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16 November 2012

A Million Eyes Watching

Karl challenges Mel with a bet .. That one day, millions of eyes will be watching him make passionate love to her, and that her orgasms will echo across the land, for all to hear.

If Mel wins, Karl must organise another woman to make sweet love to her, while Karl watches, but is not allowed to participate ...
01 June 2012

Abbey goes Dogging

It was a warm Autumn Monday morning and my hubby and I were thinking about having some fun.  We put an advert on a dogging forum saying we would be at a certain place at a certain time.  We drove to the site, picked a spot and parked our car.  We sat there for a short while talking about what may happen, ...
24 September 2011

OMG Cruise Controle

A sunday drive home from a job in Dandenong South turned Into a great voyeristic drive followed by a great dogging experience. I entered Eastlink at Greens road heading towards Doncaster. Cruise control on Check, window down as it is great weather check, settle into left lane and cruise home. At the ...
08 July 2010

Full Moon

We celebrated the rise of the new moon as we always did... But another celebration that was soon to follow was in the back of my mind... Teasing me with visual images from previous ceremonies...The sights, sounds, aromas and sensations that I had felt throughout them were very soon to be felt again... ...
30 March 2010

Fun In The Park

We had our eyes fixed on him.  With the changing pace of his rhythmic
stroking, there really wasn't much guesswork about what was about to happen
but, in any case, he told us he was going to come.  He had semi-closed his
eyes, tilted his head back and then made a low guttural, almost grunting
sound ...
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