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11 July 2019

Hotwife, The Lover, The Wild Cat

I met Aria, my gorgeous woman about a year ago.

We were both single at the time, and we had different priorities.

She did not want a relationship, any commitment or compromise in any way for anyone.

I wanted all of this.

We lived so far from each other and we never met before.

After ...
27 December 2018

my first mfm

I was chatting to a couple online, and they were keen to have another guy join them for some fun.

The wife had requested we barely speak and just let our body language do the talking if possible. She told me the door would be unlocked and to just text when I had arrived and to walk in.

I walk ...
21 August 2018

One thing just leads to another

I slid the heavy chrome butt-plug slowly down the crack between your arse cheeks. It glistened in a hazy, almost organic way from the slippery lubricant I had lavishly smeared over the bulbous head. It left a snail trail as it ventured further and then its tip found your tightly puckered hole.

For ...
11 August 2018

Am I a cuckold? part 3

I have never seen this smile on her face. 7 years I have spent with her, 7 years which define my life. I can't remember who I was before her, I can't imagine who she was before me. I thought I have seen it all; but now, she had that new smile, my best friend's huge hard cock in her hand, a few centimeters ...
08 August 2018

Am I a cuckold? part 2

She gazed at me with her sweet, innocent, green eyes. A full grown, brown, hard giant cock was inside her mouth, stretching her lips to their full potential. Now she took one of her hands and groped his balls, playing with them as though they were marbles. Big, heavy marbles.

They both looked at ...
06 August 2018

Am I a cuckold?

My girlfriend of 7 years was a virgin before we met. She didn't grow up in a particularly conservative family or environment, but whilst her friends were counting cocks, her sexuality was being pushed back, and, one would say, neglected.

She is such a pretty girl: petite - 1.58m tall; thin; verging ...
16 May 2018


An Evening to remember

It started out with an invitation from my employer to have drinks with himself and his wife that evening to discuss some upcoming company changes.

We meet at an inner city bar, where we sit in a secluded booth, we make small talk that I note has a suggestive tone ...
25 February 2018

A Bottle of Coke

A Bottle of Coke

I had asked Jason, a colleague of mine to come around to our place for a few drinks, he was my Senior manager at work and I wanted to get chummier with him to benefit or advance my chances of any future promotions that may be coming up at work.

I had asked Leanne to choose ...
22 February 2018

Floor Show

I’m like most blokes and have sexual fantasies, mostly there about my wife.  One involves watching my wife Jenni having sex with another person, another woman. Very few of my fantasies actually happen, and this was to be one of them. It happened when a friend came to visit, she was on a business trip ...
28 January 2017

The Hot Wife Meeting At Hamilton Wharf

(Non-Fiction written by a friend, not myself)

I don’t like to think of myself as having a ‘type’ but when considering prospective partners there are a few characteristics that are known weaknesses. One of them is baldness, another is size. Not just penis size but physical size. I am not a short woman, ...
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