out and I noticed how big warm drops fell on my face. She sat down again on my face and pinched me in the chest and told me to lick it clean. And so I did, I licked them and tasted the taste of foreign sperm mixed with their sweet juice run along my tongue. It was so much I had to swallow often. Meanwhile, he started fucking me again in the ass and she started sucking me while I licked her pussy clean. I couldn't resist anymore so I Cum in her mouth while she keeps sucking. Then both stopped. He start to untie me and she gave me a Tounge Kiss full of my cum in her mouth. I was free again, it was a great feeling. We showered and spent the stormy weekend together alone.

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