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29 August 2019

Club 301 - The TV room

After catching up with all the news and intel with our friends we decided to head upstairs to the TV room for a touch of personal bonding and intimacy.

Venturing into the empty TV room it wasn’t long before Alyse removed her dress leaving her naked except a black corset and a pair of panties which ...
09 July 2019

Into the fire

He'd been off fighting fires. I knew he was exhausted. All the firies were. The flames were unrelenting, the heat overwhelming and the conditions deadly. I'd been waiting to hear from him for days. I couldn't help worrying about him, wondering which fire front his unit was working on.

When I got ...
26 June 2019

Outback track

Sandy and I are traveling in a remote part of Australia.. It's late afternoon and the sun is shining, as we. Drive along a dirt road there is a storm ahead. Looks like heavy rain.. As we get closer it starts to rain, and gets heavier.

I pull up and get out of the car for a play in the rain. Sandy ...
19 March 2019

Business Class

She arrived in a flurry of activity; juggling a phone call, a too-heavy carry-on bag plus a duty free bag of clinking bottles. As she reached up to push the bags into the overhead locker, her black top rode up, stretching against the firm curves of her breasts, exposing her midriff and the soft, deep ...
06 November 2018

Journey to first bisexual threesome

The following is some fantasy and mostly from personal experience, a fictionalised version of my personal journey. This part details the first man on man experience.

For the longest time my mind had been running wild, imagining new and exciting scenerios involving multiple partners and same sex encounters, ...
24 October 2018


The air is humid , a slight breeze flapping through the sails , Norfolk Pines visible on two rolling islands .

You are sailing the Whitsundays lying on the front canopy,wearing a laced yellow cotton bikini, every now and then you feel the coolness of the ocean spray your body.You trace your body with ...
20 October 2018

My fantasy

You hear my heels steadily get closer to the door... in your half daze slumber you wonder if you’re dreaming... I pause a few moments. Purposely a little too long so you drift back into a light sleep. Slowly I turn the handle on the door and creep into the almost complete darkness, only a slit of a ...
25 June 2018

Changing Plan

I am hiking in the mountains, but a storm is coming and I am looking for accommodation. It starts raining and storming until I see a small hut in the distance. I was lucky, it was a restaurant with rooms and it was open.

I'm soaking wet. I walked in and a woman greeted me.

She is very pretty, ...
30 May 2018

Forbidden fruit

So imagine my surprise! I didn't even really want to go to a swinging party but my girlfriend insisted we go. She’d had these fantasies for years and while I was curious about the whole thing had no real desire to be there. I was more than satisfied with the sex we were having but as all you guys are ...
21 May 2018

First time

When I was at University All I thought about was sex. I wanted it all the time and didn’t really care who it was with. Somehow I heard about this beach car park where guys met other guys for sex. I had never been with any guys before but I still thought it was worth a look.

I drove down there to ...
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