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17 August 2019

Naughty Hubby

Drifting in and out of sleep in a cosy hotel room I could make out the sounds of footsteps and whispering, thinking it was the corridor I rolled over and tried to sleep. A warm hand found my naked body under the sheets and softly stroked my hip and up to my breasts. I didn't think anything of it,thinking ...
12 August 2019

Our Unicorn, Part 2

As Mrs C straps up, she instructs Jess to edge herself to the end of the bed and get on all fours to which she eagerly obliges. Mr C still rock hard despite filling both ladies mouths with his first shot, slides underneath Jess sucking on her huge breasts before moving into a 69 position wasting no time ...
26 June 2019

Our Unicorn. Part 1

As a couple we had little experience in the sharing world. After a failed attempt at a swingers club we ventured onto RHP, we had 3-4 months of no shows, fake profiles and not very good threesome where we just didn't click.

Then about to give up our search we met our unicorn. Jessica. She was forward, ...
01 March 2019

A Rocking Good Night part 1

As everyone, our lives had been busy. My lady had been working so hard we had forgotten to have fun for a good month. I noticed a local music event with a well known rock star. So I organised three tickets, two for us and i invited our female bi play date.
On arrival we were perfectly seated near the ...
07 October 2018


“I’m nervous.  I’m not sure I can do this.  What if I don’t find anyone attractive?  What if...”

“Shh.”  He put his index finger to my lips.  “You need to trust me.”

I kissed his finger and looked up into his coffee brown eyes.   He swept my blonde hair up to give him access to the back of my neck. ...
07 June 2018

No tip required

I had so much positive feedback from my last story, Thought I would fill you in on another experience I had.

I work in hospitality, and work for a large hotel chain. When I started out, I was a porter/bell boy in a well know Sydney hotel complex. One night I got a phone call from one of the apartments ...
29 May 2018

For my Husband, my best friend and my biggest strength.part 2.

It was the morning after last night, I was in bed just coming out of my sleep, I could hear myself moaning, fingers inside my already wet pussy, those fingers felt so good.

My husband was fingering me just enough for me to cum, but cum hard, he obviously had other ideas.

I know that when ...
28 May 2018

Unexpected Threesome

I’d never had a threesome before, but I knew my partner (Miss J) had and she wanted to be involved in taking my “threesome virginity”.

Her best friend (Miss M) was coming over for a few drinks, a casual catch up between friends, that was until the drinking games began. We all started to get a bit ...
22 April 2018

For my Husband, my best friend and my biggest strength.

The 3 of us arrived back at our apartment. We were still chatting and laughing as we walked in the door.

My husband went and put some music on, he knew it would relax me.

We were just standing there facing each other, my heart was starting to race and I was sure you could hear it.

I ...
28 November 2017


“So who is going to come back here and lick me clean?”

I was only supposed to be going out to a quiet dinner. That was my plan. I was going to have a long day – movies, an appointment, drinking with friends, I thought a nice quiet meal with the lovely ‘L’ would be exactly what I needed to cap off ...
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